I’M STILL TRYING TO PROCESS ALL THIS, ZIGS, SRSLY, and it’s been like 2 years since I first met the two of them ahanshssbshsj

Weirdly enough it was Charlie who came first; I encountered him in early 2012, followed by Mike later that same year. Yeah, 2012 was an epic year as you can probably gather :3

And I’m only lucky because Charlie does theatre and Mike does book signings. If either of them did neither of these things, I’d’ve had almost NO CHANCE IN HELL.

Playlist tag!

I was tagged by barbieomoviegeek! (Thanks babe)

1. Eight Miles High- The Byrds

2. Bob Dylan’s Blues- Syd Barrett

3. Hosanna- Paul McCartney

4. Losing Touch- The Killers

5. Tumbling Dice- The Rolling Stones

6. Love Me Two Times- The Doors

7. Destroyer- The Kinks

8. If You Have the Time- The Monkees

9. All Day and All of the Night- The Kinks

10. Oh Boy!- Buddy Holly & The Crickets

11. Hannah- Freelance Whales

12. Misty Mountain Hop- Led Zeppelin

13. No Return- The Kinks

14. In The Flesh- Pink Floyd

15. What Is and What Should Never Be- Led Zeppelin

16. Garden of Eden- Guns N’ Roses

17. Road- Paul McCartney

18. I Should’ve Known Better- The Beatles

19. Waiting On a Friend- The Rolling Stones

20. Oh Deed I Do- Donovan

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thank you to the lovely @thisorchidsturnedtoblack for tagging me to post some of the music i’ve been listening to lately! in case the pictures don’t show up the songs are “being boring” by pet shop boys, “nocturnal me” by echo and the bunnymen, “people are strange” by the doors, and “falling down” by duran duran :D

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