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Zico got me f*cked up!!!!

So I just came back from the Block b concert in Amsterdam and boy do I have some tea to spill. First off let me say that Zico got me fucked up, kid ain’t even my bais but he’s fully got me dying.

I got there super early and the people that I met up with had been queuing since the evening before the actual concert. So I was number 5 in the early entry line and when we finally got into the venue I was right at the front and directly in the middle.

When they came out Zico was the first person that caught me eye his hair was dark brown and they styled It so it was showing his forehead, I have a massive thing for idols and their foreheads so I was living for his hair. We kept making eye contact but I played it off and thought he was looking at someone else. A few songs later this girl behind me taps me on my shoulder and says ‘Zico keeps staring at you.’ Naturally I’m like ‘really me?’ And she’s like ‘yeah he’s staring at you a lot.’

From then on I made it my personal mission to milk the fuck out of the situation. I start dancing and waving and pointing at him and he continues to stare hard. He points at me, raps while staring directly at me, bites his lips, blows kisses, the whole works! When the other members would sing where I was stood he’d come over and do his little cute shit and meanwhile I’m In the audience trying to play it cool but on the inside I’m dying. Apart from giggling like crazy every time he did something (and him laughing at my giggling) I think I did a good job. Even when they had an outfit change and he came out with slightly tinted sunglasses on I could still see him staring at me.

On a couple of occasions after we had our little interactions the girls next to me would give me the dirtiest side eyes, it was actually kind of funny.

I mean Zico isn’t even my bias U-Kwon is. He was staring too but not as hard as Zico, but he did wave back at me and gave me the cutest smile because again I was giggling uncontrollably.

N.B Whenever they threw water I’d duck so it wouldn’t get on my face and I think he noticed that, so next time one of the members tried to do it again in the area that I was stood he stopped them, I could see him saying no no in Korean but I couldn’t pick up anything else he said to the member afterwards. Not even even a minute later he was stood at the far side of the stage spraying water.

I went through the videos I took and found where he blew a kiss at me after his ‘I wanna hug and kisses’ line in her.

I’m so mad, he can’t be doing shit like this if I ain’t never gonna see him again. T_T

- Ukwon Boyfie Moodboard 🎀❕

I need more KPOP mutuals

okay so I follow a good amount of kpop blogs and as much as I love BTS I need more variety in the groups on my dash. So like/reblog if you post any of the following groups and I’ll check your blog out :)

  • EXO
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  • iKON
  • B.A.P
  • Astro
  • Mamamoo
  • SHINee
  • Got7