Just a little something inspired by Liam yesterday - a little bit is under the cut and its mainly fluff  (p.s. inhabitants of NYC please suspend any factual belief) 


“You gonna be alright getting him back to the hotel like that mate?”

Zayn’s already halfway to the door of the pizza restaurant when he hears Louis’ question, for a moment he’s in danger of overbalancing as he goes to turn around, underestimating Liam’s weight but he regains it quickly and gives up turning around.

Instead, he just shouts behind him.

“Yeah, don’t worry, it’s your birthday weekend anyway Lou so we’ll see you later and I’ll get him right for tomorrow.”

Zayn doesn’t wait for a response instead he just gets to the door as quickly as he can and opens it, hoping that getting into the fresh air helps Liam.

He’d forgotten in his hurry, and in his concern for Liam that the air while being fresh is also bitterly cold and even Liam’s body weight and hot breath on his neck as he leans into Zayn aren’t enough to stop the full body shiver that runs through him. 

“Don’t feel very well,”  Liam’s voice shakes Zayn from feeling too sorry for himself immediately and he leans away from his best mate for a moment taking a look at him, still bathed in some light from the pizzeria and there’s definitely a green tinge to him.

Liam’s lips are set in a pout, eyes staring at Zayn or trying to but it’s clearly too much effort, though suddenly the pout disappears and a wonky kind of smile turns Liam’s lips upwards for a moment just as Liam lifts up his arm and tries to slap Zayn’s chest but ends up almost slapping his face and says.

“I can see two Zayn’s,” and then he giggles.

“There’ll be no Zayn’s except a frozen version of me if we don’t get a move on back to the hotel Liam so come on, best foot forward,”  Zayn does his best to stand stern, and forceful and it sort of works because Liam’s hand that’s still dangling in mid-air instead comes up to his head in a sort of salute and he slurs.

“Yes, boss.”

They walk for all of about 1 block when Liam starts to mumble something unintelligible and Zayn’s never known a more endearing drunk than Liam and he can’t stop the fond smile on his face.

“Need a wee, and to vomit probably.”

Okay, maybe not so endearing.  

“I’m serious, really need a wee,” there’s a kind of whine in Liam’s voice and the way he speeds up though in a wonky leaning even heavier kind of way on Zayn bears testament to the urgency they’re still at least 10 blocks from where they’re staying, and okay Zayn could hail a cab but with Manhattan traffic, there’s no guarantee that they’ll get there quicker.

They could go into a restaurant or try and nip into one of the hotels but there’s no guarantee they won’t get thrown out so Zayn looks around him, and just ahead though he can’t really miss it anyway is Grand Central Station.

“They must have loos here,” he says aloud.

“Need a wee,” Liam repeats so Zayn just has to hope and pray.

Visiting a railway terminal’s always been pretty low on Louis’ birthday plans to look around New York though Louis’ birthday plans could probably have been just as easily served in London or even Sheffield but, it is his 25th so whatever the birthday boy wants he gets. 

Thing is, Grand Central Station has been somewhere Zayn had wanted to go for a while being such a big fan of films with the station as a backdrop it felt like somewhere he knew already, just not like this, not in a hurry and not with Liam stumbling next to him while Zayn hangs onto him for dear life.  

As they enter the building though, and the main concourse and as Zayn sees the clock ahead of him, it near takes his breath away.

Liam’s still holding onto him, shuffling along if you can call it that, and Zayn wants to stop and wonder at the sights and the sounds, the clock tells him it’s just gone 11pm and the lights are majestic around them.

“Floor’s nice, could tap dance on it, eat me tea off it,”Liam starts to ramble. 

“Thought you felt sick,” quips Zayn.

Liam stops dead then, lifts a finger up as though he’s about to say something groundbreaking or astonishing, turns to Zayn and for a moment pulls away before he wobbles and Zayn catches hold of him shaking his head.

“Yeah,” is all he says and Zayn can’t help but laugh as he throws Liam’s arm around him again.

“Come on you, let’s get you to the loo and then we’ll get you back to the hotel and for a good sleep, may even stump up for a cab instead of making us walk.”

Liam’s face gets closer to Zayn’s, his breath warm on Zayn’s cheek before his head rests on Zayn’s shoulder and Zayn thinks he hears say next followed by a dreamy sigh.

“The best Zaynie  ‘s what you are.”

But of course, he’s wrong.

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The lovely @empty-altars sent me a prompt about two weeks ago ( I am sorry for getting on this so late, please forgive me lol.)  I might’ve cheated and not started my drabble with the prompt but it’s somewhere in there. I hope that’s okay. 

Prompt: ‘You look like you could use a hug’. 

Planes weren’t Zayn’s favorite thing. The uncomfortable seats, the absolutely terrible food, and the jet lag: none of these were Zayn’s cup of tea. The icing on this terrible cake was sitting with annoying people who made Zayn question his existence.

But, a flight had to be taken. A flight to Hawaii, specifically.

“Mate, for the hundredth time yes, I’ve my passport and no I am not running late. I already passed through  the immigration process.” Zayn spoke into his phone as he sat down on the gate seats.

“Alright, but I will kill you don’t make it in one piece. You’re my best man, bloody hell,” Niall’s concerned voice answered back. And okay, yes, Zayn might have had instances where he forgot his passport and times he had missed his flights, but Niall had to trust him, alright?

“Aha, now I know why you’re so concerned,” Zayn’s said with a teasing tone, “You just want your wedding to go well, you don’t care about me,”

“No I don’t,” Niall chuckled, “Now hang up, otherwise you’ll be late.”

They shared their routine ‘goodbyes’ and ‘take cares’ and Zayn put his phone in his jean’s pocket, heading to the washroom.

Zayn looked at himself in the mirror, and put his hand which clearly needed a cut, and brushed out his olive jumper, folding the sleeves. He didn’t look bad, and it was not like he was going on the plane to find the love of his life, right?
He walked out of the washroom, looking at his phone: 3:40. Half an hour before the boarding process started. He sat down on the empty row of seats, taking out a book from his backpack, ready to kill some time before he walked into the plane.

“Mum, I am okay alright? You calling me every hour of the day is not magically going to make me happy. I am fine, I’ll manage. “ Zayn heard an irritated voice speak. He looked up from his book to see a man sitting two seats away from him, looking clearly annoyed with the person he talking to which Zayn assumed was his mother.

Zayn knew that eavesdropping wasn’t a good thing to do, but for some reason, Zayn couldn’t help it. He pretended that he was still engrossed in his book, his ears open for the rest of the conversation.

There was a long pause as the man was listening to whatever the other side of the phone was saying, “Yeah okay, I understand. I love you too, bye.” He sighed as he removed the phone from his ear and sighed again.

Zayn hadn’t realized that his plan of pretending to be engrossed in his book hadn’t worked that well when the man coughed, breaking Zayn’s stare at him, and oh; Zayn had been staring.

Zayn felt his cheeks get red as he realized what he had done, as looked back at his book, trying to concentrate on the text. 

The man didn’t seem too bothered, he seemed to be dealing with a lot more than a stranger staring at him. 

The boarding started as the announcer called out the row numbers and Zayn stood up, replacing the book with his passport and boarding pass in his hand.
He lined up in the queue of other passengers waiting to go into the plane and felt the man he was sitting next to line up right behind him. 

He smells nice, Zayn thought to himself; it was a subtle yet noticeable smell, no too strong, but enough, just the right amount. 

“Wow, thank you mate, nobody has ever complimented my cologne choice like this before,” The same voice Zayn had heard talking on the phone spoke, this time with way more lightness in his voice. 

No, Zayn didn’t just say that the entire thing out loud. This man probably thinks he’s a definite creep now, fuck. 

“Uh, s-sorry I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” Zayn said with a nervous laugh. He turned around to find the beautiful stranger smiling, with crinkles right beside his eyes. 

“It’s alright,” He said with a chuckle, “That’s the best thing somebody has said to me in a long time.” 

“Oh really? I would think a man like you would get compliments left and right, no?” And wow, Zayn didn’t know he could be so flirtatious with someone he literally just met. He wasn’t complaining, though. 

The man chuckled again, “You’re just so lovely, aren’t you?” 

Before Zayn could respond, the officer asked him for his boarding pass. Zayn walked into the door, glancing at the stranger one last time who was getting his boarding pass checked, he was beautiful. Through the short walk to the actual plane, all Zayn could think of was him. Zayn wondered what it was that was keeping that man so anxious and so irritated, what was making his pretty face look so sad and defeated.

Zayn was greeted at the gate of the plane by the air hostess as he walked into finding his seat; 18D. He pushed suitcase in the compartment above the seat and sat himself down on his seat. As much as he didn’t like that he had to be sitting on a tiny seat for 10 hours, he was glad that at least he sitting next to the window seat.
He started hearing more and more people pile up and he was sure this flight was packed considering it was peak holiday time. Still, he wished nobody sat next to him but of course that wasn’t possible. 

Zayn really hoped it would be someone who minded their own fucking business though, not like the woman he sat next to the time he was flying to his hometown who kept talking about all men she had swiped left on tinder. 

He placed his headphones on his ear, playing no music yet, just turning on the noise canceling option to block out the busy chatter of the plane. Placing his head on the airplane’s wall, Zayn closed his eyes gently, waiting for everybody to calm down in their seats. 

He felt a light tap on his shoulders, and he opened his eyes to the same beautiful stranger he had a conversation with a few minutes ago. Zayn removed his headphones from his ears and noticed the man was sitting right next to him.

“This is your seat?” Zayn asked. 

The man chuckled, and Zayn couldn’t believe that he made this beautiful human laugh three times, not that he was counting or anything, “Why would I be sitting here otherwise?” 

Zayn blushed, “Yeah sorry, that was a stupid question.” He smiled in response and then looked up at Zayn, “I’m Liam, and you?” 

Leeyum, “I’m Zayn.” 

“Zayn, that’s a beautiful name,” Liam answered, and Zayn was sure his name sounded a hundred times better coming out of this man’s mouth. 

“Thank you,” 

The flight attendant started announcing information about the flight and both of them buckled up their seat belts, getting ready for taking off. 

“So, why Miami?” Liam asked. 

“It’s my best mate, Niall’s wedding, I am the best man,” Zayn answered with a fond smile on his face. 

“Oh wow, that’s brilliant. How long are you planning to stay there?” Liam continued on the conversation and although Zayn never enjoyed small talking with strangers, there was just something about him that Zayn couldn’t refuse to.

“Two weeks. The wedding is not till the third, so I’ll have some time to explore and rest.” Zayn replied, thinking about how much he was looking forward to eating good food and sleeping in and seeing places he had never seen before, “How about you?” 

Zayn saw a sudden shift of emotions on the man’s face, going from a smile to a slight frown and although Liam tried to hide it, it was clear that there was something bothering him. 

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, Liam.”
Liam nodded his head, “No it’s just. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete draft.” 

Before Zayn could respond, the plane started moving at a great speed, ready to take off. 

Zayn gripped on the handles, waiting for the weird feeling in his stomach as soon as the plane left the ground. 

The seatbelt sign was turned off, and the flight attendants started preparing for delivering food to all the passengers.

“I promise I won’t judge you, Liam,” Zayn said, with a serious expression on his face. 

Liam sighed, “My ex-fiance and I were planning to go to Miami for our honeymoon. Long story short, he dumped me at the altar and so after crying nonstop and not leaving my room for about a week, I decided to go on my honeymoon alone.” 

Zayn was in shock and in awe, “Wow, that’s the most badass thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.” 

Liam’s eyes were a bit glossy, “Are you serious?”

“Of course!” Zayn said, raising his voice a little, “How did you think that this was stupid?” 

“I dunno, I thought you would judge me like a lot of people did back home,” Liam shrugged. 

Zayn didn’t respond as saw Liam lost in his own thoughts, looking past him into the window, “It was so good, you know? We both were so happy, Jack and I. It was like a fairytale relationship, we rarely argued or fought for the three years we were together.” 

Liam’s voice broke as he continued, “And even right before the wedding, he was so happy, like so fucking happy. And then the day came, and that fucktard decided to dump in front of everyone because ‘we two just weren’t right for each other’ and left me there standing, with the ring in my hand,” 

Zayn didn’t have words, no words at all. Liam looked broken, and all the emotions he had been guarding with smiles and laughs were coming right through and Zayn could see the pain he was going through. 

“You look like you could use a hug,” Zayn murmured, not expecting Liam to hear him.
Liam snapped his head back up at Zayn, “What?” 

Zayn realized what he had just said and oh my god, Zayn had managed to, for the third time, make himself look like a creep, “Sorry no, I was just saying that you looked really sad and it looked like you needed some comfort but of course it’s weird coming from me because I am a stranger but I was just concern-” 

“Jeez, take a breath,” Liam giggled, tears staining his cheeks, “I was just- the people I’ve known for my entire life have not helped me through this except maybe my mother and sisters, but they’ve been giving me those sympathy looks and frankly, I am tired of those.” 

“And you, you don’t even know me, but you just seemed so genuine and caring and I just,” Liam took a breath, “I dunno, I felt like I could trust you.” 

Zayn was again at a loss for words, “I so glad you could trust me, Liam,” 

They both smiled at each other without saying a word, and Zayn was so glad that he was squeezed into this tiny seat for ten hours because at least, he had Liam by his side. And Zayn would, for the rest of his life have Liam right beside him. But they didn’t have to know that yet.

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prompt; came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot DD:

I don’t know WHY i completely butchered this prompt im sorry enjoy (also ive never written liam so forward this is new to me also im feelin it)


When Louis had insisted last week that the two of them should join the gym and start working their bodies, Zayn had been dubious. One week later, when he’s covered in sweat, every muscle in his body aching, he is absolutely livid.

‘I can’t believe you made me pay to torture myself for two hours! You said I would enjoy it!’

Louis just sighs at him, flicking a towel over his shoulder. ‘Don’t be so dramatic, it’ll be easier tomorrow. You just have to get your body used to it.’

‘Tomorrow? You’re insane if you think I’m coming here again.’

Louis shrugs into a sweater, and passes Zayn’s to him. 'You’ve paid for your membership, can’t just waste all that money can you,’ Louis reprimands, 'Plus I need company, and the whole point of training your body is that it gets easier over time. You’ll be more ready for this tomorrow.’

The next day, Zayn was ready.

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You need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen 💗

dksjdkjsd you just had to didnt you

“Uh guys, j-just wait here for a sec, yeah?” Zayn quickly unlocked his front door and banged it shut behind him, awkwardly leaving his three work friends standing on his doorstep. It had to be done, he had to be sure Liam wasn’t back.

He stepped cautiously into his living room first, hissing out Liam’s name but got no response. He frowned slightly in disappointment, it had been weeks since the other man had shown up in his house. 

Zayn shook the thought out of his head and quickly headed to the kitchen which was dark, still. He slipped slightly on the tiled floor before he caught himself on the counter. Cursing his racing heart, he reached over to switch on the light - 

Two dead bodies stared back at him from his floor. He jolted and opened his mouth to scream before another large hand covered his mouth.

“Sssh! It’s just me.” Liam stood behind him, still in the clothes Zayn gave him when he last showed up, a red plaid shirt and some jeans. But those clothes were now smeared with blood and torn on the sides. Zayn gagged at the scent of metallic blood.

“What the fuck, Liam?” He hissed at the other man who was now frowning at Zayn’s tone. Yeah, frown at that you piece of - 

He cut himself off when Louis banged on his front door. “Zayn, you okay in there?” He sounded hesitant and of fucking course he did, he just left his three coworkers standing outside his house at night because there was a vampire in here.

Zayn leaned in close to Liam and whispered venemously, “How many fucking times have I told you not to leave dead bodies in my kitchen?”

Liam frowned, “Well it’s the only place in your house with a side entrance from the forest, if you’d rather I leave it in the living room - “

No!” He said loudly before lowering his voice again, wary of his guests waiting outside.

“Just don’t leave them anywhere and God, would you help me now with these? I’ve got guests!”

The other man was now stuck with a permanent frown. “Guests? What guests? Are you trying to date again?”

Zayn blushed something fierce and scowled at Liam. “No! And for God’s sake clean your mouth, you’re covered in blood. Also, the bodies. Were they - ?”

Liam pursed his lips, “Not good.” Zayn nodded carefully, he never asked questions about who the dead bodies were as living people and he wasn’t going to start now.

By now the banging had become consistent. He heard Harry and Niall bickering whether to break down the door. His eyes widened, that would invite too much attention from his neighbours and put Liam in danger.

Ever since the other man, vampire, elemental whatever, walked into his house one rainy morning, dripping wet, skin flushed like he’d been running and oh yeah did Zayn mention he was naked? Butt naked. He’d taken to hanging out around Zayn and stayed at his house like the unwanted guest he was.

But over time he had snuggled into a place in Zayn’s heart and he wasn’t going to call it love but maybe something like it. Oh gross, he was all sappy now.

The door knob turned as Zayn made his way back to the entrance and it gave way to reveal three worried and concerned friends. Zayn cringed at their expressions and felt guilty. 

Suddenly, Louis’ eyes trailed over to something behind Zayn’s shoulder and he saw the man’s jaw drop open. Zayn felt cold shock overcome him, oh God they’d seen Liam, the bodies, the blood, they were going to run and call the police and -

A strong shoulder came into his view from the side. Liam’s deep voice introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Liam, Zayn’s boyfriend. Sorry it took so long, the kitchen was a mess thanks to me.” 

With that, he winked, winked at his friends, and he saw Harry blush in answer. Through his shock, Zayn noticed he’d changed out of the ruined shirt into a grey button-up that was not buttoned up completely. He all but refrained himself from licking his lips at the sight of those abs.

Liam turned to Zayn and leaned down to whisper in his ear. From the corner of his eye, he could see his shocked friends staring at them curiously.

“The bodies are gone, it’s all clean, don’t worry.” He smiled quickly at him before surprisingly leaning down to place a chaste kiss on his cheekbone. He left through the front door, leaving Zayn to stare at him with a fried brain.

Harry broke the silence first, “Where’d you find him?”

Zayn replied numbly, “The forest.”

Louis grinned teasingly, “Those abs eh?”

“Oh fuck off Lou!” They all went further into the thankfully clean house leaving behind a still-confused Harry.

“Is The Forest a gay club or what?” He called out after them.

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Duvet days and vanilla ice cream

Midwinter and blankets and duvets piled high.  A bowl filled with ice cream. 

Liam snuggled just in front of Zayn on the settee with a duvet on top of him.

90s RnB plays in the background quietly and it takes Zayn back to his childhood, before all this, when things were simple and when even as a young boy, he’d watch his mum and dad and feel safe and warm. 

Just like now. It feels like they’re cocooned away from the realities of the world outside, the realities of their world.

‘Their’ world.  

That still gives Zayn pause for thought, still makes him wake up in the middle of the night and there are times when Liam’s not there but then the other times he is and he knows it’s not something he needs to chalk up to memory in case he never gets the chance again.  

Zayn’s only just turned twenty, Liam’s in his teens still.  And Zayn knows there are no certainties in life.  Except two, the moment you enter the world and then leave it. 

It’s another thing altogether to feel something in your heart that tells you this is iit before you even leave your teens. 

Something cold on his nose suddenly pulls Zayn from his thoughts and there’s Liam, sat up and grinning at him, holding his finger up which still has tiny dots of ice cream on it before he licks it quickly and then places the bowl on the coffee table. 

Zayn responds with just a middle finger and it makes Liam do that smile that’s been Zayn’s undoing pretty much since McDonalds Day or McD-day as they call it when they’re being ‘lame arse soppy gets’ according to Louis.

“Reckon if we didn’t turn up tomorrow and we got one of our mates to text and say we’d been abducted by aliens that they’d miss us?”

“I reckon they’d send Paul and Marco round so fucking fast, aliens wouldn’t stand a chance even if it was true, babe.”

Liam pouts, murmurs “True,” and then with the duvet that half covers him still he pushes it off him fully and to the floor and then grins, he’s shirtless.

He tilts his head to one side and then peers at the clock on the mantelpiece.

“So, I make it just over 16 hours till we have to be where we have to be, I wonder what we can do in that time.”

The expression on Liam’s face says exactly what they can do and well, who’s Zayn to argue?

Liam moves up the sofa and then he’s above Zayn, not touching him and besides Zayn’s still covered by one duvet, hands either side of Zayn’s face. 

“See, we could start off with this.”

Zayn can see Liam’s arms flex out the corner of his eye before his attention is stolen completely by the lips that touch his own and then the teeth that bite at his lips and he’s about to let out a moan when Liam pulls back up.

“What the?”

Liam’s face portrays innocence but he’s about as innocent as someone who just robbed £50m from a bank.

“Or maybe we could do this?”

The arms flex again and this time lips go nowhere near Zayn’s but press light kisses to his neck and his chin.

Till they don’t and Liam’s body is further away again.

“Nah, I’ve got a better idea.”

Lips press against Zayn’s for just one moment before Zayn’s already parting his own and Liam’s tongue touches Zayn’s.

Till it doesn’t and Liam’s arms flex again and he’s further away.

“Leeyum, what the fuck?”

Liam’s giggle is the most infuriating thing and belatedly it dawns on Zayn what he’s doing so he gets his own back and pinches his nipple. 

The yelp Liam lets out is muted quickly by the fact that his arms collapse though he’s careful not to crush Zayn at all with the way there’s nothing separating them suddenly aside from the duvet.

Their mouths are so close now but kissing’s suddenly not the first thing on Zayn’s mind. 

“That’s better, only you’d do bloody press ups and tease me at the same time.”

“The duality of man Zayn, you should look it up.”

Zayn rolls his eyes, “I’ve created a monster.”

“You weren’t complaining last night.”

“True,” concedes Zayn

“Anyway, still fifteen hours and forty-five minutes so what we gonna do except mate like bunnies which means we’ll be doing it approximately 269 times.”

“We aren’t fucking bunnies Liam and your maths is shit.”

“Number one who said anything about fucking bunnies you weirdo and number two, well maybe we should just see if it’s doable or not.”

“I hate you.”

“Same baby.”

Baby.  It always makes Zayn stop. And he knows when he says it to Liam it’s the same.  It never felt right before and yet with Liam, like with so much else it’s perfect.

Zayn lifts a hand up to stroke the back of Liam’s neck and then both hands find their place either side of Liam’s boxers and his fingers tug at the material gently. 

And Liam makes this happy kind of sound.

“Thing is baby, am not about the fucking tonight, not the last night before well you know, tonight’s about making something proper.”

“Meaningful yeah?”

Zayn doesn’t say another word, instead, he shows his agreement by lifting his face up the short distance to press his lips against Liam’s and then with his hands he tugs downwards at Liam’s boxers.

Few better ways to spend the night before things aren’t just them again.

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Hey, I am back with another drabble. It’s much longer than my previous ones, though. Hope you enjoy x 

Liam sighed, looking at all the boxes in his new flat, just staring at him. It had been a long day of packing and moving stuff from his old home, and Liam was quite tired.

Liam walked to the small balcony of the flat, looking at the starry night in the month of August. There was a park facing his building, and he could see a group of teenagers talking and laughing with cigarettes in their hands, trying to act cool. Liam remembered his teenage self, A skinny and shy boy, who had never had anything special about him. That had changed now, for Liam was definitely not skinny with all the time he had spent in the gym, and not as shy as he used to be. Although, the last thing might’ve never changed, for all of his boyfriends had left him for not being ‘good’ or ‘exciting’ enough.

Liam shook his thoughts out of his brain and came back into his flat.

A noise.

A voice. Screaming. Shouting.

Another voice, much harsher, much unpleasant. Shouting even louder.

Liam wasn’t sure exactly what was going on his neighbor’s apartment, but he knew it wasn’t anything good.

‘Maybe it’s a couple fighting? That’s normal right?’ Liam thought to himself as he walked towards the wall that was bringing all the voices from the adjacent flat.

Except, it wasn’t normal. Because the screams were so extreme and so rough, Liam felt his own heart beating terribly fast. Liam placed his ear on the white painted wall, trying to understand what was being said.

“Get the fuck out, you fucking asshole. You said it was the last time, and you fucking did it again, you scum!”

Liam jolted back, shocked by the hurt coming out of this man’s voice. Liam hesitantly placed his ear back, and he heard the other voice. This was one clearly sharper, and the tone was of nonchalance.

“You think you’re worth so much, huh? You’re shit. Absolute shit. So what if I cheated? I needed it. Because you and your disgusting body couldn’t satisfy me.”

Liam felt his heartbeat raise even higher, as he felt it his heart crush for the other man.

He heard loud sobbing from the other man and heard the sharper voice snicker.


Liam was even more afraid because the silence wasn’t good. Never good in situations like these. Then, he heard the door open, and its closes back with a loud bang.

Screaming and loud sobs proceeded with that.

Liam couldn’t bare just not doing anything. This man clearly was alone, so hurt and definitely not okay. He needed someone, even if it was a stranger.

Liam took a deep breath as he opened his front door, and walked towards the other. He could still hear the sobs, much louder and clearer.

Liam knocked twice and heard the sobs stop with the second. He heard hesitant footsteps walk, and the door opened.

“Get the fuck away from-” The man shouted, and then stopped to see a very shaken up Liam standing in front of him.

Liam could see how terrible this man was feeling inside, his eyes puffed, and tear stains all over his face. But still, they didn’t hide the fact that the man was absolutely gorgeous.

“W-who are you?” The man whispered in a scratchy voice.

“Uhm, I am your new neighbor, I heard your fight with,” Liam stopped, as he could see the hurt on his face.

“Oh, don’t worry, I am fine.” The man looked down, proceeding to close the door.

Liam put his hand, stopping the door, “You don’t look okay at all.”

The man looked up, with his long eyelashes, “This is not funny. If you’re playing a prank on me or something, get lost. I don’t need your shit.”

Liam sighed, surprisingly calm, “I am not joking around. You’re clearly going through something. And I can’t let you be alone in this. I am a stranger, I won’t judge you. I promise.”

The man sniffed, “Alright. Come in, it’s kind of a mess.”

Liam stepped into the flat and he was right, the flat was a mess. Broken dishes on the counter, cushions, and curtains ripped and photo frames smashed on the floor.

“My name’s Zayn.”

Liam sat down on the sofa, “I am Liam. It’s nice meeting you.”

Zayn half smirked, “I don’t think it’s nice meeting me right now.”

Liam cringed at what he had said, “I am sorry.”  Zayn sat down next to him on the sofa, moving the cushions fallen on the floor away from his feet.

“It was so nice in the beginning, you know,” Zayn started, already sounding like he was about to cry.

Liam didn’t respond, letting Zayn say whatever he needed to.

“We were so in love, it was my first serious relationship. Everyone said Matt and I would last forever. The first two years were amazing.”

“And then,” Zayn continued with his voice shaking, “It all started coming down. He wouldn’t wanna spend time with me emotionally or physically. He would come home later, stay up all night on his phone, grinning and smiling.”

“But those smiles never came on his face when was around me. He always looked irritated. Frustrated.”

Zayn sniffed, “I didn’t understand what was happening, I tried talking to him but he would just brush it off. He stopped helping me with chores, stopped going out with me, it was like we were two strangers living in this house. Fuck, I’ve talked to you more than I talked to Matt in a week.”

“He would never touch me, never look at my face. Nothing.”

Zayn looked at Liam for a look of judgement but instead found eyes full of empathy and kindness.

“I don’t want to get into it but I found he was cheating on me. With a boy from his work. I confronted him about it, and he had the decency to apologize and he said he would never do it again and that he would try to make our relationship work.”

“I like the idiot I am,” Zayn laughed bitterly, “Accepted him. I still had trust even though he had broken my heart so many times.”

“For a few days, Matt tried. He tried to show me he was trying and I was so fucking happy because finally, my relationship was going back to normal. Finally, I would get the love of my life back.”

“Till,” Zayn’s voice broke, a tear falling down his cheek,”I found him cheating on me in our bed. With the same guy.”

“That was a few hours ago.” Zayn told Liam, his eyes still on the floor, with tears falling down, “And then you heard whatever happened.”

At this point, Zayn was crying with his hands on his face and Liam had never in his entire life felt so much hatred and disgust for a person he had never seen.

Liam scooched over near Zayn, engulfing him into a hug. Liam was expecting Zayn to pull away and tell him to get lost, but instead, Zayn hugged him back with all his might and sobbed into his shoulder. Liam made circles on Zayn’s back, he remembered his mother doing it to him when he would come crying from school. And, Liam didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t awkward with Zayn. Zayn felt like an old friend, a friend who knew Liam’s deepest darkest secrets and his insecurities and what kept him up at night.

Liam whispered soft encouraging words into Zayn’s ears, trying to slow down Zayn’s racing heartbeat that he felt against his chest.

Slowly, Zayn’s sobs came to an end, leaving slight hiccups and sniffs.

“I’ll get you water,” Liam got up and walked towards the kitchen. He noticed a wet patch on his jacket, but he didn’t mind.

Slowly walking through the broken glasses and plates, Liam handed Zayn a glass of water and sat next to him.

“Feel any better?” Liam asked.

Zayn hummed, still sniffing, “Thank you. I can’t believe you don’t even know me and you’ve done more than people I’ve known for my entire life have done for me.”

Liam smiled, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Uhm, can I ask you for a favor?” Zayn asked Liam in a hesitant voice.

“Go for it.”

“Can I-I sleep in your flat? This flat and the bed reminds me of him and I-” Zayn’s voice broke again as he tried to push the hurt back inside of him.

“Of course, although I’ve just moved in so don’t have a proper bed. You’ll have to sleep on a mattress.”

“I would sleep on the floor if it meant I could get away from this flat for a while,” Zayn responded.  

Liam smiled, “Let’s go then.”

They both walked to Liam’s flat with Zayn looking like he was about to cry again and Liam with an ache in his heart because Zayn was about to cry again.

“You probably so tired from all the shifting and then I made it even worse, didn’t I?”

“Shut up, it’s none of that,” Liam said with a honesty in his voice.

Zayn smiled, “Thank you. I won’t be surprised if you were an angel who came here to help me and then would disappear when I woke up in the morning.”

Liam giggled, “I am far from an angel.”

Zayn smiled, but he knew deep down in his heart that for him on that chilly night in August, Liam was an angel in his life. An angel that had invisible wings and an angel that would become an important part of his life, forever and always.

Neither of them knew the last part.

Hey! I’m sure I’ve already posted this snippet of chapter 1 of one of my wips, but I think I must have deleted it for some silly reason. Anyway I’m posting again cause I need a link for a fic tag challenge post that I’m working on.  It was inspired by the pics of Zayn and Liam walking in the rain in New York. Thanks 🙂


Chapter One - A storm is coming

New York. The city that never sleeps.

Well Liam could certainly attest to that, having been woken up at the arse crack of dawn by a group of rowdy revellers coming back to their hotel room, which unfortunately just happened to be directly across the hallway from his room.

So that’s how he found himself aimlessly walking the streets of New York at this early hour, even though it was raining (luckily he was smart enough to borrow an umbrella from the hotel lobby), and even though he really had no idea where he was going. But the longer and further he walked the less he found himself minding that he wasn’t still snuggled under the soft duvet of his hotel bed, as he took in the array of unusual building, both old and new, as well as all the eclectic mix of people that made this city one of the most interesting Liam had ever visited. 

And after a half hour or so of exploring even the inconvenience of persistent rain didn’t seem so bad, although the same couldn’t be said for his ever increasing hunger. Each cafe or restaurant he passed, with the delicious aroma of coffee and freshly cooked bacon wafting out onto to the street, increasingly driving home the point that he was yet to have any breakfast. So any tourist tendencies he may have enjoyed were now superseded with the need for food, as he vowed to stop at the next decent looking place he came across.

As it turned out though, breakfast would have to wait, because that’s when it happened. A random occurrence if you will. Perhaps some would say a strange twist of fate. Maybe even destiny, if Liam believed in that sort of thing.

And the form Liam’s supposed destiny had decided to take on this day? 

Zayn Malik, literally walking back into his life after so many years had passed.

And how? 

Well, initially Liam had been distracted in his attempts to navigate one of the city’s old cobble stone streets, potentially hazardous at the best of times, but even more so when slippery from the rain. But that was until he lifted his gaze, coincidentally just as this very much unexpected face from the past turned the corner at the end of the block.

There Zayn was, in all his glory, walking directly towards him; head slightly bowed, with his hoodie pulled up over his head in a futile attempt to protect him from the rain.

It had been seven years. Seven long years since he’d last born witness to that beautiful face. Seven years that had changed Liam in so, so many ways, but apparently at-least one that hadn’t. His reaction to seeing Zayn.

That familiar feeling of seemingly all the air in his lungs leaving in one go. His heart rate increasing, so much so that he could hear the thud, thud, thud inside his head. His palms going sweaty and the hairs on the back of his neck prickly up in an instant.

This is what Zayn did to him; what he had always done to him. Just seeing him for a split second and he was already feeling so overcome with emotion.

So that’s why he made the split second decision to turn around, fully intending to walk away from Zayn as quickly as he could in the opposite direction. Because as much as there was a part of him that wanted to see Zayn, speak to Zayn, be in his presence just one more time; there was a bigger part that was scared, scared of the emotions he could already feel stirring up inside him, feelings he had buried down deep long ago. Feelings he had no great desire to confront once again.

Best laid plans and all that though, because no sooner had he taken a retreating step away from Zayn and his past, did he hear his name being called in that distinct Bradford accent, still as thick as it always was, and in that moment he knew he had no other choice but to turn back around and face his ex.

“Leeyum. I thought it was you,” Zayn marvelled, as arrived just a few meters from Liam on the sidewalk.

“Hey,” Liam replied meekly, hand lamely raising in a weird sort of wave, as guilt washed over him for trying to avoid Zayn.

“I was worried you hadn’t heard me calling after you for a minute, but then I saw you turn around, so yeah, obviously you did,” Zayn went on, voice trailing of as he finished speaking. He bowed his head then, and Liam knew from years of observing this man that it meant he was feeling uncomfortable and probably a little embarrassed too.

All of this just made Liam feel even worse, because the only person who should’ve felt any  embarrassment was him. So he immediately went about rectifying the situation, in the only way he knew how—making a lame joke.

“Yeah, well I heard this thick Bradford accent and I got to say it was such a shock to the system to hear that in the middle of a New York street that it took me a moment to realise it was my name being called!” Liam teased, plastering on his best happy grin in hopes of easing any tension between them.

Thankfully, it seemed to work, as that familiar little giggle of Zayn’s made a welcome appearance, along with his just as familiar, nose crinkling smile.

“Well I see your habit of cracking lame jokes hasn’t changed then, Li,” Zayn observed, shaking his head in that long-suffering, but still fond way of his.

Liam smiled, a real one this time, relieved that at least they were still able to gently rib each other without it feeling to awkward.

“So what brings you to New York? You on holidays?” Zayn asked, removing his hood as the rain finally eased, revealing a shaved head and a whole host of new tattoos that definitely weren’t there last time Liam saw Zayn.

“Umm,” Liam stumbled, still distracted by how different Zayn looked now. “Yes. With Mum and Dad. Me, Nic and Ruth surprised them with a trip here for their fortieth wedding anniversary.”

“And you decided to tag along?” Zayn interjected, a little smirk tugging at his lips, which only someone who knew him as well as Liam did would even have noticed.

“Yes,” Liam groaned, with a wink. “And before you ask me why I’d want to come away with me parents as a thirty year old, it was Mum’s idea, not mine. She knew I hadn’t had a decent holiday for a long while, so after a lot of nagging from her, I must say, I eventually gave in. And besides, I’ve  being doing my own thing a lot of the time, so it’s not like we’ve been living in each other’s pockets or anything. It’s actually been nice to get to spend some time with them for a change.”

“So you’re still living in London then?”

“Yep. And still working my arse off, so don’t get much chance to get back home, other than for special occasions or at Christmas. But we Skype all the time, so it’s not so bad, ya know?” 

As Liam finished talking he couldn’t help but notice a slight grimace on Zayn’s face, realising in a rush the likely insensitivity of him talking about keeping in touch with his family. He could only imagine how much harder it must be for him living half way across the world. 

“Sorry. Here I am rabbiting on about keeping in touch my family, when you’ve been living over here and away from yours for so long,” Liam apologised. “So they’re all good then?” he continued, finding himself suddenly feeling a little longing for Zayn’s family as well, who in many ways he’d considered to be just as much his family as his own.

Zayn offered a soft smile in response. “Yeah they’re all doing great thanks. And no need to apologise, Li. It’s not on you, trust me. I get homesick all on me own as well,” he admitted, before his eyes glazed over for a few seconds, staring off into the distance as if recalling something. 

“Just this morning, when I was making some coffee to try to wake m’self up to work on a new painting, I just happened to pick up a mug I had gotten special for mum to use when she last here—ya know what she’s like about always wanting her tea in a fucking enormous cup. And it just hit me all of a sudden that I’m going to miss her birthday again this year.”

Zayn sighed deeply then, one which seemed to verge more on the side of resigned than sad, looking back towards Liam as he went on, “It’s sucks, but it’s the life I chose for m’self innit, so I’ve got no real right to complain do I?”

And boy was that a loaded statement. Yeah, the decisions Zayn (and he) had made all those years ago, which ultimately resulted in him making New York his home, had definitely had their fair share of rather monumental consequences. Zayn missing out on family milestones was maybe one that Liam hadn’t really given much thought to, always too focused on everything that he was missing. 

But those were things Liam had no desire to revisit in this moment, so he determined to plow ahead—maintain a friendly, but somewhat detached disposition and hopefully they would both get out of this unplanned revisiting of the past relatively unscathed.

In light of that Liam decided to seize on something Zayn had said that he hoped would be far safer territory for them, skilfully avoiding making an sort of comment on Zayn’s last words, as he teased, “So you were up early to paint? Since when does Zayn Malik get up before ten am, unless he absolutely has to?”

“Since he has a deadline coming up for a commission from a demanding fucking client who doesn’t understand little things like inspiration or the creative process,” Zayn elaborated, a note of distain his voice.

“That bad hey? Reminds me of that prick that owned the gallery where you had your first showing  back in London. I remember you coming home fuming after spending that first day ironing out the details with him and complaining that he didn’t know art from his arse,” Liam laughed, happy to recall such a fond memory, but then also kind of annoyed with himself for bringing up something from their lives together, when not a minute earlier he’d vowed not to go down that path again.

Luckily Zayn didn’t seem to mind the little impromptu trip down memory lane as he started to laugh along with Liam—and not just any ordinary laugh, no, one of those nose wrinkling, eye crinkling laughs of his. It had always been Liam’s favourite, one that he had witnessed so, so many times it had become indelibly burnt on his psyche. And he would be lying if he was to say it didn’t fill him with an immeasurable amount of pride that he was still able to have this affect on someone who was once so very important to him. Why? Well that was a question for another time.

“Well with a name like Mr. Winterbottom, it seemed an appropriate thing to say!” Zayn joked back.

Liam just shook his head at Zayn’s attempted humour, before his curiosity about why he was out and about this early in the morning finally got the better of him. 

“So if you’re supposed to be painting, why are you roaming the streets of Soho in the rain, with no umbrella I might add,” Liam asked, not able to stop himself from teasing Zayn again. “And why all the way down here? Bit of a hike from your apartment innit?”

Zayn quirked an eyebrow at Liam before realisation seemed to set in. “Oh. You’re talking about my old place on the Upper East Side,” Zayn began. “No. I live here in Soho now. Yeah I moved into a new apartment about a month or so back.”

Soho? Zayn lived in Soho now? Soho, where Liam’s hotel was? A hotel he had specifically picked—yes because it wasn’t too expensive and a close enough to most of the things his mum and dad wanted to see. But the main reason? Well it was far enough away from where Zayn lived that there was practically zero risk of accidentally running in to each other. Well obviously fate had different ideas!

“Oh,” Liam mumbled in reply, still trying to wrap his head around this strange turn of events. “So you live close by then?”

“Yeah. Just up there actually,” Zayn confirmed, pointing to a quite old, but still impressive looking building just across the street from where they stood.

Liam gulped. They had the whole bloody island of Manhattan to cohabit. Over a million people and it turns out he’s been less than five minutes walking distance from Zayn this whole time? Fate. Destiny. Whatever force was at play here, sure had a fucking ridiculous sense of humour.

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m back with another pointless, fluffy drabble! Did you ask? No but I’ll shove it down your throats anyway :))

In which, Ziam create a joint Youtube account for the purpose of posting day-to-day vlogs, to offer fans an insight into their personal lives. It turns out very differently of course…


“No, listen you do it.” Zayn shoved the laptop towards Liam and onto his lap. They were sat in their comfiest pajamas in bed, blankets strewn across and tangled in their legs. Liam put his cup of coffee down on the side table and gave Zayn all his attention.

Lately, with all the media circus and hype around the two of them, frankly which was expected since they came out, the fans were getting antsier by the day, desperate for a view into the lives of ‘Ziam’.

Liam giggled into Zayn’s shoulder as his husband scrolled through his twitter feed, their mentions rife with the hashtag, even having made it a worldwide trend.

“This is mad,” he whispered into the soft material of Zayn’s hoodie, only getting a gentle peck on his head from the other man as a response.

He knew Zayn was, too, in awe of the positive response, both men having expected to have lost a chunk of their followers. But it didn’t happen, and now the worst was over, the coming out dealt with. Now they had their entire lives to look forward to, to be as they are and always will be: together.

Liam frowned at his husband’s blank expression and looked down at the screen of the laptop, a red and white themed page open on it. He sighed and regarded Zayn with a gentle gaze.

“Babe, it’s easy, don’t worry.” He chastened the other man, only pulling a tentative look from him but not much else. Zayn had always thought his lack of tech knowledge was a weakness but Liam was always there to ward off such thoughts.

He pulled on Zayn’s hoodie (Liam’s merch from his first album) and tucked him into his side, a strong arm preventing him from squirming too much. A few clicks and a few details added and their new joint Youtube account was ready to use. Liam smiled triumphantly at the screen then turned his face to look at Zayn who was –

–slumped across Liam’s chest, with drooping eyelashes and an open mouth, fast asleep.

He grinned down at the sight; maybe this is what he should start with, he thought devilishly, slowly pulling his cellphone towards him from the side table and switching on the camera app.


It was well after a few months when Zayn decided he’d had enough for a whole vlog-like video to be posted on their account. Of course, they loved their fans and wanted to share their lives with them too, but there was only so much vlogging they could squeeze in, with their busy schedules and hectic routines.

Zayn had taken to recording during breaks at the studio with Liam giggling intensely at Loki rolling around on the floor, snorting between munching on fries. He zoomed in on Liam’s red face, beard growing thick and scruffy and a snapback worn backwards perched on his head. He looked every bit the teenager he fell in love with, just a bit more beefy. Reprimanding himself mentally, he continued recording until Liam’s laughs had resorted into loud snorts, his body bowing with the force of his laughter and the camera shook because damn his giggles were infectious.

Unbeknownst to Zayn, Liam had also taken to capturing those soft, sweet and quiet moments between the two of them, where not a stitch of designer wear was on their backs, where no deal was left to be fulfilled and where no one could see them.

“They don’t know about us”, Liam whispered into Zayn’s ear, giggling slightly as he pulled a clingy Zayn onto his lap, the sounds around them drowned in lazy, sloppy kisses.

At the moment, Liam sneaked across their lounge and hid behind one of the sofas, his feet bare to hide the sound of his steps, he grinned to himself as he switched on his camera app.

Zayn was stood with his back to the lounge, humming under his breath and slightly swaying from side to side as he cut some vegetables on the counter.

“We need to start eating healthy, Liam.” His hand was given a sharp slap when Liam attended to sneak another fry from the dinner table. He pouted but his husband fixed a pointed expression, and Liam deflated with a heaving sigh.

Well if he was gonna be eating healthy for the rest of his life, at least he can get some revenge in for it. He edged closer from behind the sofa until he was almost right behind Zayn, only a few feet separating the two. He was still recording when he heard it, the smoky undertones sounding out familiar hums and lyrics.

He was singing songs off Liam’s album. Liam quickly turned the front-facing camera on, his hands shaky and heart beating with the force of the love he felt for his husband. He recorded himself listening to Zayn singing and humming in the kitchen while he mouthed the words, “I love him!” to the camera.


They sat across each other on different sofas, facing each other with laptops propped up and a video file open on each screen. Liam had Zayn’s laptop with a video ready to play and Zayn had Liam’s. The two had decided after gathering enough footage and little snippets to make their own edits of the video clips. That is of course, Zayn had made two, his first one being too ‘artsy’ for Liam. Sue him, he liked filters.

But right now, the two needed to watch each other’s edits to finally decide on which one should be posted. They both pressed play after a quick nod and with headphones on, watched the videos.

By the end of it, Zayn was in tears but so was Liam.


When fans had logged onto their social medias, they had been absolutely gobsmacked to find a video, an edit rather full of unseen footage of Liam and Zayn. But most importantly, an edit of Ziam made by the very own Ziam.

Ecstatic and helplessly breathless, with one click they all watched the video one by one. And as expected were in tears after it.

Tears of hysterical laughter, of course.

You see, while they had anticipated a romantic view into the lives of a married couple, what they had gotten was snippets of hysterical giggling, antics of Not-a-Morning-Person Zayn, Loki attempting to fit himself into a vase and also Zayn laying in a strip of sunlight, shared grumpily with the rest of their pets.

“It’s art, Liam.” He proclaimed, voice mock-serious.

“What, laying in the sunlight?”

“Ye-ow! Loki no- Liam! Your son is being annoying.”

“Oh, so he’s my son when he’s annoying but it’s ‘That’s my boy!’ when he sits on my face when I’m sleeping!”

There were also cute moments of the two sharing a slice of cake but that clip ended when a drunk Zayn smeared chocolate icing on Liam’s forehead while shouting ‘Simba!’

Also on the video, was when Liam had accidentally set fire to roses on a dinner date –

“It’s symbolic, Liam.”

“Shut up, Zayn.”

- and when Zayn had ended up walking out in the middle of a meeting with Liam’s music video producers and Liam’s social media intern had swung the camera around to capture Zayn in all his morning glory.

Of course, Liam’s mouth had gone dry at the sight of a shirtless but grumpy Zayn prowling around in his boxer shorts, hair adorably standing up and a scowl ever-present on his face. Yup, after all these years, that turned him on the most.

The others had tittered nervously at the sight of him and Liam had laughed it off, following his husband to the kitchen and getting some cuddle time in; which consisted of Liam clinging onto Zayn with arms wrapped around his waist and his head on his shoulder, as Zayn grumpily shoved spoonfuls of Weetabix in his mouth.

All this and much, much more was what greeted fans on the eve of a very important date, 25th March.

Those little shits.

Hope you enjoyed! x

Broke your heart, (I’ll put it back together.)

Hi. I am back with a drabble. It starts out angsty it gets fluffy at the end, I promise. Hope you like it. 

Liam froze. His mind went blank, with those three words just ringing in his head. It was almost like he couldn’t move or speak after he heard those words come out of Zayn’s mouth. With his mouth slightly open, and his eyes widened, Liam didn’t know how to respond. At all.

“So you don’t feel the same, right?” Zayn bitterly chuckled, with his eyes looking everywhere but Liam’s face. And Liam was almost grateful for that, he wasn’t sure if he could face his eyes.

Zayn stood up from the bench, and brushed his clothes,”I don’t why I thought this would lead anywhere,” Zayn sniffed, “I am sorry.”

And before Liam could respond, Zayn walked away from the bench and Liam, into the cold night.

Liam stood up from the bench, his legs wobbly, and his mind clouded. He thought about everything and what Zayn said to him.

‘I love you.’

And it was not more of Zayn saying that to him and Liam loving him back, it was more, a shock as to why Zayn, such a beautiful man inside out would love him. Love the boring and dull Liam. Why would he do that?

Liam had a crush on Zayn since he first understood love in middle school through all those cheesy songs and it was confirmed when he wrote similar cheesy songs in high school about Zayn when he learned the guitar.

Liam was shaken from his thoughts when the phone rang. He shuffled through his jacket and looked at the name- Louis.

“What the fuck, you idiot?” Louis’ loud voice rang through the phone.

It seemed like Liam just couldn’t talk anymore because he just responded with an incoherent voice and Louis shouting back at him with, “What the fuck did you do? He’s locked himself in his room and I can hear him crying. What have you done?”

“I didn’t do nothing. That’s the problem.” Liam whispered.

“Don’t try to riddle me, Liam. What the fuck did you do?”

“I didn’t do shit, Louis! That’s the fucking issue! He confessed his feelings, and I just sat there, staring at him with a shocked expression on my face and did not utter a single word till he left. There you have it.”  Liam answered with a slight annoyance in his voice which wasn’t directed at his best mate, but at himself.

Louis sighed, “Why did you do that, Li. You know, it took me months to convince him to confess to you.” Louis responded in a much softer voice.

“I fucked up. Really bad.” Liam felt himself choking and his eyes burning with tears, “I couldn’t believe it that Zayn would choose me and he would even be in love with the most boring person in the entire world.”

“Stop putting yourself down,” Louis scolded him with a sharp voice, “And you need to clean the mess you made, apologize, confess your feelings and then make out or something.”

Liam slightly smiled at that, “Alright.”


‘Mission: Get the love of my life back.’ Liam muttered to himself while tying his shoelaces. He stood up from the sofa, and took a deep breath- He could do this.

He walked through the cold November air with large steps and nervousness in the beat of his heart.

He counted his steps, trying to calm himself down because it was going to go as Liam planned it out to be. Or, that’s what he tried to convince himself.

He stood in front of the cafe, trying to calm himself down. It’s going to be fine.

He opened the door, and he took a sharp breath, Zayn was right there, behind the counter, taking orders.

“Welcome, what would you like?” Zayn’s deep voice asked. His eyes were looking at down, not noticing Liam was there.

“You,” Liam responded. As soon as Liam uttered that word, Zayn’s head snapped right up.

“Liam, what are you doing?” Zayn whispered in an angry tone, “Please. I am working. Go.”

“I got it, Zayn. I can cover for you while you both sort it out.” Niall said with a smile.

Liam gave Zayn the most convincing smile he could that would coax Zayn to talk to him, “Please.”  

Zayn sighed, “Fine. But only five minutes.”

It looked like Liam just won a lottery with the smile he had after what Zayn said, making Niall chuckle and nod his head.

Zayn took him to a back room which was mostly empty except for a table and a few chairs.

“You don’t have to apologize, Liam, I get it. You don’t love me, you only see me as a friend and-” Liam interrupted his sentence with a peck on Zayn’s cheek. “Stop it. I am in love with you, you knob.”

Zayn looked into Liam’s eyes for the first after a while, “You aren’t joking, are you?”

Liam held Zayn’s hands and brought it to his chest, “No. I am so in love with you, Zayn. I’ve been in love with you since I knew about love, babe. I froze up that day because I just couldn’t believe that you returned those feelings.”

“Of course I did,” Zayn responded with a smile on his face, “I am so in love with you, you’ve no fucking idea.”

“Can I kiss you?” Liam asked, with his red all over his cheek, “Please?”

Zayn giggled with a crinkly-eyed smile, “Come on then.”

Hi! I saw this dialogue prompt - “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” and I found myself wanting to write a ziam drabble loosely based on how my parents met and ended up getting engaged after they were set up on a blind date while my mum was on a working holiday in the uk. After a whirlwind romance they found themselves in love, but the only problem was my mum was terribly homesick and wanted to return to Australia, leaving my dad with a big dilemma on his hands! This is unfinished and although I’m not really writing anymore (apart from a couple of commitments) there’s a very small part of me that wants to complete this, so I guess I just want to see if there’s any interest? Thanks 🙂

“Fuck it - do you wanna get married?”

“What? You what?” Zayn spat out incredulously, head jerking up towards his boyfriend at break neck speed.

“You and me. We should get married. Then … then you’d have a reason to stay,” Liam admitted hopefully, big brown eyes in full puppy dog mode, as he reached forward to grab hold of Zayn’s hand.

“Li? What are you talking about babe? I … I can’t stay, you know that,” Zayn countered, confusion etched on his face. “And I know you mean well, but blurting out a spur of the moment marriage proposal that you don’t really mean, isn’t going to change that.”

“Who says I didn’t mean it Zed - I meant it. I do want to marry you - I wouldn’t joke about something so important. I thought you knew me better than that,” Liam finished forlornly, letting go of Zayn’s hand which only prompted him to surge forward and pull Liam into a tight embrace.

“I’m sorry love. I didn’t mean to make light of it,” Zayn fretted quietly into Liam’s neck, before pulling back to look him in the eye. “You just took me by surprise, is all. I honestly didn’t know you felt that way. I’m … I’m still confused though. I mean I love you - I’ve got no doubt about that, but marriage? We’ve only know each other for six weeks babe.”

Zayn could feel Liam rubbing circles over his lower back, just under his shirt, a nervous habit of his Zayn had grown accustomed to despite their limited time together. And while it pained him to be cognisant of Liam’s distress, at the same time he was comforted in the  knowledge that they had already developed such an instinctual connection in the few short weeks they had been seeing each other.

“Is it really that crazy?” Liam asked hopefully.

Zayn quirked an eyebrow at Liam in response because, yes, it was kinda crazy to think about committing yourself to someone for life (cause marriage to Zayn was not something to be taken lightly - hopefully a once in his lifetime deal) after such a short time.

Liam let his hands fall away from Zayn’s waist, moving them up to cup his face gently, before pleading, “Just hear me out ok love? Alright yes it’s only been six weeks, but as you said, we already know how much we love each other and I don’t know about you, but I honestly can’t see myself wanting to ever be with anyone else. And I meant it - I want to be your husband and for you to be mine. First thought of it after that very first weekend, in fact, when I woke up to find you bringing me breakfast in bed.”

“You decided you wanted to marry me cause I made you half-burnt toast and lukewarm tea for breaky? Come on Li, you sure your weren’t just looking at me through ‘amazing sex coloured glasses’? I mean that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had but it’s hardly a good enough reason to decide you want to spend the rest of your life with someone,” Zayn teased casually, even though underneath his relatively calm exterior, his heart was threatening to beat right out of his chest at the thought that someone like Liam could have fallen for him so quickly.

Liam giggled at Zayn’s words, eyes crinkling slightly with the force of it, as he thankfully appeared to finally relax a little.

“It wasn’t your cooking skills you doughnut!” Liam chastised, swatting playfully at Zayn’s chest. “Or your exemplary sexual prowess, although that is a fucking fantastic bonus - pardon the pun. No, it was because no one had ever done that for me before, well apart from me mum. And it was the little touches, like toasting two different slices of bread, one white, one wholemeal cause you said you didn’t know which one I liked better or bringing in the milk and sugar separately cause you didn’t know how I took my tea or …”

“Leeyum. Stop. It really wasn’t that big of a deal to get two different types of bread and it probably took me all of a minute to pour some milk in a jug and put a few spoonfuls of sugar in a bowl, although looking back now I would have got a bit more sugar if I’d known how much of a sweet tooth you have,” Zayn protested, emphasising his last point with a little tickle of his fingers against Liam’s jaw.

“Or,” Liam continued, none too subtly ignoring Zayn’s attempts to brush off the significance of his actions that day, as he he brought a hand down to rest against his boyfriends and potential fiancé heart, “the amazing little sketch I found that you had drawn of me - I assume while I had been sleeping, that you obviously hadn’t realised had gotten stuck to the bottom of the breakfast tray.”

Zayn couldn’t help but stare in disbelief at Liam, his mouth wide open in what was a probably a fairly unattractive gape, such was he surprise at Liam’s confession.

He’d spent a good half hour, on and off that day, taking every opportunity to search for that damn sketch whenever Liam had been preoccupied with something else, like taking a shower or cooking dinner. Liam was right, he had drawn it while he slept, Zayn unable to resist the urge to capture all of the little nuisances that made up his beautiful Liam, even if back then he was still pretty much a total stranger.

They had met the night before on a blind date set up by their respective friends, Harry and Louis, who seemed to be on a mission to ensure everyone they knew found true love just like they had. And while Zayn had been mightily skeptical of Louis’ outlandish declaration that this friend of Harry’s was ‘your dream man come to life’, he couldn’t deny that on first sight Liam, physically at least, was most definitely Zayn’s type - all broad shoulders, bulging biceps and a blinding smile that lit up the whole room. And that initial attraction only grew stronger when they eventually had a chance to talk properly (between bouts of some pretty full on flirting, when Liam somehow persuaded him to dance) as Zayn found out that not only did they have a lot in common, but also that Liam was quite possibly the nicest individual he’d ever had the pleasure to meet.

Cut to that next morning after Zayn uncharacteristically agreed to go back to Liam’s, where they did indeed enjoy a night of some amazing sex. Because that is when, if Zayn too was being honest with himself, he began to daydream of what a life with one Liam Payne could be like.

But unfortunately could became the operative word not longer after that first fateful 24 hours, as something unexpected happened that meant Zayn wasn’t in a position to consider settling down and making a life with a any man, even one as wonderful as Liam.

favorite fics 8/?

You Know I Got You by @softbubby

“You don’t think I look stupid?” Zayn murmurs, fingers spreading across Liam’s thigh to tug him closer. He keeps his hand there, resting against his inner knee, gently cupping it and smoothing a thumb across the rough material of his jeans.

Liam snorts, he can’t help it. His breath is catching in his lungs just looking at Zayn because he is so beautiful, and he can’t grasp the concept of how Zayn doesn’t get it.

[Alternatively, the one where Zayn and Liam will do anything to protect and take care of the other, but admitting their feelings well -] (15k)

My Name Is Legion - Chapter 1

By: doveziam
Pairing: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne
Rating: E
Genre: Supernatural/Demon Fic
Chapters: 1/10 (WIP)

As soon as he put his feet inside the club, a shiver ran through Zayn’s spine. Only selected people entered there, and those who entered knew to leave what happened in the club inside its walls. Gehenna wasn’t a place to anyone.

(Or Zayn needed a job desperately. So desperately he was willing to accept a job in a place that gave him chills. If Niall could handle it, he could too. Couldn’t he?)

Thanks to the lovely @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow for editing it. Love you, Toni!

Chapter 1 on AO3 or under the cut

Keep reading

“Sooo. How do I look?”

“Hmm? Oh … great. Yeah wonderful babe - your best Halloween costume yet,” Zayn replied distractedly, barely taking a second to actually look up at his overly excited boyfriend.

“Zaaayynn! You didn’t even have a proper look,” Liam protested, hands on hips and full bottom lip pressed into an exaggerated pout. “Come on babe. Can you just get your nose out of that damn textbook for a minute and take a look at me costume. I’ve been working on it all day and I’m anxious to get your opinion - don’t want to go out in public looking like a complete knob.”

Zayn finally acquiesced to Liam’s plea, peering up over the bridge of his reading glasses to get his first proper look at who Liam was dressed up as. Woody, as in Toy Story (one of their all time favourite films) and Zayn couldn’t help the spontaneous little giggle that escaped from his mouth, once he’d fully taken it all in.  Liam had on an old straw hat that his mum had inadvertently left behind on her last visit, which he had studiously painted. (Describe Liam’s outfit.)

“Don’t laugh, you prick. You know it wasn’t easy to pull this together at the last minute. And especially considering it was your fault in the first place that I had to make my own.”

“Ok. I’ve already apologised about a million times for forgetting to get to the fancy dress shop before all the good costumes were taken and I think you’re forgetting that I did actually end up getting you something - it’s not my fault you decided not to wear it.”

“Oh. Really? So now it’s all on me cause I refused to dress up as a sexy policeman? Come on Zayn you know that I would have looked like some dodgy male stripper if I’d worn that!”

“Yeah. Well, that was kind of the point babe. You would’ve looked fucking fit. I mean not that you don’t now actually. Your so hot babe you can even make someone as wholesome as Woody, sexy!”

Zayn shuffled forward on the bed, grabbing Liam around the hips and drawing him towards him.

“Careful love the paint on my hat isn’t quite dry yet,” Liam cautioned.

“Ok, then take it off. Actually …” Zayn paused briefly, moving his hands up to the top button of Liam’s shirt, “strike that. I think we should keep the hat on and take the rest of it off instead!”

“Zayn!” Liam’s exclaimed, pushing his suddenly horny boyfriend’s hands away. “There’s no time for any of that now babe, we’ve got to get a move on. But, if you promise to get your outfit on straight away I might make it up to you later.”

Zayn gazed up at Liam smirking down at him and despite the feeling of fondness it automatically induced in him, he sincerely doubted Liam’s ability to follow through with his racy suggestion, signalling as much with an exaggerated eye roll.

“Yeah, well you say that now, but you and I both know you’ll be so stuffed full of lollies and chocolate by the end of the night, that you’ll be in no condition to do anything but collapse on the bed and moan about why I let you eat too much!”

This Unbearable Lightness by anonymous | zayn/liam | mature | 9568

It’s hotel rooms and tour bus bunks and the backseats of cars and it’s fun and games and it’s all so easy until it’s not anymore.

Zayn and Liam are both struggling through their solo careers after One Direction and they find themselves going back to old habits. Or, the one where Zayn and Liam used to be together but it got complicated and now it’s a whole new level of complicated.

written as apart of the @ziamficexchange2k17 for AO3 user officialangelcas

please, please, please leave comments and kudos for this very patient author who has waited out the entire ordeal involving the hack and the works being out of our control

Hi, I’ve been quite inactive on tumblr as of now, but here’s little drabble I wrote. It’s a first meet because I’m a sucker for those. Hope you enjoy <3

“Mate, you’ll be alright.”

He probably has heard this sentence about a 100 times from Harry’s mouth, but he’s still not convinced. Maybe, it’s his tendency to overthink and over worry about everything in life. Life has never been easy to Zayn, anyways.

Working at a cafe doesn’t really bring you much money when that’s your main source of income, but Zayn can’t leave his studies, either. He has always had big ambitions, you see.

But he needed money. Really needed it. He didn’t want to bother his parents either because they already have so many responsibilities, Zayn didn’t want to be a burden.

“I can’t do a full-time job, you know that, Haz.” Zayn sipped his black coffee and slightly cringed at the strength of the caffeine.

“You know I am always here to help you, love. Stop worrying too much.” Harry smiled with his huge dimples out. They were like craters on the moon, honestly.

“That’s not the point,” Zayn rubbed his hand on his forehead,”I know you’ll help me, but I just want to do it on my own, y’know.” Zayn always liked to be independent, he never liked to be waiting for someone, or to be vulnerable to someone. Too many people had let him down.

“Don’t worry, I promise we’ll find a way.” Harry walked towards the kitchen, “For now, help me with the pasta, please.”


“Can I have a cappuccino please.”

Zayn hadn’t even looked up, but the voice sounded so sweet. Sweeter than the chocolate cake Harry baked for him last week. (Zayn likes to exaggerate, don’t mind it.)

“Coming right up,” Zayn said in his monotone voice he used at work while looking up to see who’s the owner of the honey-like voice.

It was a beautiful man. He was honestly coffee, chocolate and all things that make you feel warm inside, in human form. Eyes colored just like the coffee he ordered, dark chocolate hair, and bright pink lips.

“Uhm- something on my face?” He asked while touching his face repeatedly.

Oh, God. He probably thinks Zayn’s a creep. Goodness, he’s not trying to be fired from this job.

“Oh, n-not at all. Sorry.” He stuttered and turned around without seeing the reaction on the beautiful customer’s face, and started making the order.

“Here you go.” Zayn placed the cup on the counter.  

“Thank you very much.” The man smiled. “How much would that-”

Liam couldn’t finish his sentence before, an annoying female voice interrupted him.

“How can I help you, sir?” It was Sandra. Zayn’s manager. He knew exactly what she was doing; trying to find herself yet another boyfriend because she seemingly never could be with one for more than a week.

“Zayn why don’t you go and help out Lily with her orders, she seems quite busy.” Sandra gritted with a painful smile. He knew exactly what it meant. ‘Do as I say or you’re fired.’

Zayn walked away towards Lily, saddened by the fact that he couldn’t talk to the beautiful stranger a bit more. It was not like there was any point to it anyway. He was just another customer he’ll never see again.

About 5 minutes pass by. Zayn is working with Lilly, when Sandra, taps him on the shoulder.

“Go. The customer wants to talk to you..’ She rolled her eyes. Zayn couldn’t believe it, nor could he understand. It was the same man. Why did he want to talk to him? Was there something wrong with the coffee? (Zayn had probably never put in more effort than he put into that cup of coffee.)

“Yes?” Zayn called. The man’s back was facing him while he was busy looking out of the window.

“Oh, yes. Zayn, right?” How did he know his name? That’s weird.

“Yes, but how do you know my name?”

“Your name tag?” He pointed at Zayn’s ratty old name tag that he had been using for the past year. Gosh, he was stupid.

“Oh, okay,” Zayn muttered, clearly embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for calling you during your work hours, but I had an offer for you.” He smiled.

“What kind of offer?”
“A modelling offer,” Liam said as he rummaged through his jacket, to take out a card. “I’m a workshop organizer for a sculpting workshop.”

“Oh.” Zayn couldn’t grasp his head around of all this. Why would he think Zayn would be fit for a model? A model that people will literally sculpt?

“I thought you are the perfect fit for that.” He handed the card to Zayn. “I know this is very impromptu, but if you’re interested to give me a call. We can discuss the details.”

“Also, forgetten me basic manners. I’m Liam. Nice to meet you.” Liam handed out his hand.

Zayn just shook his hand back, he didn’t have anything to say. He needed time to process all of this.

“Will it be okay if I tell you by tomorrow, Liam?” Zayn asked.

“Of course, take your time.” He smiled. His smile was so pretty. Just like everything about him.

Zayn might’ve found himself a job with a potential special someone. Wait till Harry hears about this, there’ll be lots of teasing, hugs, and cookies in Harry and Zayn’s house that autumn evening.

Fate Has It

Something for the lot of us who seem to be stuck in a rut, where it doesn’t seem like something good might happen for or to us. This is my message to you, one day Fate will smile down on you and I x

Fate lies not with the stars…

“Grab a partner everyone, it’s almost time!”

Someone shouted into the cold air around them and Zayn almost didn’t hear them over the deafening sound of music pumping out of the speakers. Thankfully, it wasn’t snowing; it was freezing of course but it was tolerable for a bit of partying. He was stood on some stranger’s roof and he was cold and alone.

Harry and Louis were the ones who forced him to come in the first place; a New Year’s party that some of their university friends had thrown. He’d been reluctant of course, feeling far too old at the age of 25 to be partying this late on New Year’s.

But the alternative was sitting at home and pet-sitting his neighbour’s rather frisky pug.

So here he was, bundled up in his thickest clothes and a scarf round his neck in an attempt to keep warm as everyone awkwardly tried to dance through their winter gear. It was laughable yet fun to watch.

In front of him, he saw Harry and Louis intertwined with one another on the dance floor, of course heavily making out and not even stopping for a breath. Zayn scrunched his nose up in disgust at them; he’d already been forced through their obvious PDA throughout school, but now even in his single adult life he was forced to sit through it.

He sighed and turned away, scanning the crowd for any potential idiots that may seem interested in him. Sure, he knew he was easy on the eyes, but something about them always made him run the other way.

That one guy he dated right after his GCSE’s, what’s his name-Spencer. From the get-go, Zayn was bothered by his over-the-top dramatics and he knew Louis so that was a stretch. The guy had ended up creating a scene at a coffee shop after Zayn had taken a bite out of his jelly doughnut.

“Why did you eat my jelly doughnut? You know how I feel about them!” He had tearfully demanded of Zayn who had muttered out a horrified apology and literally run out of the shop.

Then there was that girl who was all sharp angles and dark smiles; who’d straddled Zayn at the back of the bar and kissed him hard and fast.

Just when he thought it could go somewhere, she’d ducked down and whispered into his ear, “I have a list of bad ideas I want to try. How do you feel about corpses?”

Needless to say, Zayn had scrambled away from her and gone and hid behind the bar where his friend, the bartender, had laughed at him until he was informed she’d gone away, looking confused.

He sighed dejectedly, there was no one here for him, and yet another year would be welcomed with him stuck in a rut and completely love-less.

Behind him, he could hear the echoes of a countdown.

Oh good, and he didn’t even have someone to kiss. Just as that thought had passed through his mind, he spotted a pair of blue eyes checking him out. They belonged to a man about his age with blond hair and an easy smile. The two gravitated towards each other and said their hello’s rather shyly.

After learning a bit about him, Zayn found that Vince was here on a vacation from Chicago. In his loose yet charming American accent, he informed Zayn that he’d noticed him ever since the party started and would love to take him out sometime.

Blushing slightly, Zayn agreed, “Yeah sure, why not? But before that I kinda havea favour for ya.”

Vince raised an eyebrow at him so he continued, “Be my New Year’s kiss?” He bit his lip nervously.

But the other man only smiled slowly at him before nodding and two laughed a little at the awkward moment between them.

Suddenly, the music stopped as the chant of countdown grew louder.

15, 14 ,13 …

Unbeknownst to Zayn, Vince had shouted a quick ‘I need a drink!’ and left to get one.

Zayn took a deep breath and let it out; all he had to do was turn and around and kiss him. That’s it. Nothing else to it.

9, 8 ,7 …

But as Fate would have it, Zayn needed at least one more embarrassing moment in 2018.

Just as the fireworks exploded in the sky, he whirled around and clenched his eyes shut as he grabbed Vince’s jacket.

He pulled the other man hard towards him, oddly enough not connecting why he yelled before their lips crashed.

It was a chaste kiss of course, too chaste for Zayn’s own liking. Though as seconds passed by, he noticed the other man wasn’t even moving his lips. He frowned against the man’s forehead and pulled back to ask him why –

Brown eyes widened in shock stared back at him. This wasn’t Vince!

His vision was clouded by confused eyes and furrowed thick eyebrows and as he pulled further back he took in the man’s face and was absolutely blown by how gorgeous he was. Even in his state of shock and confusion at being manhandled by Zayn, the man had the cutest button nose and soft, plump lips that were red thanks to Zayn.

Zayn jolted back to reality when he saw a confused and hurt Vince standing behind the man and he turned away before Zayn could apologise or even form words.

“Uh –“

Zayn quickly looked back at the man who was still staring at him in bewilderment.

“I’m so, so sorry – “He started out his rushed apology in hushed tones but the other man opened his mouth before Zayn could complete his sentence.

“Hey it’s okay, chill. I guessed by your face you meant to kiss someone else. Sorry I was in the way.” His voice was deep and warm and Zayn’s pretty sure his toes curled inside his thick boots at the sound.

But he shook his head, “No really it was my fault. Sorry again, mate.” He finally let go of the poor man’s jacket and smoothed it down for him, biting his lips at the feeling of hard muscle underneath.

The man smiled easily at him, “No worries. Me name’s Liam.” He held a hand out for Zayn to shake.

Zayn only smiled in answer and took the man’s hand. It was warm just like him and dwarfed his own hand. “Zayn.”

The two smiled awkwardly at each other before someone from behind Liam called him and he only shrugged at Zayn in apology before he was lost in the thick, drunk crowd.

As soon as he was gone, Zayn’s confidence crumbled entirely and he cringed into his own hands.

Happy fucking New Year to him.


Zayn groaned long and loud; unfortunately he rarely groaned in a sexy way these days, it was mostly in annoyance or anger.

Right now it was both, as he stared into his friends’ overly excited faces when they informed him about –

“A fucking picnic? Really? What are we, in our 70s?” Zayn demanded harshly but nothing but Armageddon could deter the forces of nature that were Louis and Harry.

“Come on, mate! You’re working yourself to the bone nowadays. Get out a bit. Have fun before your biological clock starts ticking.” Louis snickered at his own joke and when Zayn stared stonily at him, he looked to Harry for help.

His boyfriend obviously sided with him and before Zayn knew he had wrestled a few clothes into a handbag with him and they were stood on the pavement a few houses down the block from where they all lived.

It was 10am and the chilly January air was beginning to settle into his bones. Just before he could open his mouth to complain some more, a loud rackety and wheezing sound was heard coming down the road.

To his horror and Harry and Louis’ excitement, it was an old prison bus. The driver of the bus waved enthusiastically at him before stopping in front of them. The door to the bus was understandably broken and a strong scent of rusted metal leaked through.

Zayn was about to burst into tears.

“What the fuck?” He hissed at his friends who paid him no mind, and shoved his and their luggage into the bus right after climbing onto it themselves. Zayn was the last one to climb through, and the condition inside wasn’t any better.

Before he could find himself a seat away from everyone else, he spotted a familiar face.

Hair pushed back messily and beard grown out, it was Liam. The man looked even more delectable in daylight, a blue button up shirt that was left unbutton over his chest and tight black jeans that hugged powerful thighs.

And yet again Fate smirked down at him.

The bus jolted and rattled to a start and Zayn went flying. In his daydream of mentally undressing Liam, he’d completely forgotten he was standing inside a bus and all thoughts screeched to a halt before an alarm blared in his head.

He was falling and no one was going to catch him.

He let out a single, loud yelp and landed backwards onto something hard yet soft.

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes to see he’d fallen onto –

He groaned internally, it was Liam he’d fallen onto; his lap, to be exact.

The whole bus full of people going on the fucking picnic burst into laughter at the sight of Zayn in Liam’s lap, having fallen there thanks to his own clumsiness.

Zayn blushed something wild, eyes downcast as every laugh pierced through his self-esteem like knife through warm butter. This was like the worst sort of high school flashback and he chanced a look at his mates who were understandably scowling at the rest of the group.

Hands he hadn’t noticed on his hip suddenly clenched hard. He looked up to see Liam glaring hard at his friends who had laughed the loudest. Suddenly, he was being shifted and to his own shock he realized Liam wasn’t helping Zayn up off him, rather he was arranging Zayn so he was more comfortably positioned in his lap.

“That’s my boyfriend you’re laughing at you twats!” Liam’s loud voice echoed through the bus and swiftly everyone dropped the humour and went back to whatever they were doing – Liam’s friends included.

Zayn turned to look at Liam, all gloriously sexy in his anger, jaw clenched, “Boyfriend?” He whispered so no one else was privy to their conversation.

Liam’s hard expression dropped as he took in Zayn’s confusion. “Smile.”

That was an odd demand of him so Zayn questioned him, “Why?”

Liam’s face softened entirely as he shyly muttered back to him, “I like your smile.”

Both men were now profusely blushing, ignoring Harry and Louis’ loud giggles at their stupid love-sick behaviour. Zayn was the first to break as he burst into giggles he hid in Liam’s neck, enjoying the way his scruff tickled as gentle kisses were placed behind his ear.

…but within ourselves.

Here he was, yet another year, at yet another party. Though, this one was a bit different. It was a traditional wedding ceremony. Not his own, of course. His little sister, Safaa, had finally grown up enough to be married and all the years of their childhood life came back to him

He watched with amusement as family members rushed back and forth, shrill screeches from his sisters as they made sure everything was in place.

Zayn smiled softly at the sight of his father sitting by his grandmother, the two deep in some conversation, a little girl in his father’s lap; his own niece.

Drapes of flowers and garlands decorated the whole place and soft tones of a wedding song echoed through. Zayn took in a deep breath of jasmine and roses and smiled at his mum making her way to him.

“Zayn! Is everything ready, sunshine? Oh god I’ll have an aneurysm by the end of today!”

He laughed at his mum’s theatrics, “Mum c’mon I’m here I’ll help you out, won’t I?”

Soon he was directing arriving guests to their seats, ignoring his annoying friends’ loud laughter coming from the back table. How he wanted to join them. But first he’d to find someone else.

Turning around, he scanned the crowd, wedding guests milling in and out before he finally spotted the familiar figure.

He smiled as he was reminded of another time he’d scanned the crowd and ended up finding something else entirely.

He plopped down on a sofa beside where Liam was sat. His husband turned to look at him with a wide grin.


Zayn hummed and shifted closer, eyes dropping to Liam’s lips. “I’ll be better if you gimme a kiss.”

Liam burst into shocked laughter, eyes closing shut with the force of it, “You’re horrible at flirting.”

“Worked on you didn’t it?” Zayn scowled playfully.

“You mean falling onto my lap and forcefully kissing me?” Liam raised an eyebrow in amusement at his husband, whose mouth fell open in shock.

“It didn’t happen that way! –“

But Liam was already giggling and leaning in to kiss Zayn just so he’d shut up and not go on another one of his spiels about the truth.

They bumped noses awkwardly and laughed all the way into each other’s mouths and it was not a perfect kiss. But it was everything to Zayn and even more when –

A whine from between them broke their embrace as Liam quickly looked down at the tiny human strapped to his chest. “Oh look Mimi doesn’t like it.”

Zayn glared at his husband, “Her name is Maneha, stop normalizing Mimi!”

Liam only shrugged and held their daughter closer, “She’s Mimi just for Daddy!”

Zayn looked on with a soft gaze as his husband started his round of baby-talk, babbling and giggling stupidly at their own daughter who was not yet grown enough to even raise her head.

And after all those years, Fate smiled down at him.

anonymous asked:

"if i die,im never speaking to you again"

Me before I write this:  ah this’ll be a quick and easy drabble to do.  Me after I finished it, hmmm well that was the plan.  Some is under the cut nonnie, hope you like it.


“Aah, that’s better.”

Zayn follows his words with a loud sigh as he finally settles down on the settee. 

The one thing he’d not considered when he started out as a vet was the amount of standing around he’d have to do.

The amount of picking up overweight large dogs and how many times a small animal would pee on his hand.

It’s still the best job in the world though and for now, it’s enabling him to delay buying the dog he’d promised himself when he got a flat of his own.

“Malik, the way you groaned then as you sat down you sound like you’re 40, not 27, you’re so bloody unfit.”

Zayn lets his middle finger do the talking in response to his flatmate.  

Louis just laughs, “You know I’m right that’s why you did that.”

There’s another reason why he doesn’t have a pet, he already has a big kid to look after in this household and to clean up after and no that’s not exactly, well at all really, fair but he does spend half the time cleaning up after Louis.  

“You’re never right Tommo.”

Louis’ just about to reply and they’ll have some epic back and forth that’ll only end in about three weeks when his phone starts vibrating and his attention switches away from Zayn in an instant and he’s instantly jumping up and running towards the mirror in the hallway of the flat where Zayn knows he’ll be checking his hair.

And Zayn knows what’s coming next and mouths along.

“Hi Harold, what a surprise.”

Zayn shakes his head fondly at the joy in Louis’ voice and reaches for the remote control.  

Another Friday evening for Zayn sat in front of the telly, watching an old boxset he’s watched a dozen times before, all while living his love life (what love life?) vicariously through Louis. 

He doesn’t mind.

Not really…

Forty minutes later and he’s lost count of how many good guys and bad guys have met their maker, and maybe part of that’s down to the second bottle of lager he’s on and the lack of practice at it but he’s considering turning it off when.


In crime and horror books, they talk about blood-curdling screams and Zayn never really believed they existed but the sound that comes from, well Zayn reckons it’s from the flat above him, it almost has Zayn dropping his lager and it has Louis bolting in from the hallway and shushing Harry as he stands in front of the TV screen and gesticulates wildly with his spare hand. 

“Shurrup Haz, you need to go and sort this Zayn, go and find out what happened.”

Zayn starts to laugh as Louis is clearly joking except Louis repeats his words.

“Why me?  Why not you Tommo?”

Louis rolls his eyes.

“Cause I’m busy, and you did a judo class once and you’re bored and I’m not and I swear the flat it’s coming from is where Harry saw that fit bloke move into two weeks ago so you know.”

Louis puts the phone back to his and nods at whatever Harry says.

“Yeah and Harry agrees, go on and find out what’s going on.”

Thing is Zayn would probably have always been tempted to go and check on the sound whether Louis was here or not, he’s always been one to help people in need. 

It’s just that the scream was actually scary and Zayn’s sure he heard a thump and now it’s silent and yeah he should definitely not watch so many scary films.

He’s standing up though before he can stop himself and Louis is actually giving a running commentary to Harry even as he does and Zayn shakes his head at him before he heads for the hallway and the door to the flat and the stairs when something occurs to him and he stomps back to where Louis is watching him from the living room door. 

“If this bloke is a psycho, or whoever he knows is a big old psycho and if I die, then I’m never speaking to you again.”

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