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Every time my bias takes off his shirt or shows to much skin 0.0

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“...You’re Such A Cutie.”

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You and Zico, inseparable. The both of you just couldn’t live without each other. You were his second half, and he was your second half. You’ve known Jiho since, well birth! Your mother and his mother were great friends, they went to the same school. You two were only a couple of months apart. He was only a few months older than you. (A/N: If he’s not, sorry!) And of course he loved to hold that over your head to make you call him Oppa. You weren’t the girl to call any man, “Oppa.” And he knew that. He just loved to tease you. You thought nothing of it. After all, he was like the brother you always wanted anyways. You didn’t mind the teasing. Except for when it came to your dating choices.

Jiho hated every man besides your father that you ever touched! He didn’t care if they were your cousin or not. He hated them. Hated every boyfriend you ever had. He even hated that he wasn’t your first kiss nor was he your first time. Jiho loved you with a passion. He’s dated other women to get over you, but they weren’t you! There was just something about you he never ever saw in other girls. He didn’t even wanna look for another girl. He just wanted you.

The public compared your group to his. And you of course were the female version of Zico. Before people even knew your damn name, they knew you were the female version of the beloved underground turned idol rapper. You didn’t mind the comparison, nor did you mind your ship. Yes, the world shipped the two of you together more than they shipped peanut butter and jelly. (A/N: What in carnation) But today he was having an interview. You of course were going to be in the small audience watching him, just like you did every event that you could go to of his. You sat in the back row with sun glasses, a hat, and a face mask to hide your identity. You were there alone. He knew you were coming, so he was the one who suggested the back row to make sure no one saw you. The mature adults sat in the back while the youngest fan boys and girls sat in front. Most of them were trying to be quiet. The ones that weren’t, were told to be quiet or they would have to leave. So of course they shut up. They just wanted to see their Zico Oppa in person. 

The interview was pretty much just like his other interviews. Progress, Emotions, Ideal Type, you know the basics. But then the MC wanted to take it up a notch and bring out the truth. “Zico, you and best friends with fellow idol rapper, Y/N. Is that correct?” The MC asked. “Of course. I grew up with her. We’re like brother and sister.” He said shifting a little in his seat. “You look like you’re hiding something. Do you want to tell us the truth about your friendship with Y/N?” He looked toward the back row to see if you were really watching, then faced toward the camera. “You’re right. There is more to my friendship with Y/N. I, Woo Jiho, am in love with Y/N.” The room was fully of gasps. You even gasped through the mask covering your mouth. You quickly stood up and rushed out of the back doors. He saw you run out. “Y/N!” He shouted running after you. Running straight through the crowd. Finally he caught up to you once you were outside in the open parking lot. Luckily there was no one there. He grabbed your wrist and forced you to look at him. 

“Yah! Why did you run?” “You did you lie about loving me?!” You shouted back at him. “Lie? You thought I was lying?” He asked. “We all do something to get more attention. What? Did your label tell you to say that?” “No! No! You’re taking this to wrong way. Y/N, I really do love you.” You didn’t believe him. Many men have said they loved you but in the end you were the one heartbroken. You turned away from him and hit yourself three times. “Why am I so stupid?!” You asked yourself aloud. You covered your eyes with both hands to hide the tears that were forming. “Why do you think you’re stupid? Is it because I love you? Or is there something you’re not telling me?” He asked putting a hand on your shoulder. You took a deep breath and wiped away the tears. You turned around and stared him in the eyes. “Do you really love me?” You asked sincerely. “Yes! How many times do I have to say it?!” 

You pulled him into a hug. It was warm. You loved this new feeling. You couldn’t describe how happy it made you. “I love you too, Jiho.” You admitted. He chuckled. “I knew it.” You could feel the vibrations from his chest. “You know people are gonna believe we’re dating now, right?” You questioned. “Yeah, I know. At least I can say you’re my girl.” You snuggled your head deeper into his chest. “You’re such a cutie.” You commented. “I know, jagi. I know.” 

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#REACTION: Block B ~ When He Finds Out He Wasn’t Your Bias

Zico: *Bullies the member who was your bias*

P.O: Every time the member who was your bias came into the same room as you, “Get out.”

U-Kwon: “Which member did you say was your bias again?”

Taeil: *Gets teased by member*

*Grabs member by collar and whispers*

“I will kill you.”

Park: “Okay then, well I hope you two are happy together.”

*Dramatic boy leaves you and x-bias alone*

“Park!” you exclaim.

“He’s just messing with you.” x-bias says.

You sigh and go after the child.

Jaehyo: “It makes no sense that he was your bias.”


B-Bomb: “That’s right go ahead and laugh, but next time this wont be fake.”

~Admin Gin

I feel like a proud mother.

Block b has worked so hard and Its literally the best thing ever  is to see them get the recognition they deserve.

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The look on their faces and the excitement they have literally makes me so happy

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I’m just so proud and Happy for them. I wish but nothing but the best for my 7 dorks

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“.....Not A Rapper!”

Requested by an anon. Here’s to you sweetheart!

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Your group and his group? When your group’s manager told you that your group and his group were going to be on the same show you were okay with it. Now your group, a whole different story. They were fangirling and running around your company’s building screaming. “Saranghae Zico oppa!” You hated that you were the only one who was chill about the who situation. You’ve met Jiho many times before. It’s kinda of hard not to when your boyfriend and him are best friends. You see him so much it’s hard to get away from him. You and Jiho have a love hate relationship. You love him because he makes your boyfriend happy but you also hate him because he makes him too happy. Sometimes you feel like your relationship doesn’t exist and Hyuk is actually dating Jiho, but that’s just a theory. 

But your group was backstage going over written lines the company wrote to make your group a certain way. You ignored that they gave you lines and decided to speak from the heart. Your group’s fans and Block B’s fans have been pairing you guys up. They have 7 members, you guys have 7 members. You both have the same number of rappers, vocalists, and dancers. Everyone was paired with someone. And you had to be paired with Jiho. People would even call you the female version of Jiho, honestly you were offended. You didn’t like being called the female version of any man. You wanted to be yourself. You were a jack of all trades. You could rap, sing, dance, and your visuals were amazing. 

You took a deep breath and let it out. That’s when your phone rang. It was was your one and only love. You excused yourself and walked into a different room to pick up the phone. “Hello?” “Hey babe. How is it going?” “Actually good. I’m group hasn’t fangirled in hours so I think we’ll be good. You’ll be watching Happy Together right?” You asked. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I want to watch my girl and her group on a show. Give me a shout out. Tell people to buy my album.” He joked. “As if. Promote your own album. My company would kill me if I did that. I gotta go. See you later. I love you.” “I love you too bye.” He said before hanging up. You walked back into the room getting ready with your group. 

Finally it was time. You guys made your way to the set and you looked at Zico who was looking at you smiling. He gave you a thumbs up. You rolled your eyes. “Yah! Respect your oppa!” He shouted to you. “You aren’t my oppa!” You sassed back. “I’m telling Hyuk how mean you are to me.” “Do you think I care? As if he’s going to do something about it. He loves me too much to care.” You said taking a seat as did he. It was time to act for the fans. You put a little smile on and it began. As it went through the questions got more personal. “So Zico, what’s your ideal type?” Jae Suk asked. “A girl who is confident. Someone who works hard. Maybe some who is a jack of all trades. Who is good at alot of things if not everything.” He answered. “So you would you date a leader of a girl group?” Myeong Su questioned. He only nodded. “So like Y/N here?” Jae Suk asked. Your eyes widened as did Jiho’s. “What do you look so surprised for. What you said basically describes Y/N.” “There’s a huge misunderstanding. Y/N, is a good friend of mine. I wouldn’t want to date her for certain personal reasons that I don’t wish to speak of here and right now.” Jiho explained. “Y/N? You’re rather quiet. Wouldn’t you like to say something?” one of your members asked. “It’s really cute that you think Zico has a chance with me but he’s just not my type. I am a rapper myself. I hate to date one who behaves like Zico.” You sassed showing off that bad ass vibe you always gave. Everyone looked at him to see if he had anything to say about it. He didn’t know what to say. He knew if he insulted you on TV that one way or another Hyuk would get him back. 

After the show you went home finding Hyuk’s eyes focused on his phone. “Hi babe.” There was no answer. “Babe?” You called out. You sighed and sat next to him. “Babe. What’s wrong?” “Why don’t you ask Jiho?” He questioned. You looked on his phone and saw the trend. You and Zico were trending. People were shipping you like never before. You looked at the disapproving look on Hyuk’s face. “I don’t want Jiho. You’re my boyfriend! Not him. Hyuk, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me, you know how I get.” There was not an answer. He just looked away. “Maybe I will call Jiho-” “No the hell you aren’t!” He snatched your phone and put it on the table. You smirked at how jealous he got. “Babe. You’re so cute. How can a man be so jealous and so cute at the same time? Look at me.” You grabbed his chin and made him face you. Once your eyes was locked with his you spoke. “Jiho isn’t this cute. And besides, I have a huge thing for this R&B singer named Dean. Have you heard of him? He’s such a hottie. He’s an amazing singer. He’s young. He is also known as Deanfluenza. And-” Before you could say another thing he pinned you to the sofa. 

“What else about this Dean?” He asked. “He is an extremely talented man. He’s a good kisser. And he’s the best boyfriend I could ever have. I love you Hyuk.” He smiled and gave you a passionate kiss. “Never forget, I’m your boyfriend. Not a rapper!” “Whatever you say Hyuk.” You said pulling him in for another kiss. 

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[TWITTER] Zico Attends the Funeral of a BBC

[FAN TO ZICO] Oppa Thank you Thank you so much..Please take care wherever you goㅎㅎ

[ZICO TO FAN] You have to stay strong.!

T/N: There was a post on Nate which explained something that was connected to the tragic Sewol Ferry disaster. The post said that the younger sister’s body had been found at sea. The family members of the young girl knew of the celebrity that she was a fan of and contacted an acquaintance who was able to contact the celebrity’s manager. The celebrity attended the funeral of the younger sister and consoled the family. The celebrity was BLOCK B’s Zico.

Please note that the translation above is a direct translation of the nate post.

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Blockb's reaction when their GF who never normally does anything to wild, twerks to their song (for zico it'd be to sam) either in public or in private you decide ^_^

Hello!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ll do the private one, because in public they would mostly look like this:

WARNING: pervy moments~


- Oh yeah, let’s do it!


- You want some of Ahn Perfect Jaehyo, huh?


- You know you are not the only one irresistible person in this room…~


- I know what you mean~


- I have the most gorgeous girlfriend in the world! *proud face*


- Should your oppa make more songs like this?


*Smiling but when you look at him he became serious*

I think everyone would love that. It’s a turn on for them! 

Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it! (^-^)/
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너의 몸에 벤 (Feat. Beenzino)
벤 (Ven)
너의 몸에 벤 (Feat. Beenzino)

On your Body By Ven Ft. Beenzino: 

Where would you go without me?
Where can you go, what can you do?
It’s obvious you’ll think of me

Your smile is awkward

You’re showing it
In so any ways, it’s so funny

I can go on without you
I can do better than you
Everyone already knows

I’m on your body
Even when you close your eyes
You can’t get far from me
I’m on your body
I’m on your body
Whoever you meet
You can’t get far from me

I’m in your heart
I’m by your side
I’m on you even when you wash
You can’t escape me


Forget my cologne that is on your body
But u said you wanna hug me one more time
Girl that’s impossible
I’m sorry, I’m too dangerous for you, I’m so toxical
Stop looking for me but look for the medicine that is time

That’s what I hope for you, I can’t lie- that’s what I said
And you said OK, oppa I thought you would be different from the other guys
I heard that so many times already from other girls
As if it’s from a textbook, I’m sick of it
I’m sorry but I don’t feel anything for you

This life I live, pretty girls they’re sniffing me
And after that wants to sleep with me
Then after that they dissin’ me
Why hate, why hate the player u better hate the game
You’re dissin’ like I’m guilty, but I’m innocent I’m what I am

On your clothes, your body, your lips
Every time you breathe

My scent, my empty spot
The look you gave me, that desperate look
I don’t care about it anymore

I’m on your body
Even when you close your eyes
You can’t get far from me
I’m on your body
I’m on your body
Whoever you meet
You can’t get far from me

You’re welcome.