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What's your opinion on mechanical animals?

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Oh my I don’t even know where to start but I’ll try my best since it’s really intresting question:)

After the success of “Antichrist Superstar” people had to be shocked when Marilyn totally change his image and sound. Antichrist  disappeared somewhere and Omega take his place. The industrial dirt took a hike rather than that we have chemical,glam rock purity also Marilyn completly changed his look during that era. Many people say that Manson’s“Mechanical Animals” is a copy of Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars” and to be honest I’m sure that he took a lot of inspirations from David since he always was one of his idols but I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly the same thing recorded 25 years later.

“Mechanical Animals” it’s the part of Triptych (Antichrist Superstar,Mechanical Animals,Holy Wood) in which Marilyn personified himself as Omega which is the androgyny and hollow rockstar.Omega in Greek means “the end” propably Marilyn wanted to say that he is in the highest stage of his evolution. “Omega’ not really a character, by the way - I wouldn’t create something that’s not me. But I think a lot of people expected me to continue to speak about religion, even the people who hated me for it, as well as all the fans who loved me for it. But I felt like I had said everything I had to say - and making Antichrist Superstar changed my life, made me into something stronger. What I didn’t realize was that to be stronger I needed to have emotions, and that was something I had to shut off to make that record. So Mechanical Animals was like being born again. I guess the image on the album cover was about the alienation. And having an image that is hard to understand was probably what I was trying to say. That people didn’t understand was kind of what I was saying in the album.”

And now my opinion on album: I love it I think it brought the strange kind of freshness into Manson’s discography.

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