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i just want to say to fic readers that big long rambly comments on fics, where you say the things you loved about it and sometimes get capslocky and squeal and use exclamation points and quote parts and praise the smut or the characterizations or the world building or the chemistry or all of the above, comments like that are fucking incredible and every fic author loves you, thank you

I want to see this with my own eyes

The way Liam looks at Zayn with that happy smile on his face

The way Zayn opens spontaneously his arms 

The way Liam goes there in the arms of an angel..

…and hugs him tight, so tight 

because those arms are the place where he belongs

and they both know that no matter what they’ll always have a place where to belong

In those arms

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do u have any true ziam blog recommendations? Alot of the "ziams" I follow are coming out as the ugly ppl 😐

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*they may not be 100% ziam blogs as everyone has something else thrown in there


I’m sorry but this gif fucks me up so much.

1) Like look how big Liam’s hands are on Zayn’s shoulders

2) Look how gentle Liam is being with his trashcan lid hands on Zayn’s smol body

3) Liam looks like a mother trying to comfort a child, trying to reassure him that everything is going to be okay and that he will be there the whole time supporting him

4) Liam ducks down to get a good look at Zayn’s face to make sure he’s doing alright, and to make sure he’s not uncomfortable or nervous

5) Zayn isn’t even affected by Liam’s affection because they are constantly touching anyways

6) Zayn’s little wave and the innocent way he’s looking into the camera makes him look extra smol

7) Zayn in all black and his tattoos look hot as fucK

8) Liam in that Payne Train suit makes me sweat

9) Louis is looking around like “Are y’all seeing this domestic shit”

10) Harry won’t even look at them, same Harry what the fuck are they even doing?

This is the penultimate of the little fics inspired by Ed and Divide. Other two are here + and here +

This one inspired by How would you feel, mush factor 3000.  Already know the last one I’ll do.  


Liam finds Zayn outside.  With a cigarette, of course.   For a moment, he just stands and watches the silhouette that stands in front of him, lit only by the summer moon as the light finally fades. 

Behind Liam, in the room, it’s finally quiet.  It’s past 2am now.  Popped balloons cover the floor, and every table has empty bottles, and red wine stains on the tablecloths.

In Liam’s head, today has formed a million and one memories and that’s what he can remember now, when he sees the photos, he’ll remember all the things he won’t believe he forgot.

It’s hard though to take notice of anything when all you ever wanted in your life is there standing in front of you. 

And has been since the moment you went halfsies on a McChicken sandwich meal and a Mcflurry all those years ago. 

To now, the present and all that they have in front of them.  That’s what matters. 

“It’s a bit creepy when you stand there all silent, staring at me, i mean it’s certainly not for me arse is it?” Zayn pauses, takes a quick drag  on his cigarette and then when he’s exhaled he adds, “Mr Malik-Payne.”

He turns his head to look back at Liam, this small grin that’s growing larger by the second.

They’ve called each other that for so long.  It’s just that now, as of seven or eight hours ago, it’s official. 

Liam takes the two or three steps to move next to Zayn, reaches his hand out and Zayn knows, hands the cigarette to him and Liam takes a long drag, and then as he takes the cigarette away, he exhales, looking down at it as he does.

“We still quitting?”

“Yep, only allowed one bad habit I reckon once you tie the knot.”

“What’s the bad habit you’ll keep then?” Liam asks.  Knows the answer already of course. 

“Some bloke that gave me the last bit of the Rolo ice cream McFlurry in 2010, literally the worst habit ever and yet there I was yesterday, saying all kinds of dopey romantic shit in front of all those we love and trust, and now I’ve no chance of kicking that habit, what about you?”

Liam leans forward, takes a step down to where the small litter bin is on the small paved area in front of the grass, and stubs out the cigarette, then he stops still, looks to the  ground and then upwards.

Zayn’s there in front of him now, still lit up by the moon, this half smile on his face.

This half smile that Liam’s had as the last thing he sees before he sleeps, whether they’re together or not, since he was 16 and Zayn, 17. 

The half smile that he’d gone home and dreamt about after that first weekend in March.

The half smile on the roof of the X Factor house, even though Zayn was petrified of heights, that he’d offered Liam along with a place in his life, in his heart, that Liam knew he’d fallen in love with that year and yet had taken him so long to work out. 

The half smile that, when they’ve had a fall-out or an argument that’s gone on for days, made worse by separation and all the stress, has shown itself and Liam knows then, no matter who’s fault it is, and really who’s bothered anyway, it’s okay.

It’s his for life.  Or at least as long as they are each other’s life.  

The half smile drops, and Zayn clears his throat, and this is what it’s like sometimes, not just for Liam either, they  got lost in what’s been, and the potential for what’s to come.

He takes the 2 steps in one go and then he’s turning Zayn to face him, cocks his head to one side, and takes in the way Zayn looks.

Simple, crisp white shirt, black trousers, and okay, they probably cost a bomb, but they could be twelve quid from Primark and he’d still be everything.

Lately Zayn looks younger, it’s amazing what planning something like this can do.   

Still mired in the crap, but when it’s just them, when they aren’t stuck in the middle of the that  grind, it just fades away, and it’s there still, like a low hum as a background noise, but they know not to knock into it, not to bother it, and the time will come in a matter of days that the volume will turn up but for now, it stays that way. 

And they live with it, they carry on with it there, and they thrive in spite of it there. 

Liam lifts his hand up to cup Zayn’s cheek. 

“My bad habit?  It’s also my best habit.” 

“Cheesy sod,” Zayn teases and they smile and then silently Liam moves his hand away from Zayn’s cheek, places it on the back of Zayn’s neck and he moves in closer to Zayn, so their hips are aligned though Liam’s a little taller. 

And then he feels a hand placed on the small of his back and then the fingers of their free hands link together.

There’s no music, just the sound of the night, and the occasional bubble of laughter from somewhere within the grounds of the hotel. 

They just sway, they stay silent, each lost in their thoughts, lost in the fact that they have each other.  

With luck they’ll  grow old together, have shit times, have great times, have kids that they’ll welcome into their home if they’re lucky, live to see Batman: we said that was infinity the final episode but we were lying, and breed their own puppies.

And then one day Liam’ll wake up and Zayn’ll be deaf as a post, or they’ll lose their false teeth. 

But each day Liam thinks he’ll marvel at the way that his love, it never stops building and each time he thinks “Well, that’s pretty deep, and you can’t love him more than you do.”

He’s wrong. And he doesn’t think that’ll ever change.

Zayn’s voice brings him back.

“Eh you, I can hear you thinking, you’re ruining this dance, second one of the night too, you can definitely tell it’s our wedding day.”

“Was, Mr Malik-Payne, we’re an old married couple now, that was yesterday and this is today, and anyway, i have plans for this second dance, plans for you and your no arse as well,” he says the last few words with a quick up and down of his eyebrows and a smile that promises all that Liam intends to deliver. 

“Oh yeah?” 


“Hey Liam, jaan,i love you.”

It’s a feeling each time it happens, each time Zayn is so tender, like Liam’s heart is growing right there and then and each time he can’t find the words, so he just presses his body closer, his lips finding Zayn’s.

And that’s how he knows.  That’s what they have, a lifetime.  

Them. The best and worst habits.  

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Seeing Jackbum so close on this sofa made me think of how Ziam used to sit really close on a big empty sofa. Why are they bringing back my Ziam feels? :')

i am going to cry




look at the space between Louis and Liam then Zayn and Niall then look at Ziam ffs 

The “watchu talking about?”

this is not a drill i am typing this while crying