ziggy is a giant


Why did I do this? Because I’m deep in lazy town purgatory, that’s why.

The whole idea is, Pixel creates a virtual reality of sorts, where you can go in and get your own specialized suits and weapons (based on personality and bodily structure) and in his first try to ‘scan’ people in, it all goes terribly wrong. Instead of scanning people in, it effects the whole of lazy town, the pixelated world spreading into the real world, taking unwilling and unknowing people into a dangerous gaming universe. Sportacus is okay with this, as long as no one gets hurt, and the kids were completely ecstatic, yet Robbie was awoken in a daze and found himself within a game, grumpy and irritated. The game begins at level 1 of course, in a fantasy village that feels oddly familiar, elves and goblins lived there and the level was in the middle of a war.
Sportacus is really anxious and Robbie is reluctant to speak, and the kids didn’t understand.
They go through many Icelandic-based levels (based off of Icelandic lore and norse tales) before the whole game starts to glitch, bringing them into a frightening alternate universe that shows Sportacus’ father (Ípróttaáfurinn) fighting against what looked too similar to Robbie (Glanni) with a bunch of kids that seemed to carry the same stereotypes and likenesses as the kids in the real universe. When the characters finally notice each other, the game breaks completely and blurs the line between reality and virtual reality.
Robbie is more afraid than the others, as Glanni was seemingly destroying the game any time he managed to touch Robbie, supposedly breaking time itself. And Pixel knew this only happened when someone was the same person (or at least he gained that knowledge from sci-fi movies.)
Meaning Robbie hadn’t been entirely honest with his mysterious backstory, and he had somehow lived longer than Sportacus’ dad, as if he knew the key to becoming immortal…

Basically Glanni and Robbie both fuck up each others mental (and physical) health, while they also try to escape and not completely obliterate their own reality. ((also Sportacus gets super emotional as he sees his dad again ;w;))

Character designs/what weapons they have:

Sportacus: His weapon is a staff that withholds a blue jewel. His main suit color (is of course) blue mixed with black and white.

Robbie: His weapon is a hammer (a massive one) that is extremely hard to carry. He can just about manage though. His main suit color is dark red and purple (very stripey too)

Stephanie: Her weapons are two samurai swords. Her main suit color is pink with additions of cream and light purple.

Ziggy: His weapon is a giant lollipop that whacks quite a punch. His suit doesn’t really have a main color (it’s bright and multicolored) and it has a red cape.

Trixie: Her weapon is a sling shot, that fire mini rubber balls that cause surprising damage. Her suit is red with a splash of occasional white.

Pixel: His weapon(s) are a sword and a shield. His suit is a cool shade of blue that has small flecks of dark blue.

Stingy: His weapon is a baseball bat. His suit is a flashy yellow with white outlines (and he still keeps his spotty bowtie)
(I can’t remember the other tv show characters!! Tell me if I forgot anyone!)

Ípróttaáfurinn: His weapon(s) are two pickaxes. His suit is a mustardish yellow with brown additions.

Glanni Glæpur: His weapon is a cane. His suit is black and textured like a cat suit (like in the original play)

I’m gonna create some fanart of this later, I hope you all like this!!