winter-dawnforge asked:

The Clincher - Chevelle 



The ginger female dwarf threw her hands up and shook her head. “You’re a fucking idiot, Wolf!”

“Oh, that’s new!” the goblin sitting at the table spat out sarcastically.

“Oh shut the fuck up, both of you!” Cristianno leaned his seat back and crossed his arms.

“Oh, now we have to shut the fuck up? You could have ruined this fucking job for us! Come on, Captain!” The goblin Ziggly shook his head and spit on the floor beside him.

"Yeah but I didn’t. Everything is as scheduled. So fuck off.”

“Zig has a point. What were you thinking?” the dwarf asked.

“I wasn’t, alright, but that’s done and we’re on schedule. Just back off! Both of you!”

“You’re being a little bitch, Wolf,” smirked Ziggly.

“You want me to show you a little bitch? I shove your fucking face in a mirror!” Cris slammed his hands on the table and rose off the chair. “Fuck you two.” He marched off, leaving the tavern.

Ziggly laughed and looked at Gerty, who was sighing and shaking her head. “You saw him. He was being a little bitch, right?” The dwarf nodded.

safrona-shadowsun asked:

☤ - Depending on their type, how they walk into a busy room, when everyone looks at them.

You’re A Wolf - Sea Wolf    and   Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine (instrumental)


“Hey, look who just walked in…”
“That the Seawolf guy?”
“That’s captain to us.”
"He’s a fucking idiot. Captain fucking idiot.”
“Tried to claim the southwestern sea. Who died and gave him power?”
“That other fucker who went only by The Captain.”
“That whole group was full of shit.”
“And he’s back to show us who’s boss, eh?”

The man froze after his final word as a gun was pointed to his head. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but hear you two assholes talking about me?” Cristianno grinned widely. “Anything I should be aware of?”

The man shook his head and the man’s companion pulled his gun out, pointing it at Cristianno. Just as instant, Gerty had her shotgun out and Ziggly held two daggers to the second man’s neck. 

“You want to keep fucking with me? Because I have more crew members itching to spill some blood. Go ahead.” Cristianno smirked and leaned toward the man, whispering in his face, “Get the fuck out.” As soon as the gun was moved from his head, the man left and his companion rushed after him.

Cristianno laughed and gestured to his friends, “Come on, let’s go get us a table.”