zilla's art


*loud gasping noises* HOollllyyyy! I’m dead. I’m dying. I’m dead. I’m gone, I’m dead. Sweetest Zilla, you are a majestic ethereal being who has magic Shiro-producing hands. Every Shiro you craft is more gorgeous than the last. AND LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL NONESENSE! HIS HAND FREAKING LIGHTS UP!?!? DEATH COMES IN MANY FORMS, for me it’s by usb. This is now my most prized possession…

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SUPER FUN commission for the sweet @eyugho (twitter) who wanted our favorite Space Angel sportin’ some new threads, as well as my Altean arm design :D I had SO much fun with this piece, thank you for commissioning! I hope y'all enjoy; I love drawing this boy way too much :)

So @zillabean has been answering asks about how her little Pillbug will be glued to Shiro after the events of season 6. Like, Shiro can’t go anywhere without Pillbug following. So I had the thought of giving him a specially made baby sling because it’s not as if he can tote Pillbug around like he used to. He kinda needs to be able to use the one he still has. Problem solved, I hope?

Drawing sans Pillbug can be seen here because it’d be a crime to not see those pecs.

Lance knitted the sling

LOOOK WHAT JUST CAME IN THE MAIIIL!!?!! I seriously just died a thousand happy deaths!

I ordered these from the amaaaazing @zillabean. Ugh I just love her work so much, these sparkly sexy shiro’s will end me. Thank you thank you thank you, Zilla, seriously you’re an ispiration and a godsend, for blessing the world with sparkly Shiro. Omnomnom


So I’ve had this silly headcanon rolling around in my head for some time now but what if later in the series, Shiro gets seriously hurt in a massive battle with Zarkon, and ends up losing his Galra tech arm?

Hurt, badly damaged and bleeding, the team rescues their fallen leader, and he ends up spending time in the Altean healing chambers while his friends wait breathlessly, praying every day that he pulls through.

A lionheart to the end, he emerges from the chamber healed, but worse for wear and Pidge and Hunk, bless their souls, take it upon themselves with Allura and Coran’s help to use Altean crystals and tech to build him a BADASS NEW ALTEAN TECH ARM which is just way the hell more badass than the Galran one.

He’s now basically Iron Man and can totally just punch Zarkon in the face because ALTEAN TECH is superior to Galra tech and this would just be SO BADASS AHHHH :D