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Are there any classic rock artists you enjoy?


Professionally I really dig @robertvalley

(He did the intro to the Beatles rockband game- so cool)

But on here my favs areeee











And others 💛its late and I’m not thinking straight, so if I forgot someone I’m sorry- there’s not really a classic rock artist I don’t enjoy 😂

But my favorite has to be @dearprudence68 And her Led Equine’s 😂And mah edgelord @ohpilotofthestorm

(Also shout out to @guppyandcream— I need to find her new blog)

Happy Easter @ilovedamo I’m your blurred friend (signed up to blurred friends with my other blog @ziggymccartney)!
I drew an Easter themed Chemical World Damon for you, I hope you like it!! Hope you have a good day! 😊🐰🐣💕

Wishing all the Children Of The Revolution a great weekend 🎩🦊⭐️🎤🎸

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A- Age: 23

B- Birthplace: Co Armagh, NI

C- Current time: 22:37

D- Drink you last had: Water

E- Easiest person to talk to: In real life nobody, online @ziggymccartney and another online friend who doesn’t have Tumblr

F- Favourite song: I don’t have an all time favourite song, it changes every few days. At the minute it’s probably Dramatis & Gary Numan- Love Needs No Disguise

G- Grossest memory: I got my finger caught between the metal frame and the the wooden panels on my bed years ago and it ripped the skin half off one of my fingers. I ran downstairs and held it up to show my Mum and the skin was just hanging off.

H- Horror…yes or no?: Yes

I- In love?: Only with musicians

J- Jealous of people?: Constantly

K- Killed someone?: Not so far

L- Love at first sight or walk past again?: I don’t know

M- Middle Name: I don’t have one

N- Number of siblings: Five younger brothers

O- One wish: Happiness

P- Person I last called: I don’t know, I try to avoid phone calls

Q- Question you’re always asked: “Are you feeling okay? You look sick.”

R- Reason to smile: Adam Ant

S- Song you last sang: Blondie- Long Time

T- Time you woke up: 3pm.

U- Underwear colour: Black

V- Vacation: I’ve been on a few good holidays, Turkey was probably my favourite.

W- Worst habit: I can’t sit still.

X- X-Rays: I had one the other week in the dentist. I’ve also had a chest X-Ray

Y- Your favourite food:
I’ll do top 3
1. Cheese pizza
2. Potatoes gravy and suet
3. Crisp sandwiches

Z- Zodiac Sign: …

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Ahh I hate tagging people

a follow forever post

yeah so i pretty much recently reached 1000 followers so im going to make one of these posts where I basically list some people I’d rather die than to unfollow (& these arent in true alphabetical order, just organized by letter lmfao)

you guys have no idea how much it means to me that each of u exists in my life even in a really really tiny way. (gay…) anyway. heres your urls in the most illogical possible way i could have arranged them. i love u all


@afloydianslip <3 @applecorps @alancharlesjardine @babiesunflower @beardmother @beastiebros @bebe-le-strange @beneaththemusicfromafartherroom @bilbao-song @billiammurray @blindclassaristocracy @bonzos-moon @bowie420 @brianmeh @bloomuse <3 @brianwilsonofficial @brianwilsoon @britishsixtiesbeat @calum-in-a-coma @chopain <3 @cameronfrye @carolinenope @champanova @clash-city-rockers @condudedads @coxun @crazylittlethingcalledrocknroll @daswickedm8 @depecheymode @drbrianbae @dumbfaceadventureland @dittymisslizzy @doctor–sardonicus @esmeralda-deluna @fatnajl @foolsdance @franklymissava @fromscottlandwithlove @fuckinghamnips @gary-numeme @gaycannibals @generals-and-majors @georgefilth @gladoli @gnik-nus @graaahamcoxon @grumparsons @guts2begentle


@heavy-synth @hatfulofholl0w @ifimhansolo @im-only-sweeping @imperial-skyline @inadarkenedunderpass @inspiralsroadie @jimmypageshurdygurdy @johncale @johnlennon69 @jonnymarr @juliatulia @keith-mewn @kinky-keith @kempsridleys @l974 @ladycosmicdancer @laurent23 @led-sbian @leporidze @liddybvck @life–on–pluto @light-synth @lilywaterblue @lonesome-wandererr @noelgalpallagher @nozukes

this is where i literally got the alphabet mixed up. oh my god.i put N before M. i fucked up


@marfina @marshal-dear @martingoresbuttcheeks @masterheathcliff @mikejoyce @miraclealignerbytlsp @miracllealigner @moonietamashi @moonietamashi @morrison-and-moz @moveslikekeithrichards @mozpod @mrs-entwistle @mozzalozzadingdong @mrsrobertplant @myfavoritevegetable @officialiggypop @officialloureed @officialjohnsquire @officialmikelove @oldfashionedwhore @one-vision-fried-chicken @ordong-village @parklive @perolikeitsmelinda @petefoxshend @petes-nose @philchevron @popisntdead @proins-cassidy @queenzeppelins @queen-innuendo @raquelthepsychedelicschoolgirl @rhapsody-under-pressure @ringoogo @rock-n-rollin-bitch @s-g-t-pepper @sad–professor @sadsmiths @sams-hung @saturgayschild @shiningrey @shitsmiths @slaughteringbunnies @smoking-tinfoil @somethingveryprofound @soulsavers @st3phf4c3 @stonerose-elephant @suitcasey114 @superunknown47 @swedish-vintage-dude @sydbarrettslut @syds-electric-daydream @tangereene @taxxman @the-beat-girl @theclash-forever @thephantom-of-pepperland @tigermilk @tvlawyer @truu2u @uglygasm @unofficialloureed

V-Z, #

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 you’re all special people

I have reached a new milestone today 500 followers! thank you all so much for everything

In return I would like to make a follow forever, these blogs are definitely worth a follow 


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I have over 600 followers?!? How did this even happen?? You guys are so amazing and I love you all, seriously! So I decided to do a follow forever to commemorate this milestone. These are my favorite people and favorite blogs. The bolded ones are extra cool! If your name isn’t bolded, it’s okay i still love you!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT


aclocktorkorange acrossthepepperland admiralpaul  a-happy-nerd  a-hard-days-write allyouneedisallanclarke alex-in-the-sky-with-diamonds always-been-a-storm7 andthebandbeginstoplay anotherclassylady areyoutellingme // babeimgonnaleaveu beatlesmonkeeslover beatlesmut beeeatle bella-donnaa belladonnastevie blameitonourwildhearts britishbeatlemania bonham-in-the-sky-with-gilmour buckinghamnicks-ff// captainharrison christinesmcvie cindy264 clarksonhammondmayaddiction classicrockhbu classic-rock-groupie conxxme crystalline- cyberscully


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ill-follow-the-sun-to-penny-lane imonlysleeping i-want-jimmy-zoso-bad // jeffreyrhyman jeremyclarksons-sherlocks-bitch jimmypagesprincess joelbrows  justjezza // kingpaulie //  lindsbuck loser-in-the-sky-with-diamonds love-tastes-like-lemon-juice luv4monkees // maccamcbeardy macca-pornstache mccartmey  mccartneymadness mccartney-stole-my-rubber-soul melissascullys misanthrope1993 muggs8787 musicobsessie musicrunsthroughmysoul myfatherstormedthebeach mysticnicks    


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I recently reached 1k followers (I don’t know how or why either) and I always said that if I ever reached that milestone I would do a “follow forever” type thing…so here we are!

I want to start off by saying I really don’t follow that many people (only around 250), and I’ve explained my reasons for not following everyone back before. It’s nothing personal (unless it is lmao), I just like to be able to keep up with my dash and also keep up with the lives of the people I do follow. There are plenty of people out there that seem absolutely lovely, but I try to stick to following people who post things to my tastes and/or interact with me on some level (be it replying to personal posts or joining in with fandom discussions or whatever), as well as people who post original content (as sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming seeing the same posts reblogged again and again!)

While my main tumblr fandom (and the only fandom I really contribute to) is the Monkees fandom, this list isn’t exclusive to Monkees blogs and features a little bit of everything. I like to say this is a list of cool people, great blogs, and cool people with great blogs!

Finally I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who follows me, and please don’t be offended if you’re not featured on this list. Now I’ve done it, I’ll try to update it every few months or something :) 


♥ alwaysdressedandbuttonedup // psychojello // shinealight-x // jeslyncat // dolenz // justpatches // aclocktorkorange // greentambourinee // classicrock-and-stuff // rob-my-charlatan-x // averyextraordinaryscene

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Over 200 Followers

Thank you so much for following me so far. I really appreciate each and every one of you. I just thought I would just make a post to mention you all. 

Mutuals are in bold. Special thanks to you guys. 

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*Looks at watch*… That only took an hour and a half. 

I think that is everyone. If I happened to miss any of you followers, just drop a message in my ask and I will make sure that you are on the list. I am sorry to those who did not get properly tagged. Tumblr was not being cooperative.

Many thanks.


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Yay! Thank you for reaching my goal of 500 followers!!

For the last 8 months of my Who fanart blog’s activities, I would like to thank my loyal followers who are there to contribute and share my art to the Tumblr community then and now ♥:

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… New followers who mostly didn’t miss my art updates ♥:


… The tag machines! ♥
(followers who reblog my stuff and always put their tags with 
such endearing words and phrases, awww <3):

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…for today’s followers who instantly liked and shared almost all of my entire Who fanart gallery ♥:

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…and lastly for the lovely anons <3 (whooo, who are you?! XD) for the requests and suggestions.

As for the other loyal followers whom I didn’t mentioned or have suggestions/corrections, just send me a private message!

Long Live Rock Forever!

- Pepper-chan