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There's nothing to be bitter about a made up relationships and to hard assuming sexualities of other celebrities you hardly know .. There's no way to assume it unless you know them personally .. But I guess you can accept the truth instead of your own objectives and *proof*

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You know what i find really interesting? How quoting you and even other people to  consider that zayn and liam may be in a gay relationship is such a horrible thing almost a crime but believe and support a relationship when one met the oter when one was 14 and the other on her 20’s and a engagement that was everything less healthy and im just like????????????

But you know what i find really sad?

Imagine if is the other way around imagine if zayn and liam are in a gay relationship imagine not be able to defend of all allegations of cheating?and imagine has to be quiet when people are saying things like#relatioship goals about your fake relationship?

So you know what you think whatever you want i just gonna be here enjoying ziam and 

Liam really happy and karen pride when liam was called a bit pakistani

And zayn talking not about his girlfriend but his partner

And how one of the first thing you seewhen you go to liam ig is the lgtb flag

Zayn talking about be a gay sex symbol

And liam talking that he love zayn and no he will never replace zayn

And zayn take every chance to talk about liam

And just to end 

A little liam quote :)

His name is Zayn Malik. He is 22 years old. His home is District 12. There is no District 12. He is the Mockingjay.

Auction Me Off by Romancemesomeziam 

Word Count: 64, 973

Summary: When CEO Liam meets a young Zayn and can’t help but be enthralled by his amazing beauty, but there’s more to their relationships than physicality. Hiding underneath, are long lost demons that have never been dealt with. 

Can we talk about the fact that ZIAM were harmonizing in Little Things and when they were singing the part “and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me”, Zayn teared up and Liam has so many beautiful freckles man I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Their love is so beautiful
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ahgdajshgf this video is full of Ziam but my fave moments start at 1:40 :)

1:40 - “But if I do” Liam turns to face Zayn

1:55 - “I’m in love with you and all these little things” After singing that he again turns to Zayn

1:57 - Zayn is looking at him too but they both turn away very quickly and Liam looks sad QQ

2:01 - Liam turns to him again and nods

Then he becomes all happy and smiley and then he turns to Louis to joke about sth :)

I think Liam gets very emotional during Little Things and You and I and “coincidentally” in both songs it is related to Zayn. In one they harmonise together and he always turns to look at him but only for a little each time, and in the other they are standing next to each other and again they always make eye contact but Liam looks restrained af. But in general Liam looks very happy these days, if you know what I’m getting at ;)