its funny how people assume zico and seolhyun broke up because they didn’t like each other anymore. its more likely that they broke up cus their relationship went public and people started bitching and bothering tf out of them and just being really fucking rude to them in general. and if that is the case well done. you made someone really important to you feel like shit.

y’all need to stop making a big deal about Zico and Seolhyun’s break up like half of you guys, when it was first revealed they were dating, said ‘they’re humans too’ ‘they have feelings’ and what not so if that’s the case stop putting it on blast and let them have A NORMAL BREAK UP. The ones who said/ say ‘they’re normal people too’ are the ones that are like ‘OMG THIS IS ALL THE FANS FAULT’ ‘ARE YOU GUYS HAPPY NOW???’  Um… please take a moment and realize that yes although there were fans that disliked the couple a majority of people and fans were really happy for them and congratulated them. Like Block B fans were happy for him that he had someone there for him since he’s always working.  So maybe…just maybe call me crrazy but its a logical thought since they were going out for like 6 months things changed, feelings changed its normal for couples to break up around this time. 

I’m not saying that the pressure from media and what not wouldn’t have affected their relationship it’s just illogical to think that the break up was a 100% the fans fault…like..no. Also it’s Zico and Seolhyun, I’m pretty sure that, one, he wouldn’t let a few haters get in the way of the relationship I mean look at what he’s had to deal with in the past with Block B and that whole situation and the same goes for Seolhyun like she’s a grown woman I’m sure shes capable of knowing her feelings for someone and making a decision on it.

So stop hating and putting the blame on the fans and just let them have a ‘normal’ breakup well as close to normal as they can get don’t feel sorry for anyone, don’t blame anyone just get over it. Breakups happen.


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