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God bless my poster boy of feminism Zig ❤️🖤 Manny is like the perfect example of toxic masculinity, insulting women and claiming they dress how they do for attention, viewing them as sexual objects, etc. I’m really mad at him but good that Chris and Zig stood up for MC and even better that she was able to stick up for herself as well.

“She couldn’t help but inch a little closer to him, he was fire…and oh how she longed to stay warm.”

AM I CRYING? Yes I am! Tears of joy at this wonderfully amazing piece of art from Molly! @molliartsie

She’s a treasure and honestly does such amazing work! Thank you for indulging another commission of my favorite angst. Seeing my problematic fave MC Dia with the person that has never wavered in being there for her is perfect.

Adventures in Cooking

This piece was prompted by a lovely anon who suggested someone write a fanfic where Zig speaks some Spanish to MC during some sexy time. Well, here it is! 😊 I enjoyed writing this one, so I hope you all like it as well. I need to thank the amazing @zigbadboy​ who filled in the position of “reference point” for the Spanish lines by translating them into workable sentences. I know it wouldn’t have flowed half as well between the English and Spanish without you. 💕 (This was also the source of the anon message, come to think of it!)

Pairing: Zig x MC (The Freshman)
Word count: 1,321
Rating: Mature/NSFW

Adventures in Cooking

You stand in the kitchen of your dorm, surrounded by familiar ingredients but unsure how to combine them into the unfamiliar recipe in front of you. It was clear Zig was growing homesick, he had been spending more time lately reminiscing about being back with his mom and his sisters. You knew he loved his mom’s empanadas, so you wanted to try and make some for him, in a small attempt to bring something from home to Hartfeld.

While double checking you have everything the meal calls for, you faintly hear footsteps, followed by a tired voice. “Hey, how’s it going out here?”

Looking up, you see Zig walking out of the hallway, bare-chested with one arm stretched up rubbing the back of his neck. “Hey, sleepyhead. You know it’s like, 3 pm, right?”

He chuckles as he crosses the room to meet you. “Yea, yea. So, any progress?”

As you scan the recipe for what feels like the twentieth time, you vaguely feel Zig come up behind you, his chest pressing firmly against your back as his hands gently wrap around your waist. “To be honest, no,” you respond distractedly, still engrossed in the recipe in-hand. “I’ve never made these before, and I’m not much a cook to begin with… I want to get it just right.”

He rests his head against yours, his mouth only a few inches from your ear. “You know how much I appreciate you doing this, por qué no te tomas un descanso? he asks, his voice lowering to a whisper.

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Zig: Look, it’s raining.

MC: Yeah, it’s really pouring hard. Want to stay over?

Zig: Hmmm. Perfect weather to experiment on conductance of heat, don’t you think?

MC: *raises eyebrows at Zig* Listening.

Zig: Heat is best transferred when there is no other insulation between two conductors.

MC: Is this some kind of nerdy way to get me naked?

Zig: *smirks at MC* Maybe.

MC: …


MC: Let’s proceed with the experiment, science guy.

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I honestly cant find the words why zig and maya are perfect for each other but do you mind explaining why they complement each other so well as a couple? despite what's happened, ive always felt like theyre meant to be. They fit so well together, and idk why.

I cannot tell you how much I love this question. They are so many reasons why Zig and Maya have always complimented each other so well and have always seemed destined to be together.

1. They were friends first. For me the thing that always made Zaya click so well and seem so iconic is that before any of the romantic feelings they feel for each other they put their friendship above it. From the moment they met they immediately hit it off and it’s really meaningful that Zig was the first friend that Maya ever made at Degrassi. Though when she met him she did have a little crush, she ultimately decided to disregard her feelings for him and support his relationship with Tori because it made him happy and she valued his friendship. The same goes for when Zig tells her that he has feelings for her but he will wait for her because she isn’t over Cam. From the beginning it was very clear that whether or not they are together romantically, they still want to be together as friends. It’s also significant that seasons 13-14 really developed how strong and important their friendship is to each other before they even admitted that they were ready to become a couple. Also in DNC season 4 what is so great about  their endgame is that is was never explicitly stated that they were back together but it was 100% confirmed that they are close friends again which has always been the center of their relationship. 

2. Slow. Burn. The thing that the Degrassi writers did so so right with Zaya was not putting them together when everyone thought they would be together. This is what makes Zaya a truly epic couple and one of the greatest love stories Degrassi has ever told. No other couple has been built up over the seasons as much as Zig and Maya have. I remember when they had their first scene together in season 11 and I was immediately like “well obviously they are gonna be the New Couple™️” because from the moment they first met the chemistry between them was instant. Thankfully Degrassi made them wait it out and grow and mature before they actually got together. I like to think about what would have happened if Zig and Tori never got back together and he ended up dating Maya back in season 11 and I really think their love story might have ended right there. But unlike iconic couples like Semma and Eclare, Zaya took their time. Instead of jumping into a relationship they build a really strong connection based on how much they care for each other besides their romantic feelings. This made their romantic relationship so much stronger from the get go because they already knew each other so well that they didn’t have to get to know each other as they were dating. When Zaya first got together in season 14, I saw a lot of people complain that they were moving too fast and they were seriously rushed but in a way it makes a lot of sense that they were. They were already extremely close from the moment they began dating so they jumped head first into it. They acknowledge that they did rush into things a bit too fast but unlike other couples that would be in that situation they came out the other side of it stronger. Even in DNC where they break up, the way that they still are really important in each other’s lives prove how much they will keep finding their way back to each other. They were even a slow burn down to the very end of DNC season 4 by how they slowly but surely fell back together again. They didn’t rush into it this time. They just took their time just like they did back in seasons 11-14 and it was beautiful.

3. They are always there for each other. To me a huge reason why they compliment each other so well is because they are there for each other in some way through all of their big struggles in love. For Maya, she supported Zig through his relationship with Tori. She takes him to live in her home so he doesn’t have to be a squatter anymore and so he won’t have to go into a group home. She helps get him out of the gang - multiple times. She dumps Miles because he doesn’t get along with Zig and she will always stand by Zig. She supports him as he works to become a chef as a restaurant. She helps him as he gets involved in the school musical and supports him completely. She even gives him relationship advice with Esme because she wants him to be happy and she never discourages him from helping Esme and figuring out their relationship even though she is crushing on him again. For Zig, he is always there for Maya (it’s one of his defining features). He helps build up her self confidence when she enters the beauty pageant and tries to be there for her with her relationship struggles with Cam - even though he’s a bit misguided since he wants her for himself. He is there for her as she goes off the rails after Cam’s death and he reminds her of who she is and her love of music. He tries to get along with Miles to make her happy - even though he doesn’t to a spectacular job at that. He encourages her to seek help for her anxiety and calms her down after nightmares and her panic attack. He goes to the spa with her when Grace turned her down. He is incredibly supportive of her goals towards a music career. And even after they break up he visibly sees that she is going though something when she is depressed and he tries to cheer her up. Also he chooses to be her partner in art class after she comes back to school because he wants to be there for her and he helps her out after she gets really high on their camping trip. All these little things build up to show how important they are to each other.

The more I think about how Zig and Maya are “meant to be” the more I realize that their relationship is so much more than just that they seem destined to be together in some way. They compliment each other so well because of how much they care about each other. Their relationship goes far beyond the reaches of just romance. For them it has never mattered whether they were in a relationship or not because they were always there for each other because they have always had such a strong friendship first and foremost. But it’s important to note that just because they have seemed “meant to be” from the start that doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work for their relationship. From season 11 to DNC season 4 we have seen Zig and Maya grow together and make each other better. They challenge each other and push each other to be the best version of themselves. They truly make each other better people and that’s a huge reason for me why they compliment each other so well.

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"Aren’t we all the fans of the same series?" No. Some of us are stupid enough to waste their money on a character whose growth exists only in the extra scenes. You're a Sophomore fan if you're dating Chris Sue, Kaitlyn, James and Zig the Perfect Flawless Selfless Hot Noble AlwaysSavestheDay and Can'tDoAnythingWrong Protector. If you want to date Becca the Ugly Evil Brat you are pro bulling & you don't deserve special chapters or good writing. Deal with it

It’s okay that you feel that way. I accept your opinion.
Please know that despite my posts and my being a fan of the series, I have nothing against you or what you’re standing up for.
Whether you’ll do the same for me or not, I will not change my opinion of you.


So as it turns out it was one of Zig’s teammates Manny who was coming onto MC and putting down poor Zig! What a rude creep! What I really loved about this chapter was how we are seeing Zig really come into his own. Fighting his old ways and not giving in to temptation to lash out and fight back (but he is still a solid protector 😉) It’s always great to be reminded that there’s always going to be nerves going into anything that we do. I relate to my boy Zig so much because when things can get a little challenging or we’re thrown into a situation with new surroundings or unfamiliar territory and we don’t know people or haven’t gotten the chance to get to know people there’s going to be a natural sense of uneasiness and maybe even a little fear. We want to escape to the places where we find comfortable, find a little solitude, time to think and reflect a bit. We might feel alone. Opening up is the first step and sometimes the hardest part as well. Not being afraid to show who we truly are. Having any kind of support system that you’re blessed with is truly a blessing in life. With that support, a little kindness, a little love in your heart, and a boost of confidence, you begin to find that the worrying or the uncertainty isn’t necessary. It’ll all be okay. And to my boy Zig, we’re all rooting for you. You go out on that football field and be the best you can be! You’re capable of great things, just own it and be confident! You’re a star ⭐️

It’s incredible to have a character that you can relate so much to. For years I’ve struggled with self esteem being a performing artist. Confidence is key. Zig and I have a lot in common not just with sexuality but also with our many layers of identity. We’re very complex and that’s what makes us, us. Having a role model is so inspiring, which is especially important in today’s world where we constantly look for inspiration. We set goals for ourselves and we’re always hungry for knowledge and to grow into ourselves and for me, being able to relate to such a well written character is dream come true for me. I think Zig is the perfect example of that. Zig feels so real and so much more than just a fictional character.

I love how his flirts are always on point 😍👌🏼 The best part was the bit about him being a Boy Scout and he’s like “I was adorable” UM WAS?? I THINK YOU MEAN “STILL” 😍❤️🤤😂lmao and we also have a new nickname! Zigster! I hope that comes up more often 🤞🏼

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Ever since Zig mentioned the fact he loves maths I'm just imagining him talking to the mc about some maths problem and his face lighting up and him nerding out and it's really cute...I have a lot of feelings about maths nerd zig.

I’m with you anon! I can totally see he and mc at the library studying together to get some privacy away from the roomies. And mc is struggling with her math work and pouting. Zig asks to see what she’s working on and knows what to do instantly. Then he starts to work out the problem with her and her eyes light up as it clicks in her head. And he can’t help but to grin at her excitement. Then he’s rewarded with a hug and kiss for his help. Ugh…it would be so cute! Math Nerd Zig is perfect! :)

My Gem - Zig x MC Fanfic

Ok, so I’ve been wanting to write a Zig x MC fanfic for awhile now. I think what really inspired me to write this was the other writers who love Zig as much as me. Oh, and the whole fan club ( @zigzaggersfanclub ) is amazing too! It’s my first time, obviously, so please no hate! I’ll try my best but I doubt it’ll be as good as the fanfics that others write. Hope you enjoy it! xx

Rating: T - for occasional swearing and hints of sexual content

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“Hey, you.” His voice sends shivers through my whole body, but I don’t acknowledge him, yet. I am still mad at him. There is one more hour till midnight and it’s like he forgot it was my birthday. “Babe, what is it? Are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m ready to shower sprinkles all over you and dance with you under a rainbow!” I say sarcastically as I close my reading book.

“Hey … I-I know I was gone the whole day and I didn’t text you in the morning, but I had work and it was really busy today.” Zig walks closer to me as he pleadingly looks at me.

“It must’ve been extremely busy that you forgot your own girlfriend’s birthday,” I practically spit out. My eyes soften as I continue, “I know your shifts are short on Tuesdays, Zig. I’m not stupid. What did you do after your shift?”

“I … can’t tell you.”

“Don’t do this to me on my birthday, Zig. Please.” I stand up and walk past him, towards the door of my room, but he grabs my wrist and turns around.

“I can’t tell you because it’s a surprise. I spent the whole day planning it after I begged my co-worker to cover for me this morning. Don’t leave me. ” I reluctantly nod, letting him continue. “We’re going out. Go wear something comfortable.”

“We aren’t going skinny dipping in the lake again, right?” I ask.

“No. Not this time.” He chuckles and lets go of my wrist, but I still stay where I am.

“I-I’m sorry, Zig. The way I acted towards you and jumping to conclusions and—” He cuts me off with a peck on my lips and pushes me towards my room.

“Go, we don’t have much time if you want it to be perfect,” Zig says causing me to laugh and run up to my room.

“I’m so going to kill you if I bump into anything,” I say as I accidentally trip over my own feet while wearing the blindfold Zig tied around my eyes.

“You won’t. It’s flat ground from here on,” Zig says.

After a few minutes he tells me to stop and he undoes the blindfold. I blink back in surprise as my eyes land on the vast scenery in front of me. The river down below the cliff is glistening in the moonlight, almost looking black. The shadows of the mountains far ahead add on to the mystic, but beautiful, view.

“Wow,” I mutter.

“Look, it’s a shooting star.” He gently grabs my hand and steps behind me to point at the moving dash of light. “Make a wish, baby,” he whispers. His breath tickles my ear and I start to blush.

I wish you would just wish me happy birthday, you idiot! I think to myself, and shake my head, smiling to myself.

“Wait. Keep on looking. It’s almost time,” Zig says and I look up at the sky.

A minute later fireworks start to erupt in the night sky. All the colors of the rainbow, drawing hearts in the sky. I gasp as my eyes stay trained on the, now, vibrant night sky.

“Happy birthday, love.” Zig kisses my cheek as I smile at the fireworks with tears in my eyes. “Am I going to get some attention too or is it the fireworks’ night?”

“You cheeky little thing,” I grin and shake my head. I turn around and wrap my arms around my boyfriend’s neck.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Zig mutters under his breath as he nuzzles his head into my neck, occasionally placing light kisses near my collarbone.

“You’re not that bad yourself.” I run my hands through his smooth hair. “I mean, the fact that I get amazing cappuccinos whenever I want is the best.”

“So you like my coffee-making skills or me?”

“You’re somewhere there in the picture. No one can beat co—Zig!” He grabs me while I joke with him and slings me over his shoulder. He starts to walk back to the car while I protest. “The show isn’t over yet! The fireworks are still going on! Zigggggg!”

“Don’t moan too loud, darling. Someone might hear you.” Zig chuckles at his own comment while I huff. Sooner or later we’d be in my warm bed, cuddling together, and dozing off. He truly was a gem. My gem.

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I did it! Booyah! I’m so proud of myself even if this isn’t that great, but for now I’m just learning! Have a great day/night! And happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! xx