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Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo: ‘I like to write from the bone’

Writing about Zimbabwe while living in the US has changed her language and her identity, says NoViolet Bulawayo, the author of “We Need New Names.”

I wrote the novel at a specific time of my country’s history. Recent history, I should say, when the country was coming undone, due to failure of leadership. And by saying “we need new names” I was speaking for the need for us as a people to sort of re-imagine, rethink ourselves, rethink our way, think about where we were going. We needed new ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, new leadership. It was basically a call for renewal. But it should not be confined to Zimbabwe. I believe you can translate across borders. 

2nd American accused in illegal lion hunt

Zimbabwean authorities on Sunday accused a Pennsylvania man of killing a lion in an illegal hunt in April, saying a local landowner has been arrested and is aiding the investigation. The news comes amid the continued outcry over a U.S. hunter accused in the July killing of a well-known lion named Cecil, and on the same day Zimbabwe authorities also dismissed reports of the shooting death of Cecil’s companion, Jericho. - The Associated Press

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