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Every time my bias takes off his shirt or shows to much skin 0.0

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#REACTION: Block B ~ When He Finds Out He Wasn’t Your Bias

Zico: *Bullies the member who was your bias*

P.O: Every time the member who was your bias came into the same room as you, “Get out.”

U-Kwon: “Which member did you say was your bias again?”

Taeil: *Gets teased by member*

*Grabs member by collar and whispers*

“I will kill you.”

Park: “Okay then, well I hope you two are happy together.”

*Dramatic boy leaves you and x-bias alone*

“Park!” you exclaim.

“He’s just messing with you.” x-bias says.

You sigh and go after the child.

Jaehyo: “It makes no sense that he was your bias.”


B-Bomb: “That’s right go ahead and laugh, but next time this wont be fake.”

~Admin Gin

Taeil: i think we lost minhyuk
Zico: who?
Taeil: you know bbomb?
Zico: who dat?
Taeil: our dancer?
Zico: oh you mean kim yukwon yeh great guy he a great guy
Taeil: no the other dancer like the quite guy
Zico: oh yeh you mean jaehyo i got it i got it .he at the drugstore
Taeil: no like omg . Jaehyo s not even a dancer
Zico: oh sorry man i got it now omg you right, we lost him…….
Taeil lookin hella relieved
Zico:…… But like hanhae left bb ages ago
Taeil: omfg

I feel like a proud mother.

Block b has worked so hard and Its literally the best thing ever  is to see them get the recognition they deserve.

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The look on their faces and the excitement they have literally makes me so happy

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I’m just so proud and Happy for them. I wish but nothing but the best for my 7 dorks

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Paloalto late night Q&A (about PalJi Team)

[FAN] Who came up with the palji idea?
(T/N: Palo Alto + Zico = PalJi = palji (bracelet))

[FAN] PalJi team’s bracelets, does everyone always wear them around???
[PALOALTO] Yes yes, I always secretly check. At first Minho didn’t wear it but nowadays he wears it often ㅋㅋ

[FAN] During PalJi’s set, there was only of President Pal’s song ‘good time’ ㅜ_ㅜ The rest of the time was filled with Zico’s songs and B-Free’s My team. Was there a reason for doing the set like that? Of course President Pal’s rap that filled those beats were great :)!!
[PALOALTO] We planned the set with focus on exciting songs so that’s how it was~

[FAN] Is there something you noticed while working with Zico oppa~??
[PALOALTO] He’s a passionate and tough friend~

[FAN] There will only be 2 out of the 4 who can go up to the finalsㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ It’s too much I feel like all 4 people you guys picked have the skills to go on to the finals. On one hand, the PalJi team is the most powerful but on the other hand it’s also the most cruel ㅠㅠ!
[PALOALTO] The rappers who declined our team offer also said that is what they thought so I’ll see it as that ㅋㅋ

[FAN] Who is the mood maker in the PalJi team !!!???
[PALOALTO] Andup and Zico? If those two aren’t around everyone else doesn’t speak very much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[FAN] How did you feel when you came out on SMTM?
[PALOALTO] Let’s have fun since I was picked! I should win too? Those kinds of thoughts

[FAN] Who is the quietest member in the JiPal team?ㅋㅋㅋ
[PALOALTO] I think it’s me ㅋㅋㅋ JaMezz is relatively quiet but he’s really funny when he opens his mouth

[FAN] How about the JiPal team do a couple reggae look? I think it will look good~~~
[PALOALTO] Technically that hairstyle isn’t reggae styleㅎㅎ

[FAN] It’s not reggae style…?!
[PALO ALTO] I don’t know what Zico’s hairstyle is actually called.. For reggae hair google Bob Marley~ There are a lot of people who just call all special hair reggae hair ㅎㅎ I wanted to take this opportunity to correct that

[FAN to PALOALTO] How do you deal with conflicting opinions when you judge Show Me the Money with Zico?
[PALOALTO] We respect each other’s differences, so when our opinions don’t match up we yield to each other and continue filming, so it was never a problem~

(T/N: Paloalto answered a lot of other questions but we just picked the ones regarding Zico and Paloalto’s team on SMTM4)



Zico imitating the fans calling him “Jihoon* oppa~”

This video kills me everytime I watch it. How can he be cute like that.

[INSTAGRAM 160125]

[LUNA OF F(X)] Good morning❤️ It was Love is up on the charts. Each line was really prepared with sincerity, so thank you for loving it so much.
Also, it was my first time working with him
But I can see why Zico oppa is an acknowledged artist
I was surprised by his fine sense and passionate side
Please listen to a lot and love Zico Oppa’s -I Am You, You Are Me, and It Was Love - 😘 instagram.com/p/BA8OutXTUDx/


[ZICO TWITTER] 2015.10.31

[ZICO] Ah so nervous….
It’s been a very long time
Let’s have a Q&A
Come on Bees

[FAN Question 1] What happened to the song that you were working on with Taewoon oppa..?
[ZICO] That’s a false rumor~ If it’s not information released by our agency, don’t believe it~!!

[FAN Question 2] (deleted)
[ZICO] I think I’ll be even more nervous the day after tomorrow
Since they’re songs that I’m really attached to

[FAN Question 3] (account protected) [If I remember correctly, I believe the fan asked if he was going to promote the song on music programs.]
[ZICO] Hm,,,,Honestly, although I like music programs too and all, I personally have a huge greed to communicate with you guys directly through a concert..

[FAN Question 4] There were a lot of pretty unnis who came out in the teaser ㅎㅎ Was this also Zico’s idea?????ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I’m always rooting for you!!!!♡
[ZICO] I like you guys way more than them so don’t worry~~~

[FAN Question 5] Which track are you holding up the most??
[ZICO] All of them

[FAN Question 6] Oppa, you have a lot of overseas fans. So what do you think about learning English?
[ZICO] Different from how I look, I have a high passion for studying ! I really want to learn English!

[FAN Question 7] Please give us a short and impactful spoiler of the lyrics for Boys and Girls..!
[ZICO] Beautiful girls should be treated well!

[FAN Question 8] You know the album track order, do you have a standard for deciding that?
[ZICO] Track order.. is very important
Think of it like planning a menu at a restaurant!

[FAN Question 9] Do you like this song better than Well Dell? Do you have confidence that we should have huge anticipation for this song?🙉
[ZICO] I like Well Dell and I like this song too~!

[FAN Question 10] How many songs are in the Boys and Girls album?
[ZICO] There are 3 songs in the Boys and Girls single !

[FAN Question 11] From all the songs you have worked on until now, what is the song that took the shortest amount of time??
[ZICO] Conduct Zero!

[FAN Question 12] Then what is the song that took the longest amount of time?
[ZICO] Be the Light 1 year, Very Good 6 months

[FAN Question 13] From Tough Cookie, Well Done, Say Yes or No, and Boys and Girls, which song are you most attached to?
[ZICO] BoyGirl..

[FAN Question 14] (account protected) [Another fan asked how many songs did he think he produced per year]
[ZICO] Including the songs that will come out, I think it’s over 20 songs ..^  ^

[FAN Question 15] Is composition the hardest?
[ZICO] Writing lyrics is way harder..
I think of composing as feeling and writing lyrics as sensing!

[ZICO] That’s enough~!
Ah I feel great because I got to talk about music with fans

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