After almost deciding on buying a GPA that was half price I ended up with a Zilco ‘Oscar Pro’ helmet, it fits fine this time since it has the dial thing on the back to make it smaller even though it’s currently at the smallest because Saddleworld of course didn’t have the helmet a size smaller in stock but the lovely helpful worker in there thought it sat on my head fine…. So I just hope the padding in the helmet doesn’t squish down too much that the helmet slides down like the Dublin one does….. Oh well here’s hoping since its a different brand and make to my old Dublin one

After sanding this ride that didn’t have a name for a while, I was able to make out a logo that indicated that this is a 44 year old limited production Zidljian. Ermagehdiwowhdvs… #vintage #zildjian #zilco #cymbalproject

I’m absolutely loving my Matrix Saddle pads! The Coolback Orthopedic fleece works a treat in keeping my horses backs dry and the non slip surface provides stability without friction, which means no heat build up! The high performance foam inserts provide amazing shock absorption. They absorb 90% of the energy which is important for long periods in the saddle!

I highly recommend you check them out on the Zilco website!