zilla's art


*loud gasping noises* HOollllyyyy! I’m dead. I’m dying. I’m dead. I’m gone, I’m dead. Sweetest Zilla, you are a majestic ethereal being who has magic Shiro-producing hands. Every Shiro you craft is more gorgeous than the last. AND LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL NONESENSE! HIS HAND FREAKING LIGHTS UP!?!? DEATH COMES IN MANY FORMS, for me it’s by usb. This is now my most prized possession…

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LOOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN THE MAIIIL!!?!! I seriously just died a thousand happy deaths!

I ordered these from the amaaaazing @zillabean. Ugh I just love her work so much, these sparkly sexy shiro’s will end me. Thank you thank you thank you, Zilla, seriously you’re an ispiration and a godsend, for blessing the world with sparkly Shiro. Omnomnom


this is the result of lack of proper sleep.

i am so sorry i made this.