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Thanks to @starboyhaz for keeping me entertained during my seven hour layover (and beyond) and for helping me flesh out this fluffy fluffball of a lil drabble

“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? have to be the joker?” Zayn’s eyebrow quirks up when he sees the black and gray attire, easily towering over the littler red and green suit. 

Not that Sasha looks worried about this height difference. Her hand is still gripped tightly in Liam’s, smiling ear-to-ear. 

Seeing her smile widen even further at his reaction, Zayn continues melodramatically, “I see how it is in this household.” He scoffs. “First, my husband takes my place to be Batman.” Giving him a hard stare, he then turns his attention downwards. “And you,” he slaps his hand over his heart. “My own daughter betrayed me by being my near and dear sidekick, Robin.”

At this, she fully bursts into giggles. Watching her, Liam just smiles down at her, sliding his other fisted hand in her direction. She taps it, giving the most gracious fistbump Zayn has ever seen.

And, okay. If Zayn was ever going to dress up to be the Joker, he’d want it to be with his two favorite people in the world. 

“Fine.” He rolls his eyes good-naturedly. Thinking for a moment, he adds, “But next year, when I’m Superman and my little girl is Lois Lane…” He waits until he sees her face light up at the idea. “You get to be the…” He pauses to catch Liam’s eye. “Err. The kryptonite.”

Liam tries to hold back a laugh but fails, the choked sound erupting from his mouth. “The… what now? Care to repeat that, Zayn?” He bites his lip to suppress another laugh. “I didn’t know one could dress up as kryptonite.” 

Zayn shrugs. “I’m sure you can figure something out.” He takes a step closer. “I mean, I have to figure out some way to be the Joker tonight, no thanks to you two.” He tries to hide his fondness with fake scorn, but fails miserably.

“Love you, Daddy,” Sasha says happily, pulling her hand from Liam’s to run over and slip it into Zayn’s unsuspecting hand.

“Love you, too, my dear,” Zayn coos as he squeezes her hand lightly. “Now, come on. Let’s go figure out my costume.” He turns around to squint his eyes at Liam. “We’ll leave Liam here to think about what he’s done.”

Zayn isn’t surprised when he feels a gentle slap to the back of the head. “Wanker,” Liam whispers, quiet enough so that Sasha won’t hear.

Sasha pouts at Zayn’s words, so Zayn sighs, pretending to think it over. “Alright, he can come. But only if he hands out the candy to the trick or treaters tonight.”

“Deal,” Liam says, quickly moving to stand to the other side of Sasha. He reaches for her free hand. “Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening.”

Trisha was liking posts that were supportive of Zayn and Gigi, sadly her comments have turned into a fight about Perrie.

Leaving that aside, this is Trisha’s account and her opinions (Waliyha may have a SMM but still her account, her opinions). No one is forcing Trisha to do this or doing it on her behalf and her doing this would not be carrying the stunt on Zayn’s behalf.  She has about 435K followers most of whom probably have firmly held opinions already and there would be little public interest in Trisha supporting her son’s girlfriend.

But that is what she was doing, supporting her son’s relationship not taking part in a stunt or pushing a narrative.

Literally no one asked for this. Sorry.


Amanee stomps up the stairs in a huff, muttering under her breath. Just as she reaches the top, she hears her dad calling for her to stop. She does as she’s asked and turns to face her dad who’s looking up at her with a confused look on his face.

“Manee, what’s with the attitude? Why are you ignoring us?” Liam asks his sixteen-year old daughter. “Are you fighting with your friends or-”

Amanee lets out an annoyed breath. “No, dad. We’re not fighting.”

“Then what is it? You ignored me and your Abbu and you didn’t even say goodbye to girls after you got out of Amelia’s car,” Liam gestures at her to come back downstairs. She rolls her eyes but starts a slow descent down the stairs.

“Talk to me, baby girl,” he says with a smile as he reaches for her hand once she’s at the bottom once more. She pulls her hand away and crosses her arms instead, irritation still clear on her face.

“I’ve asked you guys to stop embarrassing me in front of my friends, dad, but you keep doing it!” 

Liam looks even more confused than before. “What did we do now? I was just fixing a sprinkler head and  Abbu was reading a book, Manee. How’s that embarrassing?” 

“You guys aren’t wearing shirts, dad!” she screeches 

“Um, excuse me but I am wearing a shirt, young lady,” Liam says tugging on his shirt for emphasis.

“That’s a tank top, dad! It barely covers anything at all!” Manee says hands sweeping all over his torso. “It doesn’t even have any sides!” 

“Yeah but -”

“It’s turquoise!” she interrupts.

“It’s a nice co-”

“And it’s mesh!” she continues. “And Abbu isn’t wearing a shirt at all!”

“Okay, okay, but so what, Manee? It’s hot outside!” Liam places both his hands on Manee’s shoulders and locks eyes with her. “I really don’t think your friends care if we’re not all dressed up every time they come around.”

“Aargh, dad! You don’t get it!” Manee pushes Liam’s hands off her shoulders and continues her rant. “Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to hear your friends tell you they think your dads are hot?! Cuz I do! And I hate it! That’s why I ran inside okay? The girls were saying all kinds of gross things about you two!” 

Liam’s mouth is hanging open and a there’s a hint of pink on his cheeks. After a moment, he pulls her into a tight hug and apologizes profusely.

“Oh, baby girl. I’m so,so sorry. I didn’t realize - I’ll talk to your Abbu okay? It won’t happen again. Promise.” He feels Amanee start to relax a bit and she even manages a hint of a smile.

“Thanks, dad. M’ sorry I yelled,” she breathes out.

Just then Zayn walks in the door and smiles when he sees the tender moment between father and daughter.

“Hey, Manee. Since you so rudely left your friends out there, I thought I’d make it up to them by inviting them for a swim in our pool. They got real excited. S’ cool, yeah?” Zayn announced brightly.

“Oh my god!“ Manee pushes Liam away and she runs upstairs, slamming the door to her room. 

“Teenagers, huh?” Zayn sighs and turns to him with a resigned look on his face.

Liam looks at Zayn appraisingly and takes in the toned chest, defined abs, the tattoos covering his golden skin and that face and it clicks.

 “Uh, babe, about this shirt you got me…”

A small point about the Toyota Vios interview

So, we finally got round to watching the full Toyota Vios interview. Aside from them being hilariously bad at promotion we did see one small, very interesting thing during the performance of Live While We’re Young. Have a little listen at around 32.56 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWa2Dl6rg4o&feature=youtu.be Now we’re pretty sure we’re not imagining this but Louis seems to sing ‘where d'ya live’ quite loudly. We can only assume he’s refering to everyone’s favourite couch surfer Harry Styles. What’s convinced us we’re not going mad are the following reactions…

So here we have Louis at 32.58 just afterwards, looking very pleased with himself.

So, SO pleased. (32.59)

Guess who else noticed? We see you Zayn…(33.04)


He’s definitely not still really pleased (even though mum has given him the look) (33.05)

Watch out here comes Dad…“Yes Liam? Is there a problem Liam?” (33.12)

We just found this interesting/hilarious. Ziam are officially the exasperated yet oh so fond parents who have to sit either side of their naughty child to keep him in line/keep his shade throwing in control.

ziam fanfic rec

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A call for help Part Two / Niall centric

Prompt:  Can you write one with Ziam parents and Niall is really mean to his brothers (maybe Niall is 12 and Louis 17 and Harry also 17 making them twins) and it turns out that a teacher at school is sexually abusing him 

Trigger warning: abuse (not graphic just mentioned), self harm

Word Count: 3.8k

“Could you please hand me the salt?” Louis asked friendly and looked at his brother who didn’t seem to listen at all.

Once again the teenager was too caught up in his own world to realize what was going on around him. The older boy didn’t know if the reason behind his brother’s change in behavior was because of a girl or if something else happened. He barely talked to his brother anymore and whenever he did the teenager didn’t answer or said something mean to him.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a highschool AU where Zayn is completely in love with Liam, the school's star footie player but Liam only acknowledges him when they alone, where he can kiss and fuck Zayn all he wants, and Zayn's kinda sad that they're not really a couple? Also, extra points if Liam has a beard and Zayn's really jealous/sad because of it? Thanks love <3

Zayn can’t help but staring at him. Staring at them, sitting at the oppostie side of the cafeteria. The table full of football players and their girlfriends. Zayn can’t help but notice the way her hand is resting on Liam’s thigh, way too high. She’s gropping him in the middle of the room and he is letting her. 

Liam is letting her being all over him when he doesn’t even meet Zayn’s eyes in public, when he doesn’t even talk to him or even aknowledge him outside their tutoring sessions. He can’t. The team, Zayn. I can’t. I’m not ready.

He was more than ready though, when he literally pounced on Zayn that day, when they meet for their tutoring in Zayn’s room because the Library was too crowded. He was more then ready when he literally pushed Zayn against his bedroom door, shoving his tongue in Zayn’s mouth and his hand down Zayn’s pants.

They keep meeting that way. Tutoring, then kissing, then sex. Always.


And fuck. Zayn might be in love with him.

Because in those moments, Liam looks at him like he never saw him looking at her. He can’t stop kissing Zayn even when it’s more breathing in each other’s mouth while Liam his fucking relentelessly into Zayn, pulling his hair and leaving bruises on his waist. He can’t stop muttering praises against Zayn’s heated skin. Always telling him that he is beautiful, that he is so good, that nobody ever felt so good around him.

Liam always clean him up carefully, always slip under Zayn’s covers once they are done for a bit of cuddling. It might be Zayn favorite part. The safety of Liam’s embrace. How he is always so warm, his big hands rubbing circles against Zayn’s stomach.

But every morning when he wakes up, Zayn is alone.

Zayn is Liam’s dirty little secret. His gay dirty little secret.

He can’t be out, he’s convinced that he is going to loose all of his friends. He can’t tell his parents either because he thinks his dad is going to hate him.

Zayn tries to tell him no, his friend are better than that. He knows Niall sometimes fool around with Harry. He knows the team knows about it and still, Niall is the most popular football player in school. Why would it be different with Liam?

But he doesn’t want to hear what Zayn has to say about it. It always ends up in a fight and Zayn knows Liam might be scared. That all of his excuses are because of the fear he feels deep down in his chest. And Zayn respects that, he knows it can be scary, knows not everyone deals with their sexuality as easily as he did. It’s okay. 

He told him one night, that it was over with Sophia way before they started hooking up. But she keeps touching him and trying to kiss him and win him back. She keeps holding onto him like they are still together and Zayn is going a bit crazy with it. He just want her to go away, to stop touching him.

Or maybe he just wants to be in her place. Having Liam close and being able to show the rest of the world that they are together. But of course they are not.

Liam looks up, his eyes meeting Zayn. He sees the way Liam grabs at Sophia’s hand, pushing it away from his thigh. She laughs, leaning closer to him to whisper something in his ear, leaving a kiss on his cheek.

Liam’s eyes are on Zayn’s the whole time. He doesn’t even push her away.

Zayn can’t stand it anymore, he needs to get out of here.

He grabs his bag, leaves his tray of food on the table, tells Harry that he needs some fresh air.

He doesn’t even reach the bathroom before Liam grabs his wrist, pulling him into a stop.

They are in the middle of the empy corridos, every student is in the cafeteria. Maybe that’s why Liam doesn’t let go of his wrist, taking his hand and interwining their fingers. Maybe that’s why he pulls Zayn a little closer to him. Zayn notices that he is crying when Liam wipes a few tears from his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, babe.”

“I can’t do this Liam. I can’t stand it, watching you with her.”

“It’s over, I told you. We’re not-”

“Well maybe you should tell her! To me, he doesn’t really feel like she’s aware you two are over Liam!”

Zayn’s voice is ringing around them, loud and unforgiving in the empty hallway. Liam squeezes his fingers a bit tighter, looking around nervously but not breaking away.

“Shh. Zayn, calm down please.”

“No! I’m done Liam,” and with those words it’s Zayn who takes a step back, his hand dropping back to his side feeling empty and cold.

“It’s over Liam. I’m tired of hiding. I’m in love with you, don’t you see? I’m so fucking in love with you and you can’t even look me in the eye in class or when we meet in the corridors. I’m in love with you and you keep holding her hand and letting her touch you. This is not some kind of ultimatum. I’m not asking you to come out if you’re not ready. But I love you, and I think I deserve someone who can love me back without having to hide!”

Zayn walks away from him then, without looking behind. He does hear Liam call his name a few times but in the end, he lets him walk away.