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Hi! I found a drawing that was apparently done by you (one of Pidge eating Shiro's sandwich) on Pinterest, and put it on here since I wanted some of my friends to see it. I thought it would be ok since it had the artist name/signature in it. However, someone told me I should take it down since it wasn't mine. Is this true? If so I will absolutely delete the post. I mean no disrespect, I'm just curious and a bit confused. Thank you!

Ummm yeah I didnt draw anything like that, but if It’s the image that I think it is, then that was drawn by @zillabean

You should definitely delete the post and reblog it from her tumblr page. It’s never ok to repost an artists work without their consent. But if you go to their post, and just reblog it from them, thats the better way of sharing their work!

Zilla like many artists work hard on their work, and so if it’s reposted (even with their signature on it) it’s generally harder to trace back to the artist. And then they don’t get the credit they deserve. So yes I would delete the post, and go and reblog it from Zilla herself. 

-While wearing one of my Godzilla shirts with “Gojira” written in Katakana-

Customer: Nice shirt!

Me: Oh, why thank you!

Customer: What’s that say? Is that Japanese?

Me: It says “Gojira”.

Customer: What’s “Gojira”? Oh! Like Godzilla but in Japanese?

Me: Yeah.

Customer: Ha, okay. It’s funny how the Japanese will take English words and change them to sound more Japanese.

Me: Heh, well Godzilla was originally Gojira, made in Japan. Then we took it and called it “Godzilla”. So it’s the other way around.

Customer:…No you’re wrong.

-customer walks out-

Open RP: The teams first job

Its a fine day, the sun was shining, the swablu were singing, and jutsu was bored as fuck.

Nova and Zilla were diligently working on the construction of their new base as jutsu was on the lookout for potential clients.

Nova:”you know, you could help us with this” |:L

Jutsu: “I could…. but i aint going to.”

Nova: -sighs- “any sight of potential clients??”

Jutsu scanned the horizon

J: “hmmmm…”