Quincey’s cool hackamore

For those of you who have been asking about Quincey’s hackamore: this post is for you!

Quincey wears a Zilco Flower Hackamore

(His reins are like that so her doesn’t chew them)

This hackamore is so great because it is super adjustable. You can change where the chin strap, reins, and even noseband are to change the type and amount of pressure. Here are some more examples of how it can be worn:

(photos just found on google images)

The hackamore comes with just a strap for the chin strap. We decided to buy Quincey a double chain like this for the chin strap because he requires a bit more leverage. 

I really like this hackamore because it can be as soft as a halter with reins, but then also be manipulated to be much stronger. 

If you have biting issues with your horse this might be worth a try! We tried it as a last resort when nothing else was working to find out Quincey just doesn’t like bits! We then tried a traditional hackamore like this one but it put too much pressure on his face and made him do this:

Hope I covered everything! If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

After almost deciding on buying a GPA that was half price I ended up with a Zilco ‘Oscar Pro’ helmet, it fits fine this time since it has the dial thing on the back to make it smaller even though it’s currently at the smallest because Saddleworld of course didn’t have the helmet a size smaller in stock but the lovely helpful worker in there thought it sat on my head fine…. So I just hope the padding in the helmet doesn’t squish down too much that the helmet slides down like the Dublin one does….. Oh well here’s hoping since its a different brand and make to my old Dublin one