ziall horlik

[Before a performance]

Louis: we got this boys, now for roll call

Louis: Nialler

Niall: Loueh

Louis: Liam

Liam: Lewis

Louis: Haz

Harry: boobear, he’s not-

Louis: Zen


Louis: Zee ?

Harry: he’s not here Lou

Lima: let’s go boys

Announcer: …ONE DIRECTION….


*somewhere in front of a TV screen*

Zayn: I’m here. Always.


Louis: *smiles softly* I know you are.

Imagine your OTP
  • <p> <b></b> *Character 2 breathes*<p/><b>Character 1:</b> OMG! YOU'RE SO OBNOXIOUS AND BORING! I HATE YOU!<p/><b>Character 2:</b> I didn't say anything!<p/><b>Character 1:</b> Shut up. JUST SHUT UP!<p/><b></b> Character 1 leaves. Character 2 gets confused and Character 3 enter the room.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> Hey, don't worry. It's not your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> I didn't think it was my fault...<p/><b>Character 3:</b> So... what the hell were you thinking about?<p/><b>Character 2:</b> Well, for some reason, he's upset. I just want to know why.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It was your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> But you just said-...<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It cleary was your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What did I do?<p/><b>Character 3:</b> You're cute.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What?<p/><b>Character 3:</b> He is angry because you're too cute.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> That doesn't make any sense.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It doesn't have to. I agree with him. You're so cute that I feel bad about myself. You're just... so perfect. I just want to take you to see the stars and then kiss you badly.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What?!<p/><b>Character 3:</b> What?!<p/><b>Character 1, appearing from the shadows:</b> WHAT?!<p/></p>

Imagine Harry waking up late next to Louis . He realizes he has a meet up with a fan and starts looking for clothes to wear [after taking a shower]. Since he was still in a daze, he wanders off in Louis closet and pulls out one of his own shirts and pants.

H: where’s my Gucci boots Lou ?

L: what a coincidence, there gone. Why don’t you wear those size 8 vans in the bottom left near corner that’s weirdly next to mine

H: how did you-

L: just wear the vans Hazza

H: fine. But if the fans start to become fishy about us then I’m singing your part in story of my life next concert-

L: you wouldn’t f*cking dare-

H: *races out the door* BYE LOU


And ladies and gentlemen, you have