Bohlinger’s Lager.

Another case of - yep, overly carbonated barely tasty clearly just drink this because its cold and refreshing and you’re staring at Victoria Falls… well, at least my girlfriend was.

I have to say, looking over a slideshow on Facebook of somebody’s trip to Africa is best enjoyed with beer from Africa. Bohlinger’s works well on that level. It’s from Zimbabwe. ZIMBABWE! How awesome is that? 

But yes - as a beer - as a lager beer? Nothing noteworthy except how noteworthy it isn’t. There isn’t much going on here expect for the 4 point something percent alcohol and the fact it is cold. 

Of the three beers I tried from Africa, I think I’ve going to give Carling Black Label the crown as best - but it isn’t a great award by any means. Carling Black Label was the tastiest, because it had a slight taste. The sweet corn was there. In these others it almost tastes like water, food coloring, and alcohol were just mixed together in a paint mixer at Home Depot. 

Anyway - big thank you to my girlfriend for bringing these to me. Having them brought a large smile across my face and gave me that little taste of Africa she had.