zico's a freaking bad a rapper

Zico is the freaking idol king of rapping. He’s pretty much the number one idol rapper. He knows what rap is; he’s done this shit for years.

So I find it funny how all these people can say that CL is a bad rapper when Zico even acknowledged her skills, saying he wanted to work with her twice. Let’s not forget the many other rappers that acknowledged her (underground and otherwise).

You can say that her rapping isn’t to your style, but don’t go denying that the girl has talent. 

And don’t start with that whole all she does is scream argument. That’s her way of hyping the crowd, not her rapping. You wanna hear her rap then listen to these:




and I didn’t call her the best so don’t fucking start with the Miryo and Tasha are better bs. They may be better, but she’s a pretty close second. and it isn’t your choice who’s the best; that is a matter of opinion. it all comes down to what style and voice you like

And she’s written like three songs (plus her rap parts in them) for Crush and her raps in What and The Leaders, plus other raps and songs that she wrote that haven’t been released, so you can stop using that shit against her too.

I just needed to get that off my chest lol.

P.S.- Tasha acknowledged her too so yeah you can stick that in your juice box.