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Zayn shirt

Interesting choice right?

Rage Against the Machine!!!

One of the greatest rock bands of all time known for their incendiary, revolutionary political views and powerful, anti-establishment lyrics.

Fun Fact: Their lead vocalist Zack de La Rocha, who grew up in notoriously conservative, Republican Irvine, California, made a vow to himself after an upsetting incident in school one day:

“I told myself,” he says, “that I would never be silent again. I would never allow myself to not respond to that type of situation – in any form, anywhere.”

We know for a fact Zayn knows something about racism (thanks in part to this shitty fandom and society in general, not to mention those two ignorant fools next to him) from personal experience. It could definitely be a statement of rebellion or perhaps he’s just a fan. Buuuuut - If you take into account that he’s not leaning into her or even touching her, plus the fact that he’s sporting an eyebrow slit just like his husband well…. you’ve really got something there, don’t ya?

Perhaps a statement, perhaps not but it’s definitely an interesting choice. It got my attention.

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Hey!! Can we just talk about ziam parallel with Liam’s get low song and Zayns Dusk Till Dawn lyrics 👀💯👏🏼🔥

Nonnie, first:

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O MG????
Come here, gimme a hug, Nonnie. Sorry for the 10k answer, but, ay, it’s your own fault

(I’ll call 1st person the one singing and 2nd person the one that the music is about)

Let’s start talking about some similarities between the songs.

They’re love songs, yeah, but they’re love songs about a love that needed some coaxing from both parts to happen. On Get Low, you can see that in It’s hard to know what you see in me” as the 1st person question their value to the 2nd person, and “ Come out of the shadows, I know that you’re fragile” as the 1st person trying to coax the 2nd to trust.
On DTD you can see the 1st person needing encouragment in the start: “Just tryna be in this. Tell me, ARE YOU TOO?” and the coaxing in the soft “Try”.

They’re songs about commitment. On DTD we have “But you’ll NEVER be alone”  and in Get Low we get this: Faded, you stuck? I’ll help you up”.

They’re songs about taking care of the other. “I’ll hold you when things go wrong What do you wanna feel? Let’s just enjoy the thrill I’ll take over the wheel and give you the touch you’re missing 

They’re about the 1st person helping the 2nd to build their self-love too. And these songs are SO complementary, but SO MUCH it’s schocking (it isn’t, though). In some parts they actually “talk” to each other in a lyric sense, like in these parts (bold is DTD):

“I like the way you touch yourself. Go, give love to your body.
Don’t hold back, I want that. It’s only you that can stop it.

They’re about acceptance. Because “You don’t have to pretend, I don’t FUCKING care where you’ve been” “I wanna see the sunrise on your FUCKING sins GOD DAMNIT. Just me and you FUCK.” I’m actually crying, the fUCK.

They’re songs about deep, passionate love. Because I’ve been drowning in you, lost in the rush”Let’s make L.O.V.E., tonight” PLEASE.

I know that you’re fragile. Baby, I’m right here
Don’t be quick to say no. Make it up
My chest is your pillow, fall in love,
Come out of the shadows, try


Wind - “Can you feel where the wind is? Can you feel it through all of the windows, inside this room?” “With the sound of lovers blowing crazy in the wind, you don’t have to pretend.”

Stars - “The stars were made to shine. Reach up and make a wish" BECAUSE YOU CAN TOUCH THE FUCKING STARS “I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn” WHEN YOU CAN SEE MORE STARS, AND “I wanna see the SUNrise on your sins. JUST ME AND YOU.” (Gentle reminder that the Sun is a star.)

Water We will roll down the rapids to find a wave that fits”. It’s a fucking river coming to the fucking ocean, their only destination.  "When the water come down, Imma get in that.”

When the water come down, we were shut like a jacket
Imma get in that, so do your zip
I’m right here, you know, when your waves explode, I wanna see the sunrise on your sins
Escape the undertow, just me and you

In Get Low you see a lover that, not knowing why the other person chose them, is willing to make that person have a great time, not only now, but in the long run, cuz “a new life is floating”. They want that person to believe in themselves and to believe that everything is gonna be alright. And if it’s not alright “my chest is your pillow”.

In DTD, you see a more reserved, but no less passionate lover, that needs to be reassured that the other person feels the same, “tell me, are you too?”. But then, they believe in the love they’re receiving, cuz “I wanna feel you too”. Even though there’s a lot of shit happening, they’re willing to “try”.

And last, but not least, the one quote present in both songs, the final and most important message:

“I’m right here"

Yep. I tink about that a lot .

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did he applied the same filter to this photo that Zayn used in the second version of the DTD photo he posted a couple of weeks ago?

Not sure but it is quite similar isn’t it, nonnie?

Similar feel, too. Both wearing sunglass, contemplative mood, Liam’s possibly from his own mv shoot, too…

They’re so alike that it’s unsurprising really but it does happen quite regularly, doesn’t it?

Whether that’s just coincidence or by design (*winks*) is up to each of us to decide.