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hi! is there a good summer love Ziam post - I went back and watched the houston concert someone posted liam's note change from and literally they just sing to one another 😭😭

Are you sure it’s from their Houston concert? I think that performance came from their LA 8/8 concert. Just to be sure I’ve watched a video of their Houston performance and nope, the note change wasn’t there. And I rewatched the LA one and yep, there it is. :) (For those wondering here is the audio post nonnie is referring to: x)

But I totally agree with you that this particular performance (and most if not all of the performances really; Zayn has like a magnet on his body towards Liam coz most of the time he’s singing directly to Liam and me being a Ziam hoe I consider that as serenading heh) they’re basically just singing to each other.

So here’s a video where you can see proof of that:

And going back to that note change, Zayn is literally this after Liam masterfully sang those lines:

I am thoroughly impressed with your subtlety Zaynie. I so not noticed you were fonding hard and being supportive to your bf. Great job on that! :)

So anyway, onto the first part of your ask..are there any good Summer Love Ziam post? Yes, nonnie there are! I’ve always enjoyed Summer Love due to Liam’s singing and when I scoured my Summer Love tags it very much looks like Zayn agrees with me! And of course there is the usual serenading, and then Zaynie giving kissy faces to Liam, and then Liam helping Zayn out when he trouble singing the bridge. So without further ado here are the Ziam Summer Love moments: 

Liam helps Zayn after his voice cracks {21/06/2013}

Zayn is impressed by Liam’s singing at the end of Summer Love, and tells Louis! :) xx

Subtlety is what Ziam do best AKA serenading each other hearts out 

Zayn making a kissy face and smiling at Liam {19/10/2013

Zayn and Liam singing Summer Love through Zayn’s mic after Liam dropped his under the stage (April 8th)

Ziam vs Larry (serenading)

Both couples showing their love through songs…

Forgetting the world around them & serenading the one they love

A promise through lyrics…a declaration of commitment through music 

From uan to otra, keeping up with traditions

“A musical performance given to honor or express love for someone”

On stage in front of millions, they only have eyes for one person… 

Beautiful moments shared with the audience :)

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There is a video of ziam serenade to each other where the part "its you" in the song you&i every time for a whole hour different show !, if u know the video that i mean please post it i need it to proof that the song "its you" in zayn album is about LiAM , never been real more than this

Hiya anon,

I know!!

Well there’s the ILYSM videos which has it.  You can either opt for part 6A which has some analysis or the clip show which is the best 75 minutes of video you’ve ever seen.  

The moment where Liam mouths ‘its you’  it is at this moment. (have saved it at the right time)

The You & I section of part 6B is for just under 7 minutes and its bliss. (again have saved it at the You & I section but anyone hasn’t seen the whole thing, its the best thing to watch). 

Part 6A also has this moment - my favourite Zayn hair I think and his reaction to a poo joke Liam made is amazing.

gaaah.  Anyway, enjoy!