zilla's art

LOOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN THE MAIIIL!!?!! I seriously just died a thousand happy deaths!

I ordered these from the amaaaazing @zillabean. Ugh I just love her work so much, these sparkly sexy shiro’s will end me. Thank you thank you thank you, Zilla, seriously you’re an ispiration and a godsend, for blessing the world with sparkly Shiro. Omnomnom


this is the result of lack of proper sleep.

i am so sorry i made this.


tried doing animation in a way different than i’m used to, hence the weird movements. there was more, but sfm won’t let me render anything over 30 seconds because it’s an anus.


Zilla had a nice little redemption arc in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. He does his usual flee-in-terror thing in #2, refuses to even go near the other kaiju in #13, vanishes when the Trilopods show up… but returns with a vengeance in #25, landing some decisive blows in the final battle.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25 (2015)

Story by Chris Mowry and Matt Frank, written by Chris Mowry

Art by Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow, colors by Priscilla Tramontano, ink assist by Mostafa Moussa, letters by Shawn Lee, edits by Bobby Curnow