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Liam’s new tattoo: Who’s eye is it?

Okay, so our precious Lima bean was spotted leaving some club or something like that after weeks of being MIA (he was spotted the same day as Zayn AND in the same city, let me tell you). And he’s got a few new tats, but the most talked about is his eye tattoo.

Chiam-shippers were quick to assume that it was Cheryl’s eye since she’s his girlfriend and his baby mama and bluh bluh bluh.

Yeah, sure, you wish. 

Me, being an intelligent individual, who can easily tell where is truth and where is pr bullshit, because she’s been through a lot in this fandom, decided to prove their blind asses that this is not Cheryl’s eye. But rather someone else’s, whose name starts with Z. 

Yep, you heard me right, after a bit of research I’m now convinced that this is Zayn’s eyes. 

So let’s get started. (I’m actually ashamed to say that I spent my weekend evening comparing three eyes, why am I like this?)

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Has anyone considered that Niall may have been 5th wheeling it this entire time?

Basically since the beginning there’s  been a bit of, “one of these things is not like the other” going on…  

He’s clearly seen his share of Larry moments

He pretty much has no chill when confronted about Larry 

He’s witnessed his share of Ziam moments as well

Loses his cool when Zayn is singing about Liam

Tries to subtly let Liam know how un-subtle he’s being

Is Ziamed right behind his back 

Is probably the last to get a hug

And is clearly over it at times 

You have to wonder what Niall has witnessed 

What is clear though is that the rest of 1D obviously worship him 

If I ever meet Niall I’ll only have one question

Louis’ Actual Internal Dialogue

Oh God, it’s Little Things. Okay. Just be cool. Don’t look at Harry…Fuck everyone is sitting down. Just squat. Yeah, like that…Shit this is uncomfortable.

Smooth. Much bet-oh God. Harry’s singing. Don’t look at-

Just don’t look at Ha-for fuck’s sake. Fucking Liam’s huge dome is in the way. Okay, just casually shift up a bit.

Nice. Nailed it. And now jus-holy shit he’s staring right at me. Jesus. Christ. He’s staring right. At me. Be fuckin cool, Harry! Maybe if I blink at him a couple times rapid fire he’ll get the message.

Okay he’s still staring at me. And I think he just winked. Maybe he thought I was trying to wink? May-oh fuck, I have to sing…Just don’t stare at him whil-did he just say HIS LITTLE THINGS?! You fucking little shi-

“I’ve just just let these little things slip out of my mouth,”

Oh my God he looks beauti-FUCK! I’m staring right at him. We are singing and staring. What a right pair of creepers. Look away. Look away now-oh God he’s so beautifullllook. Away. Now.

“-it’s you they add up to.” 

Yeah, look over there at all the people. I think this went well. Just nod to the music, look at the boys…Is Zayn singing to me or Liam? Why does everyone lose their chill to this song?…Harry looks happy. And beauti-FUCK.

True story.

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