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Still have about 5 days to go! And I already filled about half my page lol
I really wanted to take this photo under sunlight but it was way too gloomy where I live :( I feel like intense studying today
I drew the northern lights! They may not seem like it but oh well :)

What started out as me buying one or two aqua green coloured pens because they were too pretty to resist, ended up as a project haha!
When i bought some of these online i seriously wondered how odd the person packaging my order thought i was for buying all the same colour stuff ahahaha!


A few rare unfiltered pictures to show you my new ink (Diamine Shimmertastic Magical Forest and Zig Metallic Gold) and five things to be jolly about. Day 6 of the December challenge by @journaling-junkie

My five things are:
1. My new TWSBI Mini (who I am considering naming Langdon)
2. My new TWSBI Diamond 580 (who I am considering naming Raymond)
3. The Caps broke a losing streak yesterday with an awesome comeback win
4. I’ve got some exciting creative Christmas projects to work on
5. Tomorrow I am flying to Texas to finally meet my baby cousin (who is actually two and a half but the struggle is real with getting to Texas)

The Freshman: Problematic Love Interests

So, ya’ll know how rough the last chapter of The Freshman was yesterday. Nearly everyone in the chapter was at their max level of craziness…particularly the love interests. In fact, I was so frustrated with some of their behaviors that I decided I had to get some things off my chest. Hence, this post came to be.

Forgive my snarkiness and general agitated tone here…I’m much less aggravated than I was last night. Let’s just be thankful I gave myself a day to relax before sharing these thoughts!

Okay, let’s get started. 

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In Profile: Zig

Zig is one of my favorite characters in The Freshman. He’s that mysterious guy oozing with sex appeal, the kind your mother warned you about. His looks are far from bookish but he is smart, much smarter than he believes, in fact.

His signature smirk draws anyone in, like a moth to a flame. This brands him a flirt and he doesn’t deny it. He won’t do anything you wouldn’t want him to do though, even if you consume his thoughts in that way.

Zig is also angry, very angry. His resentment towards his father is still bottled up inside him. The spite for his sister’s ex-boyfriend still festers within. Fighting for those he loves has come naturally because of that. He’s witnessed that it is with his fists that the violence stops. He doesn’t start a fight, he says. He just finishes it.

He has a lot of growing up to do even if he feels older than his years. He knows it has to start by making peace with the anger within him.

But for now he kicks over empty trash cans, shoves men at the mosh pit he thinks messes with his friends, punches bullies in the face to finish a fight they started with words. The fire in his hands can’t stop burning, but he will learn to control this anger. He will learn it in time.

He is on a journey. He will soon realize that he is worthy of higher learning, worthy of love and friendship, worthy of a life that can be won without fists. He is worthy. You know this, but it will take him a while to realize it for himself. Trust in him and trust in time – he will.

Zig is the kind of guy your mother warned you about – on the surface. Because the truth is he’s the kind of guy you’d want to bring home and meet your parents. He’s committed and kind, determined and passionate.

It just takes a certain kind of patience to see him through his journey. But it is, HE is, worth the wait.


Sucré 空白便條本

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There was a knock on the door. 

Everytime the sound rung out around his house, ZigZag felt a rush of energy zooming through him as he jumped up, paused the anime, and raced to the door - or sometimes spun back on his wheelie chair and darted over. His expression wasn’t showing his hope, but the speed in which the door was open - unlike him - was. 

Day in, day out, and there was still no sign of her. Every time he reached out for the door handle, he caught a glimpse of his arm, and the guilt came tumbling in. At least, whenever the one he waited for wasn’t present behind the door, his shy and worried nature returned until the other left. 

ZigZag worked, ate, watched anime, and waited…

And waited…

And waited… 

Until one day, all of his hope had been zapped. Maybe she had left. Healed herself and then moved on. Or maybe she was busy. Surely it can’t have taken this long… knowing Bubblegum, there was a chance she passed the pain on to someone else. 

Maybe she was never coming back. 

ZigZag let out a sigh and sat down on the couch, his hand reaching out for the remote, he held it out to the paused episode he had on screen, thumb over the play button. 

He couldn’t push it down. His hand began to shake, and he lowered his head. 

There was silence, as Zig’s tears dropped to the ground. He let out a shaky sob, shoulders shaking, but mostly, he was quiet. He wasn’t even thinking - letting his feelings take over. 

It was all over, wasn’t it? 

There was a knock at the door. 

ZigZag looked up with surprise, and though part of him was in denial - there was no way it was her. It couldn’t be. But his stomach was churning with that feeling - that feeling called hope, and it brought himself to his feet. 

ZigZag stepped up to the door, and reached out with his opposite hand, while the other lifted up to wipe the tears out of his eyes with his head slightly lowered.

“H-Hello, how c-can I help y—” 

“Have you been crying?” 

ZigZag’s head snapped up, eyes surprised as he focused on the one in front of him. Even now, he couldn’t believe it. All denial went away in an instance as he looked ahead at her - Bubblegum - standing right in his door right now. 

Keeping down his tears was a challenge. 

“W-Woah, man, are you—” 

In an instant, ZigZag lightly, but quickly pulled BubbleGum inside, shut the door, and turned around to face her. 

Her face was enflamed green, even though she held a frown. “W-What the hell are you d—”

ZigZag dived forward at that, wrapping his arms around the smaller one, just holding her close as he closed his eyes. On the outside, his face was neutral, but inside, he couldn’t have been happier. He wasn’t sure why, or what this was, but after all this time… she’d came back. 


ZigZag had been wrong. 

Bubblegum’s face couldn’t be any more green. She wasn’t sure what to say. In an instant, she let her actions take control, and squirmed herself out, pointing a finger at a suprised ZigZag. “Y-You better start explaining what that was all about!” she stuttered out. 

ZigZag blinked, and then couldn’t help it. He let out a giggle, which quickly changed into a laugh, eyes closed happily as it rung out around the house. 

Bubblegum blinked, carrying on, but it only made him laugh harder. “A-Are you broken or something?! I asked what was going on!” 

ZigZag let his laughter die down at a point where Bubblegum was looking away, arms folded, blush easily visible. 

“S-Sorry… just… kind of glad you’re okay…” he said, holding one of his arms, he looked to the side, slightly blushing himself, before turning his eyes back to her. 

For a minute, Bubblegum stared ahead, mouth slightly open. Her single eye may or may not have been shining a little, almost as if she saw or thought something else about Zig— what she was seeing! Snapping herself out of it, she looked up to the side. “Y-Yeah, well?! I’m g-glad you’re okay too!” 

ZigZag let out a small chuckle, causing Bubblegum to pout a little. He decided to change the subject. “So, uh… I got most of the sweets you wanted, I-I mean, if you wanna try them out.” 

Bubblegum lit up, eye shining massively. “Are you kidding man?! I’d funking love to!” she exclaimed, looking to either side, before back at ZigZag, noticing he was staring. “Well, anytime now!” 

ZigZag smiled geniuningly, staring ahead for a little bit, before nodding his head with his eyes closed contently. 


Alone again, ZigZag thought, though this time was not nearly as bad as the last time. Although he couldn’t help but look at the empty spot on the couch next to him, or the table, currently devoid of sweets, both full and empty wrappers. 

He’d gotten that used to having her around. 

There was a knock on the door. 

ZigZag smiled. 

anonymous asked:

Quick! Every anime fan list your favorite anime(s)!



OH MAN WHERE DO I START?! UUUUHHHH lots of magical girl anime, actually - but I like the ones that get a little crazy!! Can’t be too boring, you know??

Hmmm…I dunno if I could name one specifically but those tend to be the ones I like the most!! Maybe Madoka Magica?? Maybe~


*Zig seems to continue an endless list of both familiar and unfamiliar shows*