Invader Zim Interview: Eric Trueheart, Warren Wucinich and Fred Stresing Tell it Like it Is
Over the past year, we here at AIPT have been been reading, reviewing and really, really enjoying the new Invader Zim comic from Oni Press. A continuation of the Invader Zim animated series created by Jhonen Vasquez, Oni’s comic has channeled the spirit and spunk of its cartoon predecessor better than just about any screen-to-page […]

Check out AIPT’s interview with INVADER ZIM cartoon and comic writer Eric Trueheart, comic artists @sketchhero-warren, and comic colorist @artofstresing!

INVADER ZIM #14 goes on sale Wednesday, October 19, at local comic book shops, ComiXology, Google Play, iBooks, and at the Oni Press Shopify store. Alternate cover by Billy Martin of Good Charlotte!

Find your local comic book shop with findacomicshop.com or comicshoplocator.com and add INVADER ZIM to your pull list so you never miss out on an issue!



Give it up for our unforgettable extraterrestrial! Vine created by @lynnvwang, Zim and Gir created by @jhonenv (of course).

And if that’s not enough Irken for you, check out the theme song from the original series!