ziam wardrobe

Today Zayn was wearing an old staple of the Ziam wardrobe: the black Henley shirt. Here is Zayn in NYC (06/09/2016)

As I have said this is an old shirt. Liam was first seen wearing this shirt on That Moment video (03/2014)

Then Zayn was pictured wearing it at a soundcheck in Bogota (4/24/2014)

And then Zayn was wearing it again on the Rays of Sunshine event (12/09/2014)

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anonymous asked:

why i see everyone said the zayn's coat looks so familiar? it's liam's coat or? 31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/4128c2b1d2d27bd32802531b6e0ad2ab/tumblr_nf98unNHkv1rx2wm4o3_250(.)jpg

i never see liam wearing this coat

maybe was a similar coat?

because you know wearing the other clothing ( or ziam clothing on this point who know maybe don’t have a zayn and liam clothings is ziam clothings)

they’re wearing 

similar clothing

sometimes is a similar model with diferent colour and wearing on the same moment (this is so we’re a  disgustingly happy couple )

and similar clothing in different videos

this is so similar a part from the shoes that i have no words

and this is a completely beyond the level of we wear similar clothing

this is a ziam level we’re too deep so even our clothes reflect that

this actually seems that zayn is wearing liam’s clothing?

and because batman is too import for them has to be a batman similar clothing

anonymous asked:

Is zayn wearing Liam's pants ? Because the look a bit big on zayn.

i’m sure that this pant is not from zayn and is not because is a bit big because have people that wear big pants but zayn don’t wear pants this big 

to be this big i imagine that is liam pants because from the boys he is the one that have the hip more large and well he is the one that wear  looser pants 

i’m not saying that is the same pants just to show that is similar and maybe this pants that zayn is wearing is from liam