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Ziam Mirroring

(Note: This masterpost was originally an answer post in response to the ask sent by @rainbowcolours07​ about this topic but I lost the original ask when I tried to save my original response on drafts. Grrr, Xkit. Sorry nonnie I lost it, it was Xkit’s fault. And my apologies again for taking this long in making this post)

First off this was done before so if you’re interested to read that as well click here and also here. If you’ll notice I have posted some of the pics I liked from that mp to this one. I arranged the pics/gifs per year to make it easier to see the progression of this behavior through the years. They have been mirroring each other right from the start up until Zayn left the band. So without further ado, here are Zayn and Liam mirroring each other through the years:

Late 2010/Early 2011 (don’t know the exact date but judging from Liam’s Bieber hair this gif points to that time period)




2015 (Even in that short period of time they were publicly together they still managed to show some mirroring with their movements)

So that’s about Zayn and Liam and their mirroring ways. I hope you were at least entertained while going through this post. Byeee

*Credit goes to the original owners of these pics/gifs: x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 


The most beautiful OTP of all time being fluffy cute commission for Mel

These boys are basically those ones in college who are mutually pining over each other, but are too shy to make the first move, until their stupid friends let them do Seven Minutes in Heaven at a frat party. B)


until you come back home

zayn’s 18 when he meets craig, a manager/agent who promises to make his dreams of being a famous musician come true, but derails the next years of his life.

zayn’s 21 when he flies to the u.s.a, buys a car, and drives across the country trying to escape the past - and meets several people along the way that help him heal, and change his life for the better.

my first ever ziam/one direction fic - read it here on ao3!

(only pt. 1 is posted but the fic is COMPLETE, and i’m just uploading it in installments!)

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 


I need everyone to comment on this post if you’ve watched THE STORY OF ZIAM Videos and did you believe in Ziam before or After those videos I wanna see my mutuals and everyone else on here their opinions Myself: I was a lowkey 1D fan because I’m an idiot because of my age, it was mostly little teen girls etc. who liked them but I didn’t wanna come out and say I was but I fell in love with Zayn and Liam at first and when I noticed how close they were I was like Are they a couple? I went searching and digging 2011-2013 and outed myself in 2014 saying Ziam had sex and are practically married! I don’t think I’ve seen any other relationship as close as theirs in any other boyband except Nick Carter and Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys aka Frick & Frack they were inseparable! After watching The Story of Ziam and getting more I literally saw all my clues coming to life BTW where the hell are the rest or Zayn’s Birthday Pictures I mean we know Liam was there…. Anyhow Here’s to 2017 and I pray in the name of Allah that we get a Ziam reunion and collab and my babies are free and can live the life they want!!!!

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