zim isn't

can we talk about the fact that in tak the hideous new girl zim thought the best approach to get to dib would be to come to his house at the crack of dawn

and the fact that at the crack of dawn professor membrane invited him in without a second thought because he was dib’s “little foreign friend”

also talked about it before but nonchalantly chatting over coffee

you can’t make this shit up



My soft, round albino Vortian girl

Working off of the old headcanon that Vortians have blue blood, hence the bluish ‘albinism’

Redesigning her a bit from the only two drawings I ever made of her ever was a little difficult. Her design definitely isn’t super canon but oh well we can enjoy her anyways along with my other dumb doodles of her interacting with some other nerds of mine

She works with her friend, Damien, at a strip club


anonymous asked:

*Still thinks you should fuck the grandpa*

“Oh it’s you again.”

There’s a dramatic sigh heard from the alien, before he folds his arms.

“Hey Zim has a better idea. How about instead of doing that, I fuck the grandSON instead? Ya know. Since that would make more sense. Because we’re DATING.”

I can’t put my finger on it but something just. rubs me the wrong way about the adults in camp camp. 

Let’s put David and Gwen aside.

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