zico quote

“I have a similar experience. Zico and I are childhood friends, but gradually, as the difference in our income increased, Zico started buying me luxury brands with an asking price of 1 million KRW (~ 907 USD) as presents.  Still, we’re friends, aren’t we?  So in order to buy Zico his birthday presents, I prepare for a year.  I save 100,000 KRW (~ 91 USD) a month. I really don’t have any individual talent…but I can shake my shoulders faster than anyone in South Korea.” - Kyung, Block B

Your own personal achievements doesn’t necessarily represent the group. The moment when you think that you’re the only one that needs to so well, you’re already finished.

You need to gather their hearts and work together.

The moment when you think that you’re the only one that needs to do well, then you’re just alone.

I think that as long as you grasp thw concept, you’ll be fine.

—  Block B ZICO on being a LEADER.

MC: When you heard that Kisum would be here today, we hear that you felt like it was fate.

Park Kyung: Zico had appeared on ’Unpretty Rapstar’ before as a judge. After filming ended, he told me, ‘I found a female rapper who’s your style.’ That was Kisum. I always liked small and cute girls.

Kisum: When I hear Block B, I think of Zico.

Park Kyung: Because we planned a song for today’s 'Radio Star,’ we exchanged numbers. I contacted her, but she called me 'oppa’ from the very beginning, so I thought she had interest in me.

Kisum: Then what would I call you?

Park Kyung: Isn’t it weird if she calls me 'oppa’ right away?

Kisum: I called you that because you’re the same age as my actual oppa.