Man do you ever be driving then get lost and you start panicking and getting frustrated and all of a sudden the music your playing becomes 10 times louder and you find yourself yelling back at it instead of just turning it down like “ ZICO SHUT THE FUCK UP NOBODY WANTS TO PARTY RIGHT NOW! SHIT” then Siri keeps trying to chime in with her two cents in which way to go when she’s the one that led you to the the dark pit of Satan ass in the first place and before you know it you’ve pulled over into a shady corner store and SHINee won’t stop telling you to Ring Ding Dong 😭

“Get Out of the Way Before I Murder You” (Zico)

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Full prompt: Get out of the way before I murder you. + I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship + Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying

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    “I’m leaving.”

    “What the fuck are you talking about?” You glared right back into Jiho’s blazing eyes.

    “You heard me,” he said, “Now get out of the way before I murder you.”

    You laughed bitterly. “Just go to bed, Jiho.”

    “Like I could sleep?” he said.

    “I don’t give a fuck if you sleep or not but there’s no way I’m staying in your apartment,” you snapped, and then turned to go.

     “You know what your problem is?” Jiho called after you as you walked away. “You forgot who wears the pants in this relationship. This isn’t gonna work, you know. Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying- I can’t stick around like this.”

     You stuck up your middle finger as you walked into the hall and then slammed the door behind you.

     It was only when you got to your car that the tears began to slide down your cheeks. You didn’t even know how the argument had started- it had something to do with Jiho commenting on how much free time you had- but it had ended up with the two of you shouting at each other, Jiho about how you didn’t have a good job and asked for too much regarding how little you did and you about how Jiho never made any time for you, and did he just expect you to be okay with that? And of course you didn’t spend all your free time blowing off- most of the time you weren’t at work you were working on the online college degree you were trying to get. It was true, Jiho helped you out with your apartment payments sometimes and he spoiled you a bit, but you’d never asked him to- he just did it- so to have it held over your head as if you were some sort of gold-digger hurt your pride.

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#20 Yixing (EXO) - 94 points

#19 Yoongi (BTS) - 100 points

#18 Ten (NCT) - 105 points

#17 Taehyung (BTS) - 123 points

#16 Zico (Block B) - 125 points

#15 Onew (SHINee) - 128 points

#14 Jimin (BTS) - 162 points

#13 Kai (EXO) - 168 points

#12 Taemin (SHINee) - 174 points

#11 Jaehyun (NCT) - 176 votes

#10 JungKook (BTS) - 204 votes

#9 Gdragon (Big Bang) - 245 points

#8 Eric Nam - 340 points

#7 Chanyeol (EXO) - 353 points

#6 Suho (EXO) - 382 points

#5 Baekhyun (EXO) - 491 points

#4 Kyungsoo (EXO) - 513

#3 Chen (EXO) - 640 points

#2 Sehun (EXO) - 729 points

#1 XIUMIN (EXO) - 815 points!!!!

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