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This is a dialogue I think about a lot, being big into comic theory. But have you looked a Korean webcomics? They’ve taken the ‘scroll down’ story telling to its logical extreme. I have never read a better horror comic on the web.

Yeah! I know exactly what comic you’re talking about, too. I mean, the frank answer is that I really don’t want to learn the programming necessary to do something like that, though essentially doing animation through forced panels is a really cool concept. It’s something to play around with, but I don’t want to use it in exchange for my own personal weaknesses. More than anything, this is a chance to learn.

When I think about VISUAL GOALS, what comes to mind is expressions, reactions, cutting dialog into the range of expressions the characters express and fulfilling a sense of organic movement through the panels. I want to work on this, I want to achieve this personal ideal of “comic.” Whether I ever actually succeed in any of this is questionable (though it certainly won’t come from sitting around talking theory, lmao) but it’s an ideal that I want to move towards, striding brightly into the future

honestly I think I’d be happier if I gave up the idea of specifically doing a police procedural and focused instead on the city and the people therein as a whole? I wouldn’t feel so guilty for wanting to just draw fish mobsters all the time.

when I think about IDEAL STRUCTURE my mind comes back to the old Hey Arnold! cartoon a lot, where really the show was less about Arnold and more about the city itself, everyone had a story and a reason for why they were as they were. even if Arnold was the headliner and the majority of the stories were about him, that’s not really what I remember the show for.

god I wish “Vice City” wasn’t a GTA sidegame because it’d make such a cool project title and would put the focus closely on the city itself rather than any specific character

Yo do any of my followers live in North Carolina, specifically the Durham/Raleigh area? I’m moving there next week, ya’ll should hit me up.

(also why I’ve been missing for the past couple weeks, MOVING ANXIETY dang)