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Madoka 2 - Top Skirt

So, the top skirt for Madoka is a simple circle skirt. I stated with measuring up. I later realized that it was too short and remade it, just 10 cm longer.

My math, can be better so I had to do a handy picture. (With the help of a calculator and a circle converter)

I used a measuring tape for drawing about the marks, is really easy with two persons, unfortunately I was alone.

The waist of the skirt I just sewed to a elastic waistband and the bottom I gathered.

I used the string theory, zick zacking over the string and pulling it. 

Poff! This fabrics looks so neat.

For the ruffle I took about 2,5 times more then the circumstance of the gathered bottom and sewed in a string. 

To easiest make it even  I pinned it onto the skirt evenly and pulled the stings then.  (Blurry cause I did not notice when I took it)

Taa daa!

I later when trying it on realised it was a bit too long here I rolled the waist a little and will fix it later. I also took the petal skirt of the top, since my first skirt was a less poffy now the petal skirt was too narrow, but it will work if I take of a couple of cm. 

So this is how it looks right now, even wearing the right (too big) shoes. 

It looks a bit odd because of the waist of my dress but don’t mind that. 

That’s it for now! 

– Marlin

Things Reinhardt told Phara are the most romantic things to tell Mercy in german
  • ob ihr wiklich richtig steht, dass seht ihr wenn das Licht angeht!
  • Vielleicht bin ich gar nicht deine Freundin, sondern Manuel Neuer!
  • Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke
  • Alles Bäm!
  • Klingt komisch, is aber so.

There’s also a great list of songs he claimed to be love songs (Holzmichl, Pitschipitschi Popo, Junge)

Phara knows he’s 100% bullshitting but it makes Mercy laugh when she repeats it so she’s always eager to learn more.