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Liam loving Zayn (x)

Liam Payne’s LOVE for Zayn Malik (x) 

Liam’s Hate T-Shirt (x) & Ziam deleted videos (x)(x) son cortos pero importantes.

Ziam are now together (x)

Liam’s reaction to the subject of Zayn’s engagement (x), (x), (x)

Captain Louis (Ziam) (x)

Zerrie (x)

Zayn loves Liam (x)

“Everyone Ships This Ship” Part 1 (x), Part 2 (x), Part 2b (x), Part 3 (x

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anonymous asked:

Holy crap Para...your theme is absolutely brilliant! May I ask you a question....(Asking it anyway) Do you see Liam or Zayn topping, or do they alternate? How come? :o

You guys will never fathom how excited I get when I see an anon/stranger calling me my nickname aha. But if you’re reading this and you know me irl, don’t you dare fking call me it if I’ve never told you to, kay? k.

Erm, I think they alternate. Most gay couples do, actually, I think. Like, it’s hard not to, depending on the frequency of how often they do it. Like they may have a favorite preference, but I’m sure they’d mix it up every once in a while.

I think Liam would be a freak in the bed aha, with those rough and powerful thrusts, whereas Zayn would be like casual and sweet and passionate, slow thrusts for lovemaking.

I mean just look at this:

Total powerthruster. Zayn would be so sore omfg.

But Zayn’s is much more calm. His thrusts are practiced, slow and sweet. Though he doesn’t go as fast as Liam, he probably hits Li’s g-spot each time with better precision. 

But in the end, I don’t think Zayn really cares. All he wants is to have romantic lovemaking with his best friend/boyfriend, so he will top or bottom without complaint.

And look at his booty:

Nope, his booty definitely doesn’t complain.

Yeah, totally not sorry that that was so long, and I definitely have no shame in staring at his cute little booty wiggle, or the thrusts.

Guys something incredible just happened!! My sister saw this photo of Ziam on my phone and she said “Your one loves my one, he’s touching his chin” (she admires Liam best) and I was surprised and happy because she never listens whenever I try to explain and always says how they have gfs so its not possible. So I made her sit and look at all the Ziam photos on my phone and tell me her conclusion (because I wanted an outsiders neutral opinion). As she flicked through the photos I could see that her previous opinion was definitely changing.

Her conclusion(with disappointment written all over her face): “Yes, there is definitely something there, and the darker one is possessive” I told her these was just the photos she should see the gifs and videos :)))

anonymous asked:

id like to ask you something about the payzer&ziam timeline. so payzer looked pretty legit at the vmas (sept 7th) they looked happy, liam didn't ignore her etc. and then we have ziam at the itunes festival, and it seems a very short period of time for liam to pass from a relationship to another. i know he's the kind of boy that is kind of insecure and has long relationships but still. what do u think about this? and sth else: after vegas happened and say ziam hooked up, was liam cheatin

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Its just….the fact Liam has a tattoo, right?

“I figured it out.”

When did he get this tattoo? And what does it mean? Here is my theory:

 Based on the song its a love song right? So it must have a significance related to that. So its established that this is Zayn’s favorite song on the ‘Midnight memories’ album. Hmm…okay.

So Liam got that tattoo about something special to him. But he broke up with his on-and on and off girlfriend and he got with his newest boo for a couple months ( broken up for now). So Liam got the tattoo between time he was with the old and newest girlfriend? So who or what is it for then? Based on the song 'You&I’ It has to be a long standing loving relationship where all the odds were beaten but they are still together. I don’t see that as being about any of his family members or close friends hah.

Get what I’m saying? Yeah isn’t it OBVIOUS?! *cackle*

anonymous asked:

Hello :) This is a question everyone may have a different answer to but I came across your blog and read soem Ziam/Larry analysis and liked your thinking so I thought Id ask you a question of my own :) Over the years with the obvious pairings of Larry and Ziaim (no matter if they're both romantic or not) but do you think Niall may have felt left out often? Random question I know but im curious to hear you opinion if that's ok :)

Have I considered this?

I wrote an entire post about this months ago… Has Anyone Considered That Niall May Have been 5th Wheeling It This Entire Time?

I mean, the kid has seen a lot…

And though this picture would suggest that he probably feels a bit left out at times:

I think it’s probably more like this:

When he sees them all loved up I bet he’s all

‘Yeah! Get some!’

@he-got-the-dagger-tho has done some amazing Captain Niall of the SS Stylinson and Palik ship artwork. 

These are my favourites though:

(Captain Niall and his ships post here)

I literally bought like five stickers of this one. I snuck one onto a birthday card I made for my best friend who complains that I keep telling him about 1D when he doesn’t care. (He does…Well, he SHOULD.)

Anyhow, sorry it took me so long to reply, I wanted to put a lot of effort into it…

Thanks for your message! xx

Ready To Run Analysis - Larry & Ziam

Because I was bored I did a analysis of Ready To Run - sorry in advance if there’s any mistakes, as English isn’t my native language. 

There’s a lightning in your eyes I can’t deny
Then there’s me inside a sinking boat running out of time

1st person with light in their eyes are optimistic while 2nd person isn’t has optimistic, he feels trapped, but he also knows he needs to decide soon as the situation he is in is getting worse and worse - he is running out of time.

Without you I’ll never make it out alive
But I know yes I know we’ll be alright

He knows he can make it by having his partner by his side - seems like he is trying to convince himself and trying to be optimistic about the situation

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anonymous asked:

Miz melly! Miz melly! Lots o Larries ™ think that sophiam is still on and that they never broke up. What is this confusing phenomenon about? I await your wisdom 🙏🏽😘

Sophiam is literally, play for play, identical to Elounor in almost every stunt respect, so it’s amazing to me that people don’t see that Sophiam is just as much of a fakelationship as every other 1DHQ engineered relationship (and they are even promoting the newest beard, Gigith!). 

Liam laughing as he pins a beard to himself. As you can see, Liam enjoys a hearty LOL at life from time to time. 

I don’t understand how some folks can be so unbelievably thoughtful and analytical when it concerns Harry, Louis, and their related narratives, but not see how they’ve bought every other official narrative related to band due to plants, insider accounts, and a general lack of willingness to apply that same thoughtfulness and critical thinking  to every guy’s narrative, like their respective sexualities, Zayn leaving, etc ( I don’t mean ALL Larries or anything like that, there are lots of perfectly excellent and awesome ones!). 

But back to Eleanor & Sophia!

Like Eleanor, Sophia is a “student” who was originally presented to the fandom as an older model. Her age and profession were changed after 1DHQ felt it was advantageous to make her a student so she could fit the “hometown girl” persona. There’s many posts that brilliantly discuss this, a few being here: X, X.

I should have probably put a Read More on this. This post kind of broke me. I probably could have gone on forever. For every stunt Elounor did, Sophiam have an identical one. I feel like a withered husk. 

Elounor and Sophiam stunted at basketball games:

They’ve stunted at theme parks (with the same Modest coordinator, too - how fun!):

They’ve stunted at weddings (Eleanor even got to be the Maid of Honor at Louis’s mom’s wedding! How fun!):

They’ve held hands awkwardly and miserably:

They’ve had pets:

Managed to have “candid” photos that were distributed to the fandom to make it RayL:

They “snuggled” and did what the couples do for the benefit of fans & paps:

They’ve stunted with family:

Melly’s note: To this day, it’s amazing how the fandom saw DOZENS of photos of Sophiam at Disney World! So organic! So private! 

And they even participated in the time honored tradition of bearding on the high seas in a yacht!

RBB Counted down to the very DAY that the Sophiam breakup was announced, and then appeared with a happy faced red sticker (Liam’s mic color), and RBB sitting on a Barber’s chair:

Like Eleanor, Sophia was positioned to have a post bearding career as an “It girl”, although to this day she has the least amount of instagram followers out of any of the 1D beards. 

Sophiam’s breakup was accurately predicted almost down to the day by Ziam analysis blogs, just before the end of OTRA and the beginning of MITAM promo.

 Sophia’s instagram  was kept on private until conveniently after the Sophiam breakup, yet despite Sophia having her instagram on private until after the breakup, and being labeled private, photos conveniently got leaked to the fandom constantly that were made to legitimize the relationship (and a lot like the way Briana was labeled as “private”, yet, photos and videos of Briana were and are leaked to the fandom constantly).  

Both Eleanor and Sophia are promoting the newest 1D beard Gigith, seen here:

The Current Astroturfing Strategy

I’ve been having a bit of fun this week trying to figure out what the astroturfing strategy is regarding those blatant anons we all get in our inbox, and I’ve developed a little theory.

For anyone in the industry or who gets a bunch of these messages, this is probably all very obvious, but to me it’s still pretty interesting.

My main hypothesis is that there is a three step process:

  1. Blog Identification
  2. Ship Identification
  3. Substantive Ship Astroturfing

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a Larryshipper and for some reason I've never really looked into Ziam proof that much. I've always shipped them as a bromance and thought that they would be so cute as a couple. I guess I haven't thought Ziam is real because I've (part 1)

never seen Sophiam as fake. I know Zerrie is fake but I’ve always thought that relationship is to give LM promo. I know a lot of Larryshippers don’t believe in Ziam for some reason but I try to see things objectively and for some time now (part 2)

I’ve been wondering that maybe Ziam is possible after all. Do you have a Ziam masterpost that you could link me too so I can analyse for myself? Thanks :) and btw I really like your blog, I hope that I’ll discover that Ziam is real (part 3)

Hi! I haven’t personally made full Ziam masterposts for newbies, mainly because it’d take so much time, and my timeline project is these days on hold until we get through this latest drama.

Anyway, for starters I recommend I Like Your Skirt Mary’s videos. Consider it as a crash course. That should give you a clear idea of the basic timeline, girlfriend drama and so forth. This Ziam video covers a good deal of important events as well, but is much shorter than ILYSM vids.

Then I recommend you visiting Ziamresources video list  for more detailed Ziam clips from past years. I absolutely recommend watching these livestreams/interviews from 2012 (if it’s ot5, concentrate on Ziam): x, xxx, x

This UAN masterpost series is pretty damn great because it covers the summer 2012 very well.

Zayn’s love tweets with analysis, and Ziam tweets post  

Some old masterposts.

My tags about Liam and Sophia 1,2. Zerrie for those who happen to need it. And about Little Mix promo

My Ziam tag if you want to hurt yourself beyond repair.

You can also search for the events from my blog based on tour leg, concert, month or date. (e.g. OTRA Tokyo 4).

Lemme know if you need more specific info. And good luck! (you’re going to need it with these two beautiful bastards) :)

anonymous asked:

I know every Ziam shipper's enjoying this analysis game where we find Modest fails about Zerrie. But what Zerrie shippers don't understand it is that we're not looking for proofs (like they do). We know Zerrie is fake. Otherwise the boys should be simply happy about them. And they're not happy at all about Zayn being with Perrie. This means this relationship is fishy and fake like hell. Full stop.

what i find amazing is that zerrie shippers has 3 narratives

1) if you’re a ziam shipper :you’re a disillusioned if you thinking ziam is real  they’re only best friends is all fan service

2) you believe that zayn is totally straight:you’re only  jealous of perrie because she has the D and you don’t

3)reasons why zerrie is real:zayn has perrie  tattooed  on his arm they’re engaged you can’t fake a engagement is illegal

and that is all zerrie shippers has

anonymous asked:

I know you're on the fence about Ziam. You've probably already heard or seen these videos but if you want further proof of that relationship you should check out I Like Your Skirt Mary on YouTube she has the in depth analysis of their relationship from the beginning. The (Fake) Zerrie Engagememt is also a really good video. Love your blog!!!

I just looked on YouTube and apparently I’ve already watched some of the ILYSM videos. I think it was when I was drunk. I remember the text portions go really fast so I kept having to pause them and a 45 minute video ended up taking me like two hours to watch. But when I say there is some very compelling evidence out there, these are the videos I was talking about. 

Just watched this one: The Story of Ziam, Part 2 - Timeline, Analysis, and “Proof” (lol, what is a job even? Luckily I have my own office…)

I’m wouldn’t say that I’m on the fence as much as I’m just like, ‘What are the fucking odds?’ 

Seriously, it’s unfair. They’re too hot to be a couple. My brain literally can’t take it. 

Thank you for sending me this though! xx


Part 2 to the first video analysis.