Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of how amazing STAR WARS fandom can be, when there can be so much awful behavior by fans that never seems to end. But then you fling yourself back into reading fic and maybe not all fic all across fandom is perfect, but some of it is so incredibly talented and some of it is so incredibly good spirited and some of it is so incredibly fun that you remember, ah, yes, this is what makes fandom so much more than worthwhile. FIC SAVES ME EVERY DAY OF MY FANDOM LIFE and bless it for that.  Fandom is amazing.

Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & anakin & shmi & satine & cast, time travel, 133.5k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious.
Bitter Confessions by FireflyFish, obi-wan/anakin, 4.7k
   Obi-Wan Kenobi is having a secret affair with Satine Kryze and Anakin Skywalker is trying very hard to be okay with that. Until Satine ends the relationship because she’s tired of sharing Obi-Wan’s attention with a mysterious third person.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 30.1k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Little Notes by Dragons_Heart, obi-wan/anakin, modern au, 1k
   The idea of the secret admirer has been around for decades, possibly centuries. They never speak directly, but instead choose to leave little notes for their love to find. They only dream that one day they’ll be together.
to prove it so by retts, obi-wan/anakin, force ghosts, 3.5k
   ‘Then it was real, my Padawan.’
Don’t Let This End by SoftlyFocused, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, 4.9k
   Anakin is frustrated by how devastatingly handsome Obi-Wan looks at one of Padmé’s political parties, he gets drunk to cope. Obi-Wan is frustrated with how needy and demanding Anakin has been, he gets drunk to punish him. Both of them really need to release some tension after this seemingly endless war.
Four Letters, Starts With L by frodogenic, anakin & luke/mara, 3.2k
   A fluffy oneshot set in the Limpet AU. A terrorist attack, a medcenter, and the unpredictable consequences of a certain four-letter word.
the sanctity of dreams by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin & bail, ~1k
   Right before reaching Zigoola, Obi-Wan receives a transmission from home.
closing in by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin, 1k
   Anakin and Obi-Wan were already long gone at that point, as their souls had perished together in the lava and amidst the acrid smoke; and all there was left was their shells, empty, remembering fragments of happier times that had long since passed.
Helpless by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, bondage, d/s, 1.9k
   Anakin finds himself helpless.
just a little bit by retts, obi-wan/anakin, 1.9k
   Anakin took a deep breath and leaned into Obi-Wan’s space. Obi-Wan kept his ground and arched a brow at him. This was curious. ‘I like being tied up,’ Anakin whispered conspiratorially. Obi-Wan blinked. ‘I beg your pardon?’
Young Lust by Writer_Markilyn, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, modern au, 19.1k
   Obi-Wan is only human, he sometimes forgot to turn off the stove, spent all his money on coffee, or even forget to change the oil in his car that now sounds like it’s going to explode when he turns it on. He ends up finding a mechanic shop that luckily isn’t too far from his home, and when he arrives, he lays eyes on a messy haired, oil streaked mechanic, with bewitching blue eyes, and it’s in that moment, Obi-Wan knows he’s a goner.
slices by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), ahsoka/barriss & luminara & cast, modern au, pushing daisies au, 1.7k
   In which Barriss bakes pies and wakes the dead and Ahsoka is her alive-again childhood sweetheart.
Tiny!Obi-Wan and the Red Man, Part 6 + Part 7 by phosphorescent-naidheachd, obi-wan & qui-gon & mace & cast, 2.2k wip
to be made right by SpaceTimeSkywalker, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka & cast, 10.1k
   Anakin is not angry; Obi-Wan is dead, and he feels hollow. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan realizes his mistakes, and Ahsoka is left to clean up the mess.

full details + recs under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Tell me how much you love bail organa

i love bail organa sO FRCKIGN MUCH

bail organa is one of the brightest shining stars of the entire star wars universe

the one (1) bad thing about everybody lives nobody dies prequel AU is that bail organa doesn’t get to raise Leia

remember that clone wars episode where padme begged bail organa to make a speech supporting her position because he was the only one with enough crossover appeal to sway her opponents??? BASICALLY YEAH

bail organa GAVE UP his job as hereditary monarch of alderaan to serve in the senate and like. we all know what a festering trash heap the old republic senate was

he was one of the first to distrust Palpatine and like…. one of 2 people who actually started doing something about it

LISTEN THIS GUY LOVES HIS WIFE SO MUCH. he loved. leia so much. like you all know how much im on the skywalker train. skywalker or bust tbh! but when leia in Bloodlines says that bail organa was her real father im like HELL YEAH HE WAS. is this a snub to anakin? of course! i dont know why im not sad about it! but im NOT…. BAIL ORGANA DESERVES THIS AND MORE

the zigoola thing. ❤️_❤️ he was in charge of the republic security committee or something, and he also ran his own secret network of informants???? i love this guy. i lvoe hjim ..  … HE’S SO IDEALISTIC BUT THEN ALSO COMPLETELY PREPARED FOR YOU TO STAB HIM IN THE BACK

takes none of obi-wan kenobi’s nonsense. 10/10 would engage in friendship based on constructive debate and equality of bullheaded stubbornness again

THE PREQUEL TRILOGY ENDS WITH LITERALLY EVERYONE either dying or vanishing into the aether of impotent exile except guess who? THATS RIGHT - HIS SERENE HIGHNESS BAIL ORGANA

like……………. everything we have in the original trilogy is because of bail organa and mon mothma. everything we have in star wars: rebels is because of bail organa. the fact that ahsoka tano, biggs darklighter, luke skywalker etc. had …… anywhere at all to go ….. is because of bail organa! 

he saw the destruction of everything good and the betrayal of every friend. he saw obi-wan off to the outer rim and padme to her grave. and then he went….. back…… … to the senate/  .… .. and stayed there for 2 decades being with mon mothma like…. the only safety net for the empire’s oppressed victims

bail organa is my #1 top dream team draft pick for supreme chancellor & i wish there were more fics about this

for some reason I was thinking about the Zygerria arc, and how Obi-Wan might’ve dealt with the aftermath of Kadavo. Mostly, I was inspired by that one comic strip where Obi-Wan tells Anakin that he understands that it’s hard to let something like that go, but that if anyone can do it, he believes Anakin can. Some of the dialogue directly mirrors the comic, and some of it is paraphrased.

There’s more than one part to this, but it’s getting super long. Like, +2000 words long. So I’m splitting it up.

warnings for: mentions of slavery and torture

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anonymous asked:

Can I prompt you for Obi-Wan/Bail? Senators need Jedi love too :-)

Jedi’s are powerful figures.

Figures of mythical powers and quiet reflection.

Figures that rise to the aid of planets and calm civil war of they can.

But Bail also knows that they are utterly human despite all those things. He knows it because as he sits in the sun of Alderaan on the grass, the copper head of one of them rests in his lap.

Zigoola has changed things, he knows it as he continues to caress the silky strands between his fingers but the more he remembers about it, the more in awe he is of this Jedi.

‘My Jedi.’ He remembers, a faint glow in his chest at the thought.

Force bonds are of course something he’s read about, having been a staunch supporter of the Jedi for as long as he’s known about them. But the idea of experiencing one…

Well it had helped Obi-Wan.

The Sith attacks by the holocron had done sever damage to the Jedi’s mind but the bond had helped both stabilize shields and emotions. Of course the man’s padawan was still a slight thorn in Bail’s side but at least he wasn’t sulking around everywhere.

He pretended not to notice the shadow hanging out in one of the windows of the mansion.

And Bail would never not be grateful for how quickly Breha analyzed and accepted the situation, included Obi-Wan in their lives. He didn’t think Breha and Obi-Wan would ever come to care for each other in an intimate manner but they were quickly becoming friends.

Both she and Obi-Wan enjoyed obscure philosophy and would often sit during the day when she was not busy with her duties as a Queen.

He chuckled when Obi-Wan made a low, grouchy noise. “Was I thinking to loud?”

“Yes. You really need to learn to meditate and shield your thoughts.” Obi-Wan yawned then shifted to sit up, peering tiredly at him before smiling. “Though they are pleasant thoughts. I do enjoy talking with Breha.”

“I’m just glad she was so understanding to this. I’m still not sure I properly understand this.”

“We should eventually be able to leave each others side, perhaps by the end of the week. I hope so, I do have a war to return to. And you have the Senate.” Obi-Wan sighed and rubbed his chin.

“Well…its a good thing I’ll be on Coruscant then.” Bail reached out and caressed Obi-Wan’s cheek, smiling when the other leaned in his hand. That was also one of the things he had learned, Obi-Wan Kenobi, despite all his reputation and famous flirting, was not interested in a sexual relationship.

He however melted for simple and gentle touches.

He shifted forward and kissed the other lightly before standing and offering his hands to the Jedi. “We should go find us something to eat. Breha might even be available, we could make it a brunch for us.”

“That does sound nice.” Obi-Wan chuckled as the Senator pulled him up. “I did want to discuss her points on Kole’Arn theory on the Force carrying through us all.”

Bail laughed quietly and held the Jedi’s hand, smiling a bit when Obi-Wan took the initiative to lace their fingers together as they headed inside.

Who would ever have foreseen this kind of situation.