you know what doesn’t get talked about enough?

that time they did that interview for the ‘this is us’ promo tour where liam was talking about singing in the shower and how he’d been doing it that same morning and was worried he was gonna wake zayn up with his singing and i feel like hardly anyone ever brings this up/talks about it but like??? why would he be worried about his shower singing waking zayn up unless they were…idk…maybe sharing a hotel room????? like boyfriends do?????

(((((and yet we were told at the time that when they stayed in hotels they all had their own rooms but like if they really all had their own separate hotel rooms like we were made to believe they did at that point why would liam be up showering early in the morning in a room he didn’t sleep in???? or why would zayn be still asleep in a room where liam’s presumably staying and showering in???? unless they…possibly…i don’t know…SHARED said room [*pretends to be shocked*] but why would two men in a band be sharing a room at a point in their career when they could clearly afford their own [and also both had “steady gf’s” lol] and at a time where we got repeated reports that they did all in fact have their own separate rooms??? why would there be a need to lie and cover up that they still shared rooms unless there was a reason for them sharing that their team felt warranted it being covered up, i.e. something going on [something not-so-innocent and very non-platonic maybe wink wink] that they didn’t want getting out [otherwise why not just say they shared rooms but that it was just a friendly thing?]?????)))))

basically, if there was really nothing there, there’d be nothing to cover up.

and yet.

Fave Ziam Fics Part 3



didn’t wanna hop on your post about the parallels between dtd and get low, which was ace 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 by the way, because this is only halfway related but just wanted to add my two cents about another parallel in their songs that’s always stuck out to me and that you reminded me i’ve never actually posted about…

rear view

I never doubted myself

But I doubted you

Get Low

Maybe you don’t believe in me

It’s hard to know what you see in me

From the first moment I heard get low I remember I was instantly reminded of those lyrics from rear view and how it felt like they were a direct parallel/response to each other (and I’m sure it’s true of many of their songs, which we’ll hopefully see more parallels of in lp1 and z2) but I just always think about this whenever I hear either song

(also side note but the part in get low where L sings “don’t care if you’re too loud” always reminded me of that part in pillowtalk where Z sings “we’ll piss off the neighbors” ya know, for being too loud obvi lmao, oh and of course how could i forget the whole “light and dark” lyric from pt vs. “wanna light up your dark” in get low like could they BE any more obvious lolll, also reminds me of the yin yang tattoo which is also light and dark…seems to be a big theme with them for obvious reasons but lemme stop now before i start thinking of more things and this post becomes a damn novel smdh)

Everyone needs rainbows on their page.

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