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i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you

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do u have any true ziam blog recommendations? Alot of the "ziams" I follow are coming out as the ugly ppl 😐

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*they may not be 100% ziam blogs as everyone has something else thrown in there


My OTP: Cartier Love Bracelet 😍

Liam: Brits 2016, Feb 24 ‘16
Zayn: AMAS 2016, Nov 20 ‘16

Zayn and Liam debuting their respective Cartier Love Bracelets on a major awards show gives me major Ziam feels. I see you Ziam

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i was looking through your ziam tag and for some reason they remind me so much of two of my teachers? like super embarrassing into each other? like some moments are so intimate you feel like you're introducing? like my sociology teacher likes just quietly pop into the room my history teacher is in and smile at her and make a joke and then leave and you're kinda just look on like ???? are you'll alright? like definitely hoe feelings

Definitely Super Hoe Feelings™

Musician/photographer AU


I want an AU where Zayn runs a photographic studio near the studio upcoming R&B singer Liam Payne is currently recording album. Maybe on the same street? It has to be no longer than a 5-minute walk away because Liam has to show up often.

Let’s say that for sake of some conflict, Zayn doesn’t like Liam much when they first meet. Not because he has an opinion on Liam yet (duh), but because his experiences with singers haven’t been the best ones (he just prefers to avoid them altogether). And like, Liam’s just messing around, doing a photo diary of his recording sessions so he has to develop those pics often (Is that something people still do? If not we’ll need a 90s AU or something). Point is, Liam goes to Zayn’s studio often. Many more times than Zayn would like it since Liam’s one of those pesky singers. And singers are a no-no for Zayn.

Liam gets his first pics back and goes through them right there at Zayn’s studio. Those are pics from his first 2 days recording and he’s excited. It’s just… the pics don’t come out as great as expected. Actually, they’re kinda crappy. Like, close to awful. And Liam’s bummed about it because he’s trying to document his shit and now he’s mostly lost the beginning of it. He’s a sad Lima Bean.

Of course Zayn won’t resist seeing the guy so desolated and against his better judgement he gives pouty Liam a bunch of tips, pointing out what went wrong on each photo. Liam listens to everything and they’re properly introduced. Well, Liam gets Zayn’s name, since the pics are for ‘Liam Payne’. That day Liam thanks Zayn for the help, buys some more film there, says he’ll be back later that week. He also asks how Zayn knows so much about pictures when Zayn looks like the kind who stays in front of the lenses and not behind, but it’s not even him trying flirt. (Or is it? ;)

Liam keeps coming back and showing his progress with pics. The second batch already looks way better than the first, still keeping that amateur air to it. And because some fluff is always needed, they strike a sort of friendship. Zayn is still a bit wary of Liam (singers are still a no go, even if they’re incredibly sweet, handsome, fit, adorable, etc.), but has no reasons to be rude; Liam’s still a costumer and a great guy.

Flash forward a few months, and Liam decides he’ll ask Zayn out. He feels like Zayn would accept it, but then he also gets those vibes that Zayn keeps policing himself when they’re together. Sorta like Zayn doesn’t want to enjoy Liam’s company too much when he IS enjoying Liam’s company. And I don’t know? Maybe Liam just doesn’t want to be turned down because Zayn’s holding back for some reason??? What’s important here is that he uses part of his photodiary to leave a message to Zayn.

L: *taking back his pics* Did you like the pics?
Z: Yeah, you’re doing way better now, mate.
L: *grinning expectantly* And you answer?
Z: I can’t give you one now, Liam.
L: *smile falters* Oh. Okay.

Poor Lima Bean leaves and he’s a sad Lima Bean. He doesn’t even looks at the pics like he usually does. He goes straight back to the studio to and decides to work on that sad heartbreak ballad he’s written about wasted chances and stuff. He’s written it before meeting Zayn (would be too weird to write a song about someone he’s never dated) but he feels like working on it today for reasons. It’s not before he’s listening to his vocals and going through his pics that he finds extra ones among them. Three pics of Zayn holding a sign.

1st pic: Go out with ya?
2nd pic: Hell…
3rd pic: …yeah

And I don’t really know anything any more. Maybe Liam just runs to Zayn’s studio because it’s almost time Zayn closes his place. Liam runs and finds Zayn there, picking Zayn up and spinning him in the middle of the street. They may or may not kiss and attract attention of everyone around, but Liam doesn’t care. He just accepts a card with Zayn’s (personal) number and dashes away blowing a kiss to Zayn and clicking his heels.

Their first time together may or may not inspire Liam to write a super dirty song. ;)

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been thinking about niall, and narry, and that very first trip to mullingar. I've been thinking about why none of the other boys went, why they didn't take up the invite, especially considering niam were friends during boot camp. Got me thinking about how Niall was probably super super keen to be liked by them all. Whether that put them on edge slightly, you know the feeling you get when maybe someone is trying too hard and you desperately want them to calm down and take it easy, p1

because you know if they chill out slightly you really will like them. But their enthusiasm is a lot to take. Made me think about how everyone says niall is 1d’s biggest fan and wonder whether niall and harry both went into the band with a wide eyed motivation and belief that they would become a band of brothers and take it on together, where the other boys were more reserved in investing themselves 100%. Louis especially who would be simultaneously self-assured in the cocky way 18y/o are and desperately afraid to fail again. Made me think about how the larry/ziam divide would have affected niall from the beginning. Little niall who probably craves attention but has also learnt to just be happy with whatever he’s given because he was a bit of a latchkey kid. But most of all how niall was probably full of excitement at the prospect of this gang he was joining. I was also thinking of how harry was the only one to see niall at home in Ireland before their fame got them. And how whether he will always love harry a bit more than the rest because harry knows the him that existed completely outside of x factor, knows niall in the very first place that formed him minus the fame, where the other boys don’t. Whether they have a special bond because of it, and whether that’s why they seem so happy together doing the Ireland shows, because it’s like being 16 and on the cusp of something together again. I’ve made myself happy and sad at the same time!!

I have been clutching this message to my chest all weekend because there is SO MUCH HERE. 

I’m having particular feelings about this idea that Niall and Harry were the ones who really let themselves get excited in the beginning. The ones who just wanted to be together and bask in the excitement and strangeness of the situation and stay up all night talking about what they wanted to do and the songs they would sing and who they wanted to meet and maybe what they were afraid of too? Like…this sounds so legit, that Harry and Niall were the ones who allowed themselves to be open to the experience and each other, back then in the very beginning. 

–Louis, older and scared to put all his hopes in one basket and allow himself to be vulnerable, Liam who was SO DELIBERATE and cared SO MUCH about making it on his own and who was cautious around other boys because other boys were something to be wary of and to steel yourself against and Zayn who was terrified of the whole thing and nearly incapable of opening up to a bunch of total strangers– 

Niall and Harry were the ones who just wanted to EXPERIENCE the whole thing, and who saw the whole group thing as icing on the cake maybe. I get to do this thing! And I get to share it with other lads! They were the youngest and the most sociable and the most unabashedly stoked, maybe. 

This all feels super crucial because the tables have turned a little bit. Harry and Niall are now the two members who are the best at playing their emotions close to the chest. They both have this way of presenting as warm and charming and friendly, but their engagement is always on their own terms. They’re both so great at maintaining necessary emotional distance. BUT. BUT BUT BUT…

They don’t feel that way when they interact with each other? Harry and Niall interacting, on stage and off, feels so authentic and open and warm and maybe that’s got to do with the way they related way back in the beginning? They each wanted to open up and let it all hang out, and maybe they found a safe space for that in each other. A safe kind of space that still exists between them, hence the particular access they seem to have to each other’s joy. And…i don’t know…maybe each other’s pain too? Niall talked about Zayn leaving bringing them closer. Did Harry and Niall lean on each other? Is Harry the one who got to play emotional midwife to Niall’s feelings and vice versa? Ouch. Yikes. 

I don’t know. I just….narry. I just narry.