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My first story ??

Just a little something I wrote while listening to some music- feedback is appreciated! Brother!mino and readerxZico angst because i’m a sadistic bitch :)

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7:30 A.M

*RING RING RING* My alarm clock alerted me that is was indeed time to get up and begin my morning routine of getting ready for what I like to call Hell and what others may call school. I rolled out of my bed to go wake up my older brother Mino, he’s only ten minutes older than me but he LOVES to insist that that is enough time to be considered my “older brother”. I’ve learned to just agree with him because arguing with him is like arguing with a two year old… you’re not gonna win so just drop it.

I shuffled out of my room and walked down the long hall to get to Mino’s room to wake him up, once I got to his door I went to reach out to open his door but two hands pinched my shoulders and made me flinch before I could touch the door knob.

“How many times have I told you, you aren’t allowed to go in my room?! I don’t want you stealing my things!” Mino continued to poke at my sides and tickle me until I managed to escape his grasp.

“Why would I want anything of yours? Everything in your room probably stinks!” I rebutted smirking, but quickly running away to the safety of my room before Mino could attack me again laughing the whole way!

8:15 A.M

           After I finished getting ready I quickly made my way downstairs to go eat breakfast with my Mom, Dad, and Mino. All three were sitting down already and my Mom and Dad seemed to be in the middle of eating while Mino just sat at the table fiddling with phone, I figured he was paying another one of those dumb games that seems to only hold his attention for a couple of days before he’s on to the next big game.

           “Morning honey!” My parents seemed to say in unison and my mother pointed to the plate of food next to her and told me to eat up, which I gladly did. My parents just sat there staring at me making me feel extremely awkward so I tried to break up the silence.

           “Are you not gonna eat?” I asked Mino as I took a sip of my orange juice.

           “What are you talking about? You see me eating honey…” My dad looked at me quizzically as he pointed to his plate with his fork. Mino who was sitting to the left of our dad quickly looked over and told me he finished already before I could correct my dad so I just nodded my head and looked at my phone and saw it was time to head out so I quickly finished my bacon and kissed my parents good bye and ran out the house with Mino slowly trailing behind me looking back at our parents before picking up his pace.

           “Is she okay?” I heard my dad whisper to my mom just as I closed the front door.

Maybe it’s just because I was a lot quieter than I normally am… I thought just as Mino linked his arm with mine as we continued to walk to school.

           “You aight? What’s up” Mino looked over at me and tilted his head slightly.

           “Yea I’m fine… Mom and Dad seemed kinda weird this morning right?” I asked Mino as I tightened my grip around his arm slightly as the wind continued to swirl around us.

           “Yea! They pretty much ignored me all this morning, but I heard dad say that he has a meeting with his boss later on today and he thinks he’s being let go. He told Mom not to tell you.”

           “WHAT?” I stopped in my tracks as Mino stopped walking and turned to face me, “Where was I when he said that? And why would he tell you and not me?”

           “It was when you were blow drying your hair, and he didn’t exactly tell me I just over heard him and mom talking. They were in the kitchen and I was in the dining room. They must’ve not realized I was there or something.” He told me as he ushered me further down the street so we wouldn’t be late for school. That was just like Mino ever since we were kids everyone said I was the crazy and loud twin who did whatever she wanted, whereas Mino was the calculating and sensible twin. If we were ever in trouble you could also count on it being because of me but you could also count on Mino to get us out of it. In the whole sixteen years we’d been alive Mino was the one person I knew I could trust and vice versa, well him and our best friend Jiho. We continued to walk and by the time we reached the school gates it was 8:40.

10:30 A.M

           “Hey cutie!” was the first thing I heard as I walked into my second period class and I immediately turned into a blushing mess. Leave it to Jiho to embarrass me the second he sees me. I barely had time to finish my thoughts before I was bum rushed and pulled into a bear hug by Cam. “I missed you! You’ve been gone for too long” My face flushed as he swung me from side to side while still embracing me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like Jiho, I mean I’ve had a crush on him since seventh grade when we all became friends. And here we are now half way through our sophomore year.

           “You saw me Saturday night Jiho! Our movie night remember?” I managed to pull him off of me but that took a lot more effort than most would think, it was like trying pull glue off your skin.

He looked confused and went to open his mouth to say something but our teacher walked in and told the class to quiet down. During class though he seemed off, he kept glancing at me and every time I looked at him he would either look away or would pull a funny face.

11:45 A.M

Second period had just ended and before I could go off to lunch to go see Mino, Jiho quickly approached me.

           “Hey can we talk real quick?” He grabbed my arm lightly and pulled away from the sudden rush of kids getting out of their classes.

           “Yea what’s up?” I asked as I crossed my arms and stared at him. He was acting weird again, he wouldn’t meet my eyes and was fiddling with his fingers and shifting his weight from foot to foot. “Hey if you don-“

           “I like you… I know the timing is kinda weird but I like you a lot and I was wondering if you would go on a date with me?” He spewed his words out and my eyes seemed to almost pop out of my head.

           “Uhh… ummm…” I looked everywhere but at him, he question caught me off guard, Lord knows I wanted to say yes but my thoughts suddenly became jumbled.

           “Here how about this you can answer me after lunch. I’ll see you then!” He quickly kissed my cheek and ran off.

12:00 P.M

I found myself poking my food as Mino and I sat at our own table. One of our only friends was Jiho and as of late everyone seemed to ignore us but it really didn’t bother us.

           “Where’s Ji?” Mino asked as he looked around the cafeteria, a lot of people were looking at our table but that didn’t surprise me. Mino was a handsome guy so he had his fair share of admirers and being his sister I was quite used to having people stare at us.

           “He said he had to meet with his algebra teacher to go over some things for his test or whatever.” Mino looked over at me and stared me down but before he could ask me what was wrong I blurted out, “He asked me out on a date!” Mino’s eyed closed for a second.


           “What do you mean no?” I put my fork down getting ready to argue.

           “I love him, you know that. I’m his best friend… so I know how he is with girls, he has a new girlfriend every week. Remember how he told us last week he had a date with Seolhyun? He’s a player just please trust me.” Minos eyes seemed to plead with me and for some reason I knew it would be better to listen to him.

           “Okay… what do you mean he had a date with Seolhyun last week? I thought he couldn’t stand her.”

           “Yea that’s what I thought but last week when he told you he couldn’t come over to our house to study because he was hanging out with his cousins he was actually out with her.”

           “Seriously? That’s not cool… wait how do you know?” Mino smirked at me and leaned forward.

           “I know people who know people.” He giggled slightly and leaned back. I shook my head and finished eating my food. I concluded I was going to ignore Jiho until I could figure out a way to reject him nicely.

3:00 P.M

           I managed to avoid him all day which I was thankful for but my luck didn’t seem to last all that long.

           “Hey! Wait up!” I heard just as I closed my locker, I looked around hoping to find Mino so I could find an excuse to hurry and leave but before I could find him, Jiho had managed to grab my hand and drag me into an empty classroom. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you all day.” He stood in front of me waiting for an answer.

           “Sorry I’ve been busy.” I responded quietly while I focused my attention outside of the window. It started raining and for some reason my heart seemed to clench just looking at it.

           “It’s okay… but umm… do you have an answer?”

           “Jiho,” I turned back to him and slightly smiled as he looked at me confused, “I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to turn you down. I hope this doesn’t change our relationship, nothing will be weird between me, you, and Mino.” Once I finished saying all I had to say his eyebrows furrowed.

           “Mino?? What are you talking about, what does this have to do with him-why cant you just let it go?!” He yelled as he stepped closer to me.

           “Don’t yell at me! Mino told me that you went on a date with seolhyun last week, you’re a player! He doesn’t want me to go on a date with you!” This seemed to shock Jiho for a second.

           “MINO ISN’T HERE” He grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

           “Let me go!” I slapped his hands off me, “I don’t have time for this, and you didn’t even deny going on a date with her, Mino was right. Speaking of MINO he’s waiting for me so we can head home!”

“I’m so so sorry…” I turned on my heel quickly but still slow enough to see a pained look on Jiho’s face before I walked out of the classroom.

           “I heard you guys yelling is everything okay??” Mino asked as he tightened his backpack straps.

           “Yea he was mad I turned him down, but it’s whatever honestly if he’s gonna get this mad then it’s a good thing I didn’t go on a date with him.” We continued to walk home in silence all the while something about his words bothered me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it though.

7:30 P.M

           Once Mino and I had gotten home we both sat in our rooms respectively to work on our homework, our parents didn’t get home until about 5:30 and then my Dad would sit on the couch and watch the news and our mom would cook dinner if she was in the mood. Today was slightly different. Both our parents came home later than normal and they brought take out.

           “Hey I brought some burgers home, they’re at the table come eat.” My Dad stuck his head in my room, and I just nodded telling him I would be down soon and he gave me the same look as that morning before he left. It was unsettling but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. When I made my way down stairs I saw my parents eating and Mino was sitting down next to my Dad again… And he wasn’t eating, again.

           “So, are you trying to starve yourself or something?” I asked taking a bite of my fry. Mino just giggled and shook his head as he got up and excused himself to the bathroom. I looked over at them and they had confusion written all over their face. “Oh, I was just asking Mino if he’s starving himself, he hasn’t eaten all day.” The moment those words slipped out my mouth my mom let out a pained gasp and my dad’s eyes seemed to double in size.

           “What. Did. You. Just. Say?” My dad asked slowly.

           “Mino hasn’t eaten all day?? You guys should know that he didn’t eat breakfast this morning and he isn’t eating now. Come to think of it he didn’t eat lunch either.” My mom’s eyes glazed over as she looked at me, she seemed to pity me and my dad just stared at me. “What, what’s going on? Why are you guys looking at me like that?” My eyes were shaking looking between both of them. My mother looked over at my father and he spoke softly, “Honey, Mino-” he held back a sob, “Your brother’s gone… he passed away about a month ago… do you really not remember?” I immediately jumped up from my chair and backed away.

           “Wha- what are you guys talking about… THIS ISN’T FUNNY!” My dad stood up and reached out for me but I just backed away.

           “You guys went cliff jumping with Jiho and… your brother got stuck under water… You pulled him out but it was- do you really not remember?” My dad asked again, my mind swirled as flashes of the day came back to my memory.

           “The doctor said this might happen… He said the trauma would affect her in different ways, for the past two weeks remember how she wouldn’t talk… I was wondering why she seemed different today.” My mom whispered to my father while silently sobbing.

           “No… No he’s not dead. He was at the breakfast table this morning he even told me Dad was afraid his boss was gonna let him go.” At this revelation my father’s eyes widened once again.

           “Honey, I told your mother that the day you guys went cliff diving… I got a promotion that day. Your brother must’ve told you on the car ride there.” Once again the pained expression that showed on my parents face couldn’t even rival the one that was on mine. I turned and ran up the stairs and slammed the door behind me.

8:25 P.M

           The knocks on the door were persistent for about half an hour until they eventually died down. I quietly laid in my bed the events of the day becoming clearer.

“Alright! Mino now you gotta go!!” I shouted from the water below as I looked up at Mino and Jiho.

           “Okay! Watch out!” He took a step backwards and barreled off the cliff doing a fancy flip. Jiho and I both clapped as he fell into the water. We waited for him to surface but after about a minute he still was nowhere to be seen, panic set in me as I rushed underwater to find him. His foot stuck in a patch of algae. We called 9-11 but by the time they got there he was gone. He had asthma and apparently he had an attack while he was trying to get his foot out. When I heard the news I passed out from shock, I was out for a week and the two weeks following I didn’t talk and barely ate.

           I was pulled away from my thoughts as I felt the bed dip behind me. Small droplets of water hitting my leg.

           “You okay?” Mino’s deep voice hit my ears.

           “You’re really gone aren’t you?” I turned to look him in the face. He was wearing the clothes he wore to school today but was soaked from head to toe and the algae that ultimately took his life was wrapped around his left foot, I winced.

           “No… I’ll always be here you just won’t be able to see me, you’re my baby sister I have to look out for you.” He pulled me into a tight hug as my uncontrollable sobs shook my whole body. “You’ll see me again but make sure to take care of yourself and don’t shut mom and dad out.”

           “Don’t leave me please! I- I miss you…” I pulled away as he looked at me and smiled slightly.

           “I know but we’re twins remember… We’re basically the same person. You gotta sleep…” I nodded and laid down as he tucked me in. “This is goodbye for now, Okay? Sleep tight, I love you.” I just hummed as I felt sleep take over me.

*Im sorry for how bad this is*

Careful With Words(Zico x girl x Taewoon x Namjoon x Yoongi)

 Sigh my friends make me question life.. Why do I even let them give me scenarios… Idk how this will turn out guys but I tried XDDD this is for you Ti



Zico pushed the girl into the room locking the door as him, his brother, Namjoon, and Yoongi stared at her. He liked the fact that her eyes were wide with worry and fear. She backed against the wall and Zico licked his lips wanting her first. 

“So.” He said looking around at everyone before looking back at the girl in front of her.. “Who wants to go first?” When no one answered Taewoon pushed him first to her and he nodded licking his lips. He walked first as she walked back against the wall being trapped. 

Lynette stared with wide eyes as Zico and Taewoon slowly made their way to her. 

“Be careful what you say with words.” Zico said with a smirk choking her softly when he finally got in front of her staring at the panting girl under him. 

“Very careful..” His brother mumbled as Zico leaned in and kissed her.

Lynette whined as she felt Zico’s plump lips against her own and felt hands start to grope her breast and ass. Zico hummed pulling the girl from the wall letting his brother get behind her and he broke the kiss watching his brother suck on her neck and grip at her hips before letting his hands travel all over her body. 

How did this happen to Lynette? It started with a stupid comment she made online. It was a blog she had and she had been asked a question about Zico, Namjoon, Yoongi and Taewoon. If she thought they were good lovers sexually. And she answered truthfully that she thought they were ok at what they did but not the bomb. But she didn’t think they would actually find out or she wouldn’t have said it. 

Zico smirked watching his brother work on the girl in front of him before he kissed her again happy when she responded much quicker to him this time. He slipped his tongue in her mouth sucking on her tongue as he raised a leg up to wrap around his waist. He grinded into her hips pressing his growing bulge against her pussy drawing moans from her. 

Lynette let Zico suck on her tongue as she wrapped arms around his neck kissing back feeling herself becoming wetter. She felt Taewoon starting to grind into her ass as he slipped his hands under her shirt palming her breast through her bra. She moved her hips against the two males that she was pushed between feeling her legs turn to jelly as Zico broke the kiss to let her breathe. 

Taewoon lifted her shirt up licking his lips as his eyes looked down at her plump ass. He let his fingers trail down her sides before he grabbed her ass cheeks groping her as Zico got on his knees. Taewoon smirked listening to her moan and he enjoyed the blush that was put on her body. 

He unclipped her bra throwing it somewhere where her shirt was as he pinched and pulled on her nipples going back to sucking on her neck. He loved the way her supple breast felt in his hands. And he felt himself grow harder at the noises she was making. 

Lynette watched as Zico slowly pulled her pants down while holding her eye contact. She wanted to look away but she didn’t she watched him as he next took off her shoes and then took off her panties slowly setting them on the floor as he spread her legs wide. He kissed up her thighs slowly marking the skin there taking is time on purpose of course. He finally reached her pussy before he pulled her hips down with him as he laid on his back. 

Lynette saw Taewoon come in front of her with nothing on stroking his erected length in her face and she had to admit it was a turn on to be in between the two brothers. She saw Namjoon and Suga out of the corner of her eye watching them and she smirked when she could see the evident bulges of both males. 

She grabbed Taewoon’s member licking the head slowly before she slid her tongue down the underside of his cock groaning at the slightly salty taste he had. She moaned sucking on the vein that was prominent against his skin before she decided to stop teasing him. Once she lowered her mouth on him she felt Zico’s tongue roll up into her pussy as he held her hips in place over his mouth. 

She started to bob her head slowly looking up at Taewoon and the male held her gaze grabbing roughly at her hair as he thrusted himself in and out of her wet warm cavern his jaw going slacked at how good she looked on her knees in front of him his brother buried between her legs eating her out slowly.

Zico himself was moaning against the girl as her juices dripped on his face and that made him swell up with pride at how wet she was. He moaned louder against her moving his head around her pussy curling her tongue pressing it against her walls at a fast pace. He felt her jump when his tongue landed against one spot and he continued to press his pink muscle against that special spot leaning a hand around to tap at her clit. 

Lynette moaned while she deepthroated Taewoon feeling her pussy squeeze around Zico’s tongue. His mouth was heaven and Lynette knew she was going to cum soon if he didn’t stop. She started to bob her head up and down his dick faster letting her hands come up to scratch softly at his ball sack as she rested the other on his thigh. When Taewoon through his head back she knew he was close. 

She felt him throbbing in her mouth hard and she bared her teeth a bit letting it graze over his skin as he shook. With a loud groan he moaned her name out cumming in her mouth. He released it all and she drank it up before he pulled away smirking as she braced hands on the floor under her shaking softly as she panted and grabbed at Zico’s hair as his tongue slid deeper. 

Lynette through her head back grinding her hips against his face crying out his name as she felt herself release on his tongue. She whimpered softly when he didn’t pull away at first driving her past her orgasm. And when he did she softly laid against the floor already spent. 

“Oh no baby girl you got four guys to get off. Look at my hyung he’s back hard already.” Zico said as he leaned over picking her up making her get on her hands and knees. He rutted his hips against her plump ass moaning in her ear. He pulled back getting up to strip himself of his clothes happy when he dick was finally freed. 

He got on the floor dragging Lynette over to him and she went. She stared at his length gulping as he grabbed her hips lining his tip up with her soaking pussy. Lynette felt herself become more turned on and she groaned softly as he teased her by rubbing his dick up and down her slit getting it wet with her juices. 

Zico slowly slid into her holding on tightly to her hips as he rolled his own up. She sighed as she braced hands on his chest letting her hips roll down to take him deeper. They started out a slow pace grinding against each other skin meeting skin at a comfortable place. Soon she felt Taewoon behind her and he poked her ass with his hard on. 

He pushed her forward a bit so he could slide into her asshole slowly. Lynette tightened around Zico as his brother entered her from the back. Taewoon swatted Zico’s hands away before he started to pound into her from behind making her slide deeper on Zico and it brought a cry of pleasure from her lips. 

Taewoon wasted no time taking it to a fast speed pressing his dick into her tight walls hitting every angle he could find as Zico snapped his hips up into her. Lynette laid her head back on Taewoon’s shoulder as she felt Zico grope her breast before he leaned up sucking on her perky nipples. 

Lynette felt so full and she opened her eyes weakly looking at the two males sitting on the couch watching her with lip bites and grunts of their own. She felt Zico pressing against her spot repeatedly and she shook her head breathless moans flying from her lips. 

“You like the way we fuck you don’t you, you dirty girl?” Taewoon asked in her ear and Zico smirked. 

“Are you going to tell everyone in your blog how you took both me and my hyung at the same time?” He questioned staring the girl down.

Taewoon was the first to cum digging his nails into her skin as he released inside of her for the second time that day as he slowly pulled out of her. Zico bounced the girl roughly on his lap grabbing her ass cheeks digging his nails into the skin throwing his head back. Lynette felt her orgasm hit her next as she laid her head on Zico’s chest as she released all over his dick. A few minutes later Zico filled her up with his cum holding her hips down as she buried himself inside of her. 

Zico pulled out of her kissing her sloppily before he rolled her on her back getting up. Lynette saw Namjoon coming over to her with nothing but his boxers on and Yoongi came with him but fully dressed. 

Lynette licked her lips as Namjoon slid between her legs rubbing his bulge against her bare pussy making her wet. Lynette rolled her hips up watching him shivering at the eye contact they made. She leaned in starting the kiss and he responded with a rougher kiss as he let his hands trail up and down her body. Namjoon groaned as he slipped his tongue in her mouth sliding his boxers down as he positioned his tip at her entrance.

He slowly pushed in side of the girl under him holding her hips down one hand as the other hand grabbed at her hair to where she could watch him entering in and out of her at a slow pace. Lynette bit her bottom lip watching as the male fucked her pussy seeing his dick glistening with her wetness and it turned her on so much more. 

She heard the rustling of a zipper and felt Yoongi placing her hand on his dick. Namjoon let her hair go as he grabbed both hips starting to grind his hips deep into her pussy tracing her walls. Lynette mewled in pleasure as she spit on Yoongi’s dick slowly stroking it with her hand making sure to grab it hard as she looked at him. He leaned down kissing her his lips much softer then the others as he bucked his hips in her hand. 

Lynette shut her eyes her body feeling hot with pleasure as she concentrating at flicking her wrist tugging harder on Yoongi’s length loving the moans he made against her lip. Namjoon was so deep inside of her it was hard for her to really moan any sounds. All of them were mostly breathless sounds. 

Yoongi softly slapped her hand away and she got the hint sliding her mouth around his tip before sliding it down on his dick letting him fuck her mouth. He grabbed her hair bucking his hips fast into her mouth a smug smirk on his lips as she choked a bit. 

“T-that’s right baby get my hyung off.” Namjoon said watching the scene in front of the girl fucking her harder a smirk pulling on his own features as he heard skin slamming against skin. 

“Your such a dirty slut taking call of us  you filthy girl. It looks like you’ve wanted it huh? That little blog giving you ideas?” Zico asked kneeling beside her sucking on her breast and she jumped when she felt a mouth on her clit. 

To much was happening to Lynette at once and she felt she would suffocate from pleasure. Zico sucking her breast, her mouth being fucked roughly by Yoongi and Taewoon was sucking and nibbling on her clit harshly as Namjoon snapped his hips hard up into her landing on her spot over and over. She felt her eyes roll back as another moan rippled through her body around Yoongi’s cock as she came for the third time that day. 

Namjoon groaned as he felt her cum slide down his dick and the way she arched her back and cried under him was enough to send him over the edge as he pounded harder into her riding out their orgasms. Yoongi was the last to cum making the girl choke more as he held her down on his dick at the base. Finally he released in her mouth before he pulled away. 

Lynette laid on the floor panting and trying to keep her eyes open. She felt lips against hers and when she did find the strength to open hers she saw them getting dressed as Zico made out with her. He pulled away with a smirk and fire in his eyes as he got dressed leaving the girl lying in a puddle of mess on her own front room floor. 

“Trust me.” Zico said watching her. “That’s not the only post that we know you’ve wrote about us. We’ll be in touch.” He said with a wink before the males slammed the door walking out with a laugh.


Summary: Being at the heart of a Mafia gang was scary, but when family gets involved, it’s a whole other level of terrifying…

Series 1

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

A/N: You asked for more…so here it is! BIGBANG MAFIA AU is back! With a whole lot more blood, danger, and sex for you to dig your fingers into! What will happen this time? Who knows! The only thing we do know is that the mafia will go to any lengths to protect you, and in some cases that means choosing between the two things they need the most…


Part 10 - FINALE

‘But the boys aren’t your real family, Ji-’

'They’re the only family I need- the only family I have.’

It was all too much.

You’d thought you’d known everything about him.

After all the times he’d scolded you for not speaking to Mark, for trying to push him away…

He killed his parents.

'You’re lying.’ you try weakly, shaking your head refusingly at Daesung, but he simply sat there with sorrow in his eyes, his gaze steady on yours as he shook his head back at you.

'Its true, Y/N.’

The whispered voice of Youngbae has your heart breaking even more than it already had as you sit there, trying to refuse a truth that was beginning to plant itself firmly in your mind. You could feel Seungri’s grip still secure on you, but the only thought in your mind was that you needed to escape- you needed to find Jiyong and know if it really was true.

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