• <p> <b>Me every year:</b> NEW YEAR!!!<p/><b>Me on the first shitty week:</b> "Maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year!"<p/><b></b> *Year sucks*<p/><b>Me next year:</b> "MAYBE IT'S NOT MY WEEK-<p/></p>

fucking door. zian cursed loudly at the wooden frame before moving ahead, having rammed his knee on the foot of the door. he had been seeking shelter from the hailing snow, but with a filled backpack and a coat which was clearly much too large for him it proved difficult to even move. what more with snow blocking his every path and obstructing his sight with every step. he stepped in, whole body looking like the snow decided to take a dump on him, while some ungraciously fell on the ground the moment he shifted. zian closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, trying not to lose his temper because it’s just the goddamn weather it’s not like he can shoot the sky and it’ll stop and also because he doesn’t want to get in trouble with his members for randomly shooting at things, not again. especially not when he just came back. after clearing his thoughts, or rather, letting the rational side of him take over he opens his eyes again, taking in his surroundings, it wasn’t long before he spots a familiar face, but the silent side of him kicks in and he stops himself from saying his greetings. what was he to say anyways ?fancy meeting you here ‘ ? too clichéd. ‘ what are you doing here? but it’s not as if he cares. unconsciously his brows furrow together as he thinks of the reasonable thing to say, not realizing that the other had probably noticed him.

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↼♕⇀ Zian had been extremely busy the past few days, feeling bad for leaving Kai on her own for the most part. But he couldn’t help it since his sister was always on him to make sure everything was taken care of. So when she told him he had to take off for at least the day, maybe more, he wasn’t entirely shocked. He just had to agree and do his best to explain to Kai that he would be gone for a little while.

And while Zian being gone for his work, it left Jamison with almost nothing to do. No work for him was the worst to him since he hated just sitting around and doing nothing. He was in the kitchen, picking at some food since he didn’t really have anything else to do at the moment.



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