• “Zayn hates liars. If you lie to him, it would be hard for you to earn his trust again…unless you’re me.”
  • “I ended up kissing Zayn once. Zayn was like.‘Come on then.come on'putting his head close to me" 
  • “If Zayn annoys me, I won’t talk to him until he gives me a hug.”
  • “While watching Toy Story 3 I cried and Zayn kept hugging me and laughing”
  • “I love seeing Zayn sleep, he has such an adorable face.”
  • “I’ll keep you warm, Zaynie.”
  • "Zayn. You are always my first.”
  • “When he was on stage i was smiling for no reason”
  • “I suppose, actually, the most emotionally driven person is Zayn.”
  • “Still to this day it’s a struggle to get Zayn out of bed”
  • “I love you”

If this isnt love, then i dont know what is. 

Zayn: Liam and I accidentally kissed.

What he meant: I purposely invaded liam’s personal space, bumped our foreheads togheter, told him to come at me and kissed the idiot when he wouldn’t get the hint bc the thirst was too real. But he liked it so no biggy.