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Ziam Day Off

My half of an awesome collab with @majiksart!!!

Her Liam, my Zayn. Hope you like it! 😁

After doing the Larry one, I just couldn’t not do Ziam. So here’s another GoT!1D drawing, featuring Liam Mormont and Zayn Targaryen. I took a LOT of liberties with Zayn’s tattoos, as you can see, because I feel like most of them wouldn’t have made sense in a GoT universe. Based on this.

anonymous asked:

Why do so many Larries blindly reject even the idea that Ziam is real? I keep seeing all these meta posts about Larry, with the OP being like, "SIMON HAAAATES LOUIS SOMETHING HAPPENED NOBODY KNOWS WHAT BUT IT WAS BIG." Like, here's a thought, maybe Louis helped guide Liam's ass out of the closet and right into Zayn's waiting arms, completely ruining the no-homo narrative management was so desperate to maintain when they enforced the original no-contact-gag-order-nonsense on Louis/Harry.

I’ll be honest…I thought it was nothing more than any other ship such as Narry or Zouis that seemed entirely fictional and just for fun because they’re two hot dudes. 

I mean, I didn’t need the possibility of this being real to support it - look at them! 

HOW-EVER, as you will have noticed if you’ve gone through my sao ziam tag, I have changed my tune and seen the way. 

I was literally just discussing with someone how goddamn mad all the Larries would be if Ziam came out first. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, but they’re certainly causing less drama than Larry at the moment. I think that’s about to change though. I’m hoping it’s not going to follow the pattern of last year which was:

  1. Around this time Louis and Eleanor broke up (yay Larry!)
  2. Louis in the pool with the most awkward bomb kiss of all time (no homo Louis!)
  3. Zayn quits (Ziam-related holy shit explosive news to overshadow basically everything, we never hear of pool girl ever again)

If that were to be the case this year I think it would be something like:

  1. Babygate ends 
  2. Louis amps up with DC
  3. Liam comes out with JP as his Adidas promoing “bf” and Larry lay low together while no attention is on them, casting doubt as to how there could possibly be three (forget four for now) queer members in a band randomly put together

But I hope I’m wrong about those last two given that I firmly believe that Liam is with Zayn and him coming out with someone who is not his partner would be quite ridiculous. This entire thing sounds ridiculous, but ever since I read that weird voodoo shit about Zayn being exactly 385 days older than Harry and exactly 385 days younger than Louis I’m convinced this band has been conjured up by some kind of black magic to ruin my life. 

Of all the things I’ve learned, that birthday fact has uptown fucked me up the most. 

I know that doesn’t answer all of your question but I haven’t had coffee yet today and I am too lazy to scroll back up and see what else you said, so hopefully this tangent is sufficient. 

Oh yah and Ziam is real. They’ve joined Larry in my chart of elements - Earth, Wind, Larry, Air and Ziam. They’re just things that exist with absolute certainty to me.  

Thank you for your message xx 

EDIT: I just re-read the question and saw this part: “maybe Louis helped guide Liam’s ass out of the closet and right into Zayn’s waiting arms,”

Um…I don’t think anyone in their right mind would need to be pushed or guided into the arms of Zayn Malik. I mean…

He is literally unreal.

How does this man exist amongst mere mortals?

Noo! Don’t stare directly at him…it’s like staring at the sun. 

Gotta Zayn.

Guess who did NOT delete the pics of himself and Zaynie at PFW from his IG. You guessed it, our fave shade thrower, Joe Jonas!! And look at that lovely rainbow flag too!

Proof again that you can’t trust the media, since they just want to push the official narrative. 

Credit to Ilo and the person from IG that spotted this first!


Wedding Singer!AU
Zayn is on stage with the band singing “lets stay together” making it his own.. It’s the end of the night, audience dancing to the sweet melody and his warm voice. Liam is clearing the tables with others.
“Let me be the one you come running to.. I’ll spend my whole life lovin’ you.. A Lot of people break up turn around and make up, that’s not for me.. Let me be the one you come running to, you make me feel so brand new… Babe…”
A drunken guy interrupts and the band stops playing
“Hey! let’s hear something livelier huh man?the song is bumming me out big time”
“I’m sorry this song is bringing you down. But there are other ways to celebrate than getting drunk and shaking your ass although I’ve been known to do both of those things. In case you’ve forgotten we are here at a wedding. Celebrating a union and possibility and joy. And I don’t know anybody that does it better than Al Green. Instead of dulling our senses or moving faster than we really feel like moving, isn’t it nice to slow to a gentle pace where you can appreciate gazing into another persons eyes who loves you like you love yourself. ‘Lets stay together’ feels like a song written in the moonlight. It’s a blessing, a prayer that the best we feel when we’re side by side with the one we love will last throughout our lives”
Liam is listening spellbound.
Zayn continues “So if you don’t mind, I’m going to finish this song celebrating the promise made here today. After which I will be singing ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ which is probably a little bit more to your liking” the drunk guy is looking at him weirded out. Zayn continues to sing putting hi heart in every word “Let’s..Let’s stay together.. Lovin’ you whenever.. Times are good or bad or happy or sad..baby..”
There are tears in Liam’s eyes. He heads to the kitchen to place the empty glasses and plates to the dishwasher. He hears James taking over starting to sing.
Zayn comes to the kitchen because he’s hungry as hell “Harry can I have some chicken and potatoes?” Liam sees him and approaches “hey”.
Zayn smiles “hey”
“You were great up there. I mean, that was really, really beautiful” Zayn huffs out a laugh “well, yeah thanks. Drunks tend to make me pretentious” Liam was quick to say “that wasn’t pretentious, it was poetic”
“You think? I just can’t stand anyone trashing Al Green. I mean he pours his heart out for us, right?” Liam smiles softly at him “it’s a beautiful song. And after that I definitely want you to sing that at my wedding”
Zayn’s demeanor changes “um look, I’d love to but I’m kind of phasing out if the wedding business” Liam’s face drops “really? No… You can’t, you’re so… So good. I mean you almost had me crying in there” Zayn looks away “that wasn’t me. That was Al Green. I just sang it, I mean I’d love to write a song like that. One that people hear and say ‘hey, I’ve felt what that guy has felt’ I used to think I could do that, but now I’m not sure.”
Liam puts his hand on Zayn’s on the counter “sure you could. Did you see how you just entranced them out there. i mean if you can do that, you can do anything” Zayn’s eyes were on Liam’s hand on his he looks up to meet his eyes Zayn moves his hand away his Adam apple bobs words coming out a bit hard “that’s really nice thing to say, but I disagree” Zayn says. Liam goes to speak again but Zayn says “good night Li” and leaves Liam behind tears filling his eyes.

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what if during radio 1's big weekend ziam came out... 36*media*tumblr*com/0460313aa2f0ae44adcdbb3ef3ef893c/tumblr_n5qmc2bSiZ1qm919eo1_500*jpg

big sweeping declarations of love. liam knowing that zayn doesn’t like the attention, but he’s so caught up in the moment and the emotions that he can’t help sweeping zayn into his arms. zayn’s breathless giggling, that little crinkle he gets in the bridge of his nose when he scrunches it up in happiness. they could probably play it off as just one of their dumb liamandzayn things because it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. but then liam leans down to kiss zayn, just a brush of their lips together that’s sweet and chaste but enough for a hush over the crowd before the cheering increases tenfold. liam sets zayn back onto his feet, zayn blushing so hard that the color is actually showing in his face. he tucks his face into the crook of liam’s neck and liam’s thinking he fucked up until he can feel the smile there and the whispered i love you.