zick zack

Das ‘ich’ ist ein Meter langer Strich,
Doch jeder Strich verändert sich.
Mal ist er gerade, mal ein Zick Zack,
Leben ist lernen,
Mal auf mal ab.
Jeder Umweg, jede Niederlage,
Desto stärker dein ich.
—  eigenes
Things Reinhardt told Phara are the most romantic things to tell Mercy in german
  • ob ihr wiklich richtig steht, dass seht ihr wenn das Licht angeht!
  • Vielleicht bin ich gar nicht deine Freundin, sondern Manuel Neuer!
  • Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke
  • Alles Bäm!
  • Klingt komisch, is aber so.

There’s also a great list of songs he claimed to be love songs (Holzmichl, Pitschipitschi Popo, Junge)

Phara knows he’s 100% bullshitting but it makes Mercy laugh when she repeats it so she’s always eager to learn more.

Madoka 2 - Top Skirt

So, the top skirt for Madoka is a simple circle skirt. I stated with measuring up. I later realized that it was too short and remade it, just 10 cm longer.

My math, can be better so I had to do a handy picture. (With the help of a calculator and a circle converter)

I used a measuring tape for drawing about the marks, is really easy with two persons, unfortunately I was alone.

The waist of the skirt I just sewed to a elastic waistband and the bottom I gathered.

I used the string theory, zick zacking over the string and pulling it. 

Poff! This fabrics looks so neat.

For the ruffle I took about 2,5 times more then the circumstance of the gathered bottom and sewed in a string. 

To easiest make it even  I pinned it onto the skirt evenly and pulled the stings then.  (Blurry cause I did not notice when I took it)

Taa daa!

I later when trying it on realised it was a bit too long here I rolled the waist a little and will fix it later. I also took the petal skirt of the top, since my first skirt was a less poffy now the petal skirt was too narrow, but it will work if I take of a couple of cm. 

So this is how it looks right now, even wearing the right (too big) shoes. 

It looks a bit odd because of the waist of my dress but don’t mind that. 

That’s it for now! 

– Marlin