Jack and Zill Zoophobia Fan art by faogwolf

A piece of fan art from Vivzie Pop’s webcomic Zoophobia, which i have to say it’s absolutely amazing.

i always like this liked the relationship between zill and jack, true bros for real!

also since zill i’s acutally “colombian/spainiard” i wanted to give this actitude of “let me introduce you to a female friend of mine” to jack  (i think in an any moment this should have happened. XD ) and also waving at the camera.

so there it is!

fan art gift to @vivziepop

© ZooPhobia

hope ya’ll like it!

My submission to this month’s #characterdesignchallenge ! A heroic teenage Zill from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker !

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So I had a thought, one day, at 1 in the morning: If vivziepop’s Jack mentally snapped, he would become Deadpool. Jack’s already got a healing factor, hell it might be better than deadpool’s, so Jack just need to go insane and we got Jackpool on out hands.

Jack, Zill, & Kayla are property of @vivziepop


—-Zoophobia Doodles—-

So I was just doodling some of the characters in Zoophobia including two of my own fan-made characters.  

I don’t have a name for those two yet. Well the raptor is Sersi, one of Kayla’s closest friends, but the kid I still have no idea what name I should give him. 

Hmmm, I was thinking about making a story about this just in case I can’t do my Hazbin Hotel fanfic. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway I thought I should just post it for you guys to see and hopefully @vivziepop could comment about this or just like the page. I’m such a fan right now.

Well that’s all for now see you guys on the next post!

I actually drew this a long time ago but I was so nervous about posting it! Vivienne, I’m a rather big fan of you, so I hope you see this! I absolutely love your characters and webcomic, You influence and inspire me, especially my story that I’m going to write soon.You also introduced me to tumblr and you got me into drawing animals and cartoons, which influenced my art style a lot! Here’s some fanart of Zill because he’s one of my favorite characters!