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On hiphop/rap in Korea:

So, I have been reading through some of these discussions on @khiphop-discussions [I tagged you bc this is way too long for an ask] and I feel like saying something about “idol rappers” and “non-idol rappers” and the conflicts between both. There are idols that have the rapping position (like idk, GOT7 Jackson) and there are rappers that just so happened to be idols (like BTS Rapmon and Suga). These rappers that are also idols are aware of the different circumstances that come with being an idol versus being an non-idol rapper; they separate those two titles and have one image for idol and another image for rapper (like Zico), so to say that these people are “selling themselves out” when becoming an idol seems a little too black-and-white to me. Like… rappers can’t be idols without being written off as sell-outs now? That’s maaad wack lol (and also, most idols make little to no money until they pay off their trainee debt after several years, which means they chose to be idols because they *NEWSFLASH* actually have a passion for performing).

The only reason why these idols go on these rap shows is because they had the liberty to and they wanted to, not because the company told them to do it for publicity or some sht like that, which means *NEWSFLASH* they actually want to grow in rap (like Mark Lee). But unfortunately, many underground rappers see a few idols screw up bad (like Vernon… lol… well I mean, he wasn’t an idol back then, but he and Carats both regret his decision to go on that show lmao believe who is a Carat) or see them dancing to pop music on stage, and generalize all idol rappers as incompetent. Some students on HSR literally said that they thought Mark wasn’t good because he was an idol. Like, they literally said that LOL. So the prejudice is still there, which is why some idols still feel the need to address that prejudice. I mean, OF COURSE idol rappers have more fans because kpop is still more popular than khiphop, so big broadcasting companies lime mnet or judges on shows WILL take that into account and try to use it to their advantage (you really can’t escape the business aspect to this). 

I read somewhere on the khiphop page about the kpop side not accepting hip hop artists. There is a very obvious reason for that. Pop and hip hop are two very different genres, and the Korean public almost ALWAYS sides with light pop or nice ballads. It’s the international fan base that has been down for incorporating rap/hip hop into kpop, and to be honest, that is the only reason why it has become such a trend in Korea, because of the growing international fanbase. I mean, I personally still listen to American rappers (like Kendrick and Chance and Noname) a bit more because the content is a bit different and more of what I am looking for. But yeah, that’s the reason why these two fields are kind of merging. I’m not trying to say one specific side is wrong here. All I am saying is that this who issue is not that black-and-white as it may seem, and that no one should be super salty about this because in my min, everyone works equally as hard in their craft, whether it be just rap or a bunch of art mediums. That is all

You can’t rap but you love watching people rap and trying to rap anyway (BLOCK B)

Zico: -he thought it was cute to hear you rapping, well kinda just awkwardly talking to his music- you’re so adorable babe”

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Jaehyo: -you usually did it obnoxiously and he still couldn’t believe how bad it was. So he joked to you about it- “my gosh you have no future within the industry” 

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P.O: -he thought it was really cute when you only did his parts in songs even if you couldn’t rap- “you keep this up it makes my day”

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B-Bomb: -he never told you to stop even if it was really bad and all that- “keep it up babe. You’re doing so good”

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Taeil: -he liked how absorbed you got into Show Me The Money when you watched. You were in love with the talent you didn’t have- “I see you’re watching you favorite show again”

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U-Kwon: -he still thought it was very cute after how bad of a skill it was for you how in love you were with rapping- “I think if you work hard enough you could make it in a group”

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Kyung: -he kinda walked around the topic telling you that you should try other ways to enjoy the music- “you should try singing it might be easier for you that rapping”

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I'm just getting into blockb (omg bastarz!) & I'm trying to figure out their individual l personalities & was wondering if you could tell me some things about them? I've started watching shows but can't figure what they are truly like.Tysm in advance

Omg hi! Welcome to the fandom, new BBC friend! <3 Block B is the type of group that will always surprise you, especially if you think there is nothing left for them to do. lol I’m sure you’re gonna love them, each second more and more! :3

So, I’m gonna tell you what I  think about them, what I’ve seen and learned from them since I’ve became a bbc, a few years ago. I apologise for my English in advance.

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Andrew’s Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2016

Hello all, and welcome to my second annual Top 10 Kpop Songs list! This is a series I decided to start exactly one year ago where, on New Years Day, I go through the kpop releases of the previous year and compile my 10 favorite, which I then list in order with a short write-up. In the first edition of this series, I believe a record-breaking three (3) people read my list, so I’ve decided to post it at a more reasonable hour, hoping for a few more readers this year. As with last year, I have limited myself to only songs with music videos (which are linked in the title of the song), and we begin with number 10…

10. Pledis Girlz - We

Let me tell you, folks, there was quite a fight for the 10th spot on my list (you can see my considerations when I list the honorable mentions at the bottom of this post), but a number of factors led to Pledis Girlz taking this spot. First and foremost of those factors is that this song is self-produced, which is not something you can often say about groups at all, much less pre-debut groups. What impresses me most about this song is how they managed to take a fairly run-of-the-mill concept and turn it into something catchy, engaging, pleasant on the ears, and memorable. It was the only song of this style (innocent concept, whatever you might call it) considered for my list, because the quality of it and the interest level are just head and shoulders above that of other groups with a similar concept. I haven’t stopped listening to or thinking about this song since it was released, and frankly it just makes me happy to listen to, and that is why it comes in at number ten on my list.

9. LABOUM - Shooting Love

I would be remiss not to include this absolutely masterpiece in my Top 10. LABOUM’s Shooting Love is everything good and fun about Kpop, all wrapped up in one song. Little bit of cute; little bit of sexy; incredibly fun choreography; unexpected but somehow perfect rap break; unbelievably catchy (PYONG!~ PYONG!~); fantastic vocals. This is the song that solidified my love for LABOUM (after a bit of shakiness with Sugar Sugar last year), and so it has earned a spot at number nine.

8. Cosmic Girls (WJSN) - Secret

There’s nothing I love more than the sound of a group coming into its own. To my sensibilities, that is exactly what WJSN did with Secret. Their debut with Mo Mo Mo felt a little uninspired and didn’t quite match any of what I had expected with their name and their teasers. It felt a bit generic and safe. Secret, however, delivered on every aspect I felt was lacking in this group. They gave me a visual and aural journey through a fantasy land, with sounds and imagery that just felt downright, well, cosmic. While WJSN did not really lack in quality vocalists at debut, the addition of Yeonjung to the group made them come together; she was the glue that made it all work, allowing everyone else to slide into their roles, musically, and forming an altogether great experience.

7. SEVENTEEN - Pretty U

We have our first boy group appearance! I’ll be honest, this song made a terrible first impression on me. The audio on both versions of the MV is more than a little off, and it felt flat and impactless. However, all it took was one live performance and I was in love. SEVENTEEN has released nothing but quality jams since their debut, and I love them all, but this is far and away my favorite. This is another song that is simply fun: it’s upbeat, catchy, has choreography that I’m still not over, and amazing vocals. The rap breaks are incorporated beautifully (especially at the end), and despite having 13 members, no member feels like they don’t fit. It’s just a wonderful job all around, but it comes in a bit higher than the other songs on this list because it is self-produced and self-choreographed. Judging by the representatives on this list, self-production is the trend at Pledis Entertainment, and I’ll be more than happy if they continue that with both SEVENTEEN and Pledis Girlz.

6. Dalshabet - Someone like U

Easily the longest-lasting song in my Top 10, Dalshabet’s Someone like U was released on January 4th, 2016, and comes in at number six. When you heard “Come over here… Dalshabet… Brave Sound drop it” you just knew this song was gonna be a jam, and when that beat kicked in, we were all in for a real treat. Dalshabet were seemingly in dire straits, having just lost more members and leaving them as only a four member outfit. However, they came back with a vengeance, starting 2016 out with the top 80′s-inspired jam of the year, surprising everyone with an undeniable groove, great choreography, and a fierce rap verse from the lead vocalist. This song will be on my playlists for years to come, and it would be my top underappreciated jam of the year, if it weren’t for…

5. Brave Girls - Deepened

The Kpop world had not previously seen anything like Brave Girls’ Deepened, and unfortunately, it isn’t likely to see it again, considering its complete lack of commercial success and the group’s near-immediate change to a more public-friendly concept. Brave Girls, formerly a five member group active between 2011-13 (and honestly on the brink of mainstream popularity at the time), went on a three year hiatus that saw the departure of all but two original members. In 2016, five new members were added to form a new unit, and they released Deepened. Frankly, pile all of the superlatives on this song, because I find no fault with it. The main vocalist has a powerful and unique voice, the choreography is powerful, and the rap is powerful and honestly far above most girl group raps in recent memory in flow, tone, delivery, you name it. This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting, darker style that Kpop lacks, and it filled an area of my listening repertoire that had been begging for attention for a long time. Deepened begins the top half of my list, coming in at number five.

4. MAMAMOO - Décalcomanie

“MAMAMOO is coming back for you” DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE! In my opinion, this is MAMAMOO’s best release since Piano Man. I’ve always liked this more mature sound from them, and I was ecstatic to see them return to it. In fact, this is my favorite song of theirs. Yes, I do love all of their other releases, no doubt, but this one was special. Every part of this song is perfect, and it comes together in glorious fashion. Particular standouts to me are Hwasa’s vocals (which I think are better in this song than they’ve ever been) and Moonbyul for real playing the low part of harmonies noticeably. I talked earlier about loving when a group comes into their own, but MAMAMOO came into their own long ago: this is a group hitting its stride and moving full-steam ahead.

3. I.O.I - Whatta Man

Did you ever expect a Kpop group to sample Salt ‘N’ Pepa or Linda Lyndell? Didn’t think so. Neither did anybody else, but then it happened. I had a lot of questions about this unit of IOI, because all of the main vocals of the group were missing. I thought, well, what kind of song can they do with just rappers, dancers, and some decent vocals? They punched my skepticism right in the mouth the second the beat of this song dropped. This is my favorite concept of the year from any group. Everything about this song is hard-hitting, from the outfits, to the choreography, to the beat (even the switch to reggae for that one section), to the rap verses, to those high notes in the chorus that Pinky was absolutely nailing… everything! It only feels right to include IOI in my Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2016, since they’re only a year-long project group, but they absolutely earned a spot in the top three with Whatta Man.

2. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire

YG’s long-awaited new girl group finally debuted in 2016, and they arrived with a bang… or should I say a BOOM(bayah)? I’m sorry. Despite being rookies with four total songs to their name, they released a track that fiercely competed to by my song of the year. I loved all their releases, and while comparisons to 2NE1 were inevitable, this track is really the one that made me stop paying attention to those comparisons. Playing With Fire, to me, was BLACKPINK showing off a style and sound all their own. Each member showed off their distinct charms and abilities to perfection in this song, and it came together to form a whole product that is undeniably brilliant. These power rookies knew the quickest path to my heart, and they took advantage of that to the tune of spot number two on my list.

1. Block B - Toy

The group I had come to know and love as that group that alternated between hard and fun and put on great stages regardless showed me and new side of themselves with this release, and I loved it to an extent I didn’t know I could. I did not know Block B could pull off a mature song in this way, but they did it flawlessly. This song came out in April, and eight months later I cease to be amazed at the perfect composition of this song. I have to give Zico so much credit for this, as the song is composed and produced by him: this is the perfect example of selfless composing. There are groups where the members that composes the music shows him/herself off the most and doesn’t quite balance everything out properly, but not so with Zico. Line distribution in this song is amazing; everybody gets their time to shine and show off their talents, and Zico even wrote in a dual rap verse instead of just giving himself the whole verse. You can tell Zico knows precisely all of the strengths of his members, and he composed this song with them all in mind. Every member shone individually, but this song shines the brightest as a whole composition: it comes together with absolute perfection. All of this is why Block B’s Toy is my Song of the Year for 2016.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end! If you’ve made it this far, truly, I thank you and love you. I was very proud of this when I did my first Top 10 Kpop Songs list last year at this time, and I am no less proud of it now. I put a lot of thought into this post, and it means so much to me that you’ve read it this far. I hope to continue this tradition next year, as well, and hey, maybe I’ll even write up a couple more Top 10 style posts throughout the year instead of having it be an once-a-year deal. As I finish this up, it is still January 1st, so I wish you all a Happy New Year, and here’s to another great year of Kpop!

Honorable Mentions

Ladies’ Code - The Rain, BtoB - I’ll Be Your Man, Sam Kim - No Sense (ft. Crush), WINNER - Baby Baby, GFriend - Rough, Red Velvet - Russian Roulette, Oh My Girl - Windy Day, Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely, VIXX - Dynamite

zico: *spends day and night working hard to create amazing music for us, for block b and for other artists; actually raps, composes, writes and produces way before his debut; is the one in charge of basically all block b’s songs; is not sleeping well - never does honestly; is a workaholic; is passionate about his work; his mixtapes are highly praised by the underground community; is doing thousands of things at the same time like being on SMTM, attending solo and group concerts/activities, traveling here and there, making collabs with other amazing artists; is producing like he always wanted and dreamed; is finally recognized as zico and not being compared to any other artist; although his rising popularity as an artist, he’ll never neglect his role as a block b member; is rapping his heart out; is following his dreams because he’s amazing and because he worked so, so hard to exhaustion be here that he finally made it - and he deserves it*

some random bitch @ everything he does: oh why is zico here again he’s just throwing his rap everywhere I’d replace him for other rapper bc he’s a mess

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Let me just take a moment – once again – to appreciate Rap Monster’s growth as an artist in this industry.

Some of ya’ll probably haven’t seen that interview seen in this footage yet. I’m not too keen on showing you guys cause it made me so furious for days after watching it.  Seeing it again made all that anger creep back in too. But for retrospecting, if you want to, go ahead and watch that interview here. (Fair warning to those who haven’t seen it… it will make you grit your teeth)

As I’ve probably mentioned in one out of my countless posts about RM, this is something I greatly admire of him. He now has grown out of “I hate being idol”, “Don’t judge me, there’s more to it than what you think” mindset, to “I love what I do, who I am, regardless of labels and how people see me as… I’m gonna keep doing what I do.”

Having seen that maturity in him made me feel so proud. And this segment just proves who are the ones still caught up or not over this ridiculous what-should-be “hiphop” and what-should-be-not. Namjoon probably gave the wisest answer to this long controversial topic against him and other idol rappers. None of this matters to him anymore, as long as he’s doing what he loves to do. And that makes him a much bigger person than he was way back then.

I’m just really happy to witness this change of mindset in him. Sure, he isn’t perfect. He’s made a lot of mistakes and blunders in the past, and I’m sure he’s still gonna make a lot of mistakes that’s likely to be problematic however, you can’t deny how he grew and matured a lot ever since, and I’m proud to see it all.