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Love Bites - Zianourry - Part One

Love Bites - Zianourry

Niall centric.


Vampire!Louis, Vampire!Harry, Liam!Vampire, Zayn!Vampire, Human!Niall


“Niall! Babe, the movie’s starting!” Zayn called throughout the house, warning his small boyfriend who was currently getting popcorn that the movie they put in would soon be starting.

“Okay hold on!” Niall’s Irish accent fell throughout the room, his tone seeming cutely rushed and panicked. Zayn chuckled and relaxed into Liam’s arms, who were wrapped around him securely.

They all loved each other. It was that simple. Although Niall was a human, it didn’t get in the way of the boy’s love for him. They had found him in an alley, on the brink of death. They saved him, simply, and brought him back to their home, in which they soon came to the conclusion Niall would live with them, and they could feed off of him in return for saving his life.

Niall was genuinely okay with it. Sure, he got freaked out about the whole vampire thing, but he got used to the world they lived in. It’s not like he had a better life anywhere else, he supposed.

A few months in, the boys found themselves falling for the blonde haired, blue eyed boy they fed off of. He was just so carefree, and bubbly. It was adorable, to them. Niall loved them all. Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry. He couldn’t really ask for a better life. He got whatever he wanted, he could do whatever he wanted, and go anywhere he pleased. As long as he pleased the boys with his intoxicating blood, that they couldn’t possibly get enough of.

Niall flopped on the couch, in between Zayn and Harry, a perfect fit. Niall smiled and popped some popcorn in his mouth, watching as the screen lit up with the movie title and all of the actors and actresses names.

Louis scrunched up his nose, “How could you possibly eat that?” He muttered in disgust.

Niall laughed, “It’s just popcorn.” He shrugged.

“But it’s disgusting.” Louis huffed.

“You’re a vampire. Everything is disgusting to you Lou.” Niall giggled. The boys couldn’t eat human food, it made their stomachs hurt and they’d groan in pain. It was a bearable pain, but nothing pleasurable.

“Except for blood!” He sing-songed, a giggle leaving his lips after. Niall nodded and looked back at the screen.

“Except for blood.” He confirmed, giggling. The boys smiled at their boyfriend’s antics, feeling lucky to have them in all their lives.

Harry wrapped his arm around Niall’s waist, making the boy sigh in content and lean back onto Harry’s arm. Zayn smiled at how cuddly and innocent Niall was.

Throughout the movie the boys stole glances at the oblivious boy in the middle of them all. He was too focused on the movie to notice their dark red eyes. Nearing the end of the movie Louis nudged Harry’s shoulder.

Harry snapped his attention to his petite boyfriend, who was looking starved, “Can I feed off of you? Please. I can’t take it anymore.” Louis’ voice was strained, and he looked paler than usual.

With a nod of his head, Harry barred his neck to the side, and Louis immediately started to brush his nose along his boyfriend’s jaw line. Vampires could feed off of each other, it just wasn’t as satisfying as human blood from the vein.

Louis was known to get drunk off blood. He’d sometimes come home with a blood stained shirt and a dazed look on his face, a lazy smile etched on his features. Niall got disappointed every time. Louis was a blood addict, if you will.

He’s the one mostly feeding off of Niall, not that he minded. He was the youngest vampire of them all, just recently changed, and by recently meaning fifty years ago. He was still a newborn, and as blood thirsty as ever.

Niall would be lying if he said he didn’t get jealous whenever the boys fed off each other. He felt of no purpose. Unwanted. But the boys always reassured him it wasn’t anything big, and they didn’t want him getting hurt, or dizzy.

The boys weren’t ever afraid of taking it too far. They knew when to stop. They just didn’t want Niall to get hurt. Even though he never has. But sometimes the boys did worry about injecting their venom into Niall’s veins, making the pleasure turn into immediate pain, not to mention making his human self turn into one of them. A vampire.

Louis shifted his head closer to Harry’s neck, and he felt his fangs elongate, aching to bite into the smooth skin. Niall was oblivious to the whole situation, after all it did only look like a cuddle.

Breathing in the intoxicating scent of his soulmate, Louis brushed his fangs across Harry’s neck, making Harry shiver. Harry slipped an arm around Louis’ waist, his hand gripping at his tiny hip. Zayn finally took notice into the situation, and he immediately pulled Niall closer to his body, not wanting Niall to notice anything.

Harry closed his eyes as Louis’ lips brushed over the spot he’d bite. Louis always bit in the same spot right at the base of your neck. No one knew why. No vampire did that. They’d just bite where they felt like it.

Louis lightly kissed Harry’s neck, and swiped his tongue across the spot. Almost as if he was teasing him. Harry sighed a light sigh, and dug his nails into Louis’ hip. Louis chuckled lowly before letting his fangs dig into Harry’s neck.

A small gasp left Harry’s lips, and he resisted the urge to moan at the pleasure he was feeling. The feeling was extraordinary. Indescribable. Being bit by your soulmate always felt like you were floating on a cloud.

Harry pulled Louis’ body closer to his, almost so Louis was on top of him. Louis let Harry’s warm blood seep down his throat, the burning sensation he was once feeling being gone. Louis closed his own eyes and let the blood consume him, his thoughts drifting away.

By now Niall has taken a notice in it happening, and he immediately darted his eyes away and didn’t bother to finish his popcorn. His body was stiff, and no doubt was he jealous. He didn’t particularly know who to be jealous of exactly.

Zayn rubbed his thumb in soothing circles across Niall’s hipbone, trying to calm the boy. Niall started to relax, but he stiffened again as soon as a small and barely audible moan left Harry’s lips. But Niall heard it.

Niall huffed and sunk down in his seat, not even interested in the movie he was watching anymore. Harry slightly drug his nails down Louis’ hip, a signal to tell him to stop drinking before Harry became weak.

Louis internally rolled his eyes at having to pull away, but he did, his lips leaving Harry’s neck and a trail of blood seeping from Harry’s wound. Louis licked his lips, blood coating the tip of his tongue.

“You couldn’t have waited Louis?” Liam sighed.

Louis shook his head, “No. It was becoming too much.” He mumbled, his eyes turning back to the normal and lovable shade of blue they almost always were.

Liam sighed and nodded his head, watching Niall’s actions carefully. He was stiff, and seemed to be in his own dream world. Zayn was whispering into his ear, so quietly even the boys couldn’t hear him. Niall shifted his body, and he gave a few nods every now and again.

The boys were watching intently, their eyes squinted at the two. Zayn finally pulled away from a flushed Niall, who looked dazed. Hypnotized, even. Zayn barely visibly gave a pinch to Niall’s hip, and a slight snap to the waistband of his boxers that were peaking out the top of his pants, before Niall quickly stood and walked to the kitchen with his bowl.

Zayn smirked happily and leaned back into the couch with his arms crossed.

“What did you tell him?” Harry asked cautiously. Zayn’s smirk grew, and he stood up, brushing himself off.

“Well, you obviously weren’t going to give him the attention he was practically begging for, so, I promised him something…” Zayn muttered sneakily, starting to walk up the staircase.

Liam’s mouth fell open slightly, and he shook his head, “What- You cheeky shit.” Liam mumbled.

Zayn chuckled, “You love me.” Zayn sing-songed as the boys heard Zayn’s room door close behind the mysterious lad.

Louis was still confused as to what Zayn did, and he sat with furrowed eyebrows. Niall soon came out of the kitchen, running a hand through his messy blonde hair. He passed right by the couch, past the boys without stealing a second glance.

Liam reached behind him and grabbed Niall’s wrist before he could bound to the staircase, “What did Zayn tell you?” Liam commanded.

Niall bit his lip and shifted his weight from foot to foot, “Erm…” Louis and Harry watched closely. Now would be a good time to be able to read minds.

A silly smile came to Niall’s face at the thought of what Zayn said, and he shivered, pulling his wrist away from Liam’s grip. He stalked his way to the stairs, shaking his head.

“It’s not important.” Niall muttered before bounding his way up the stairs and to Zayn’s room. Harry’s eyes flashed a scary red at the lack of knowledge he had of what Zayn and Niall could be up to.

The three boys sat jealously on the couch, and Louis started to regret his feeding session.

Meanwhile, Niall took a deep breath and tip toed his way into Zayn’s huge room, turning around to close and lock the door as quietly as he could.

As soon as the door was locked Niall felt a slight breeze and arms wrap around his waist.

“I was beginning to think that they would keep you from me.” Zayn whispered into Niall’s ear, his chin rested on Niall’s shoulder from behind. Niall shook his head.

“I wouldn’t let them.” He mumbled, his hands going on top of Zayn’s. Zayn hummed, and he nuzzled his nose into Niall’s neck, sniffing the boy’s scent.

“You smell so good babe.” Zayn whispered, his fangs dragging their way across Niall’s neck. Niall absentmindedly tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck to Zayn fully.

Zayn chuckled, “Eager.” He muttered. Niall whined lowly in his throat, and he gave a curt nod. Zayn breathed and slowly sunk his teeth into Niall’s smooth neck, taking in his taste. Niall immediately moaned and fell weak in Zayn’s arms, his head resting back on Zayn’s shoulder.

The blood slipped down Zayn’s throat easily, and Zayn’s grip around Niall’s waist tightened. Niall’s eyes fell closed, and he reached a hand up and tugged at Zayn’s hair. Niall bit at his lip as more and more of his blood was lost, and his eyelids started getting heavy.

“Zayn.” He warned. Zayn sighed, and he licked across Niall’s wound before pulling away and turning his boyfriend around, giving him a peck on the lips.

Niall could immediately taste the metallic on his tongue, and his face scrunched at the unfamiliar taste. Zayn chuckled and his fingers rubbed Niall’s hips.

“You’d be a good vampire.” Zayn whispered, his eyes drifting to the blood he purposely put on Niall’s pale and light pink lips. Niall hummed, rolling his eyes.

“You think?” He giggled. Zayn nodded, resting his forehead against Niall’s.

“Yeah. We could have hot and rough vampire sex.” Zayn chuckled, and Niall scoffed.

“Intriguing.” Niall mumbled in a playful tone of voice. Zayn smirked.

“I know, it’d break the bed.” Zayn whispered before capturing Niall’s blood covered lips in a heated kiss. Niall parted his lips immediately, letting Zayn take dominance. Their tongues swirled together, and Zayn savored the taste of blood and Niall’s lips combined.

Niall suddenly pulled away, “What does it feel like?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“What does what feel like?” Zayn asked, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Like, drinking, from your mate…” He trailed off.

Zayn thought for a moment, “Like you’re on Cloud 9. It makes you feel high. To be honest. But at the same time it’s intoxicating, and it’s way better than sex.” Zayn chuckled.

Niall nodded.

“Why?” Zayn asked, wondering why he’d be asking.

“Change me.”


“Change me.”


I’m probably doing three parts, if not two. Hope you like it. It’s not smutty, sorry.


anonymous asked:

Is there any ziall one shots or anything where zayn or Niall are smoking then they start blowing the smoke into each other's mouth and it leads to them smutting it up? (Smutting idk where the hell that came from) but yeah? By the way I love you blog .x

I found some stuff pretty similar to what you’re asking for that’s pretty good!!

You and Me Baby Making Love Like Gorillas

Zayn and Niall are high off weed then things get heated as Bruno Mars’ song Gorilla comes on.

Get You High

When Zayn asks Niall to come help him find his phone, which he apparently lost somewhere on the bus, Niall pulls away from Harry to turn and walk back to the bus with Zayn…

I hope these are good!


Wreck Me - Ziall Horlik

Wreck Me - Ziall Horlik


In which Zayn comes home to Niall, waiting to be wrecked.


Zayn sat boredly in the high office chair. He was in an important meeting, discussing his business and career. He obviously didn’t want to go, but he had to for the sake of his job.

He laid his forearms on the long table, leaning forward a bit to get comfortable. He wasn’t even paying attention to half the stuff coming out of his colleague’s mouth. He just wanted to get home to his beautiful boyfriend, Niall.

His thoughts immediately drifted to Niall. His pale, smooth skin he loved to leave dark marks on. His pink and plump lips that he loved to press to his own. The innocent vibe that Niall had; but he was far from innocent. Niall’s bright and big blue eyes that looked up at Zayn whilst he was sucking him off.

Zayn felt his pants tightening slightly, and his eyes widened. He shifted in his seat, just barely crossing his legs. No one in the room seemed to notice, much to Zayn’s relief. Zayn took steady breaths and he thought about the grossest thing he could.

It helped, well, it did at first. It was then Zayn’s phone buzzed in his pant pocket. A few of the people close to him turned their heads, and he let out a small, “Sorry.”

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, and looked at the screen. It was a text from Niall, and all he saw was a winky face. Zayn furrowed his eyebrows, and unlocked his phone, clicking on the message.

Zayn’s eyes widened for a second time as he looked down at his phone. He hid it more under the table, still taken a little by surprise by the text.

The text consisted of a message, and picture. The picture being most of Zayn’s concern. Zayn looked up at everyone, noticing they weren’t paying attention to him. He sighed and looked back at the picture of his seemingly innocent boyfriend, apparently sitting on the bed with one of Zayn’s sweaters on. Yet, it wasn’t the sweater Zayn was paying attention to.

No, it was the fact that Niall didn’t have boxers on, and he was just barely covering his length with the bottom of the sweater, and his small sleeve covered hands. He was biting his lip sexily, and you couldn’t see his eyes.

Zayn’s pants tightened for a second time as he read the message, “I need you, Zayn.” It read.

Trying to calm his obvious erection, Zayn locked his phone and took a deep breath. He didn’t want to think about it, but he did. He wanted to absolutely wreck his boyfriend, take away his cute innocent face, and make him beg.


After the painful meeting was over, Zayn quickly got out of his seat and immediately urged to the door. He covered his erection with some papers and folders he had needed throughout the meeting.

When he got to his car, he hopped in and shoved the keys into his car, starting it and driving off as fast as he could. He probably broke a few laws, but he just wanted to get home to his waiting boyfriend.

The important papers were forgotten in his car when he got to his and Niall’s house, he just barely stopped the car before he got out of it, quickly slamming the door shut.

He opened his door, stepping inside and kicking off his shoes before lunging toward the steps. He had to play it cool however, but he couldn’t hide how desperate he was to get into his boyfriend’s tight hole.

The door to his room was slightly cracked open, and he pushed it open slowly with his hands. He first spotted the television on, and then his cute boyfriend on his bed. Exactly how the picture he got looked.

Niall snapped his head to Zayn, and he smiled a cheeky smile. Zayn scoffed and shook his head, “You’re something else Niall, I swear.”

Zayn stalked his way into the room and clicked the television off, before turning to Niall, “You realize I was in a meeting, right?”

Niall giggled and nibbled at his bottom lip, “Yes.” Zayn shook his head again and walked toward his almost bare boyfriend whose hand’s were covered by the sleeves of the cream colored sweater and he was tugging at the bottom of it.

“That’s naughty, you know.” Zayn licked his lips and Niall looked down, nodding. It seemed Niall was ashamed, but he was far from it.

“Punish me then.” Niall smirked, looking back up at his tall, and godly partner. Something in Zayn snapped, and he loved the naughty words coming out of Niall’s so called innocent mouth.

Zayn used a hand to push Niall back on the soft bed, and he attached his lips hungrily to Niall’s, who immediately moaned at the touch. Zayn trailed a hand down Niall’s small body, resting it against his hip.

Niall put more effort into the kiss, trying to get Zayn to kiss back just as roughly as he was. Zayn pulled away from Niall, making the boy whimper in protest, “So eager.” Zayn whispered into Niall’s ear, nibbling on his earlobe.

A small moan escaped past Niall’s lips, and he reached a hand up to grip at the back of Zayn’s neck, pushing his head more toward his neck. Zayn pulled away once again, making Niall whine, “Stop it.” He pouted.

Zayn just smirked and trailed a finger down the side of Niall’s neck. Niall’s breath hitched, and shivers ran down his spine. He really wanted to be fucked, and Zayn’s teasing was not helping him at all.

Closing his eyes, Niall leaned into the touch. Zayn continued to trail that finger down his body, past his nipples, his ribs, his faint abs, his hips. When Zayn got to Niall’s thighs, he slowed down, knowing that Niall’s weakness was his thighs.

Niall practically purred, his hands messing with the sheets. Zayn slowly slid a hand up Niall’s, well, Zayn’s sweater, just brushing past Niall’s sensitive shaft. Niall visibly shivered, and he huffed, “Please, Zayn.”

“Please what?” Zayn smirked, painfully slowly moving his hand closer and closer to Niall’s length.

“Please, wreck me, fuck me until I’m begging, eat me out, please.” He begged, his words breathy and his eyes still closed. Zayn chuckled at his desperate boyfriend, and finally wrapped a hand around Niall’s length.

Niall gasped quietly, not seeing it coming, before moaning softly. Zayn pumped slowly, watching his boyfriend’s face closely. Niall had his eyebrows furrowed, his lip trapped between his teeth, “Please.” He whispered, dragging out the word.

Zayn lifted his sweater higher, letting him get a clear view of Niall’s hard shaft. He bent down and attached his mouth around the tip of Niall’s cock, sucking and swirling his tongue teasingly. Niall let out a strangled moan, his fingers tangling in Zayn’s jet black hair.

Moans erupted from Niall’s mouth as Zayn continued to take more and more of Niall in, using his tongue expertly. Zayn deep throated Niall, his length hitting the back of his throat. Niall then whimpered and cried, pushing down on Zayn’s head more and more, his legs going weak.

“I’m close,” Niall shakily said, one of his hands clawing at the sheets. Zayn gave a few more sucks, and swirls of his tongue before pulling away from Niall’s length, making Niall shake his head and whine.

“Please let me cum.” He breathed, licking his dry lips and looking down at Zayn desperately. Zayn shook his head, and lifted Niall’s sweater over his head, throwing it on the floor.

Niall bit at his lip, writhing beneath Zayn, desperate to cum. Zayn hovered over Niall, placing his lips on his. Niall’s hands pulled at Zayn’s hair, Niall trying to pry open Zayn’s lips with his tongue. Zayn allowed it, just this once, and he opened his mouth, tangling their tongues together and taking full dominance.

Zayn bit Niall’s lip, making the boy groan softly. Zayn smirked in success, and he licked across his boyfriend’s lips teasingly, before attacking his neck with his lips. Niall took a shaky breath and tilted his head to the side, letting Zayn suck marks into his skin.

Niall’s moans erupted throughout the room as Zayn kissed down his shoulders, his chest, and took his sensitive nipple into his mouth, sucking on it roughly. His teeth grazed it, making it puffy and pink.

By the time he did the same to the other, Niall was lost in a daze. All he could think about was the massive pleasure he was getting, and the moans he allowed to escape.

Zayn then kissed down Niall’s abs, slightly adding his tongue into the mix. When he got to Niall’s happy trail, he kissed the top of it before lifting up Niall’s legs and bending them toward the small boy’s chest, putting his puckered and pink hole on show.

Licking his lips, Zayn teasingly lifted his shirt off of his amazing body, making sure Niall was watching. Niall whimpered in desperation, wanting to be touched. It took Niall everything he had not to lick up Zayn’s sexy abs, leaving marks.

When Zayn’s shirt was thrown to the floor, he licked his lips again, before attaching them to Niall’s sensitive thighs. Niall immediately moaned, chills running throughout his body. Zayn sucked love bites all over both of Niall’s thighs, making Niall cry and whimper.

Zayn kissed down his thigh, getting closer and closer to Niall’s hole. Niall didn’t really see it coming when Zayn’s tongue licked across his hole. But when the touch surged through his body, a loud moan escaped.

Niall let out shaky and heavy breaths as Zayn ate him out, Zayn’s hands gripping his thighs. Zayn stuck his tongue deeper into Niall’s hole, swirling it and teasingly licking. Niall’s back arched off the bed as soon as Zayn hit that special spot.

“Zayn.” Niall whimpered loudly, his thighs shaking. Niall was close, but Zayn wasn’t allowing him to cum yet. Zayn pulled away from Niall’s hole and fiddled with his belt, taking it off and throwing it to the pile of clothing on the floor. Niall reached down and eagerly helped with Zayn’s jeans, wanting them off.

Soon, Zayn’s boxers and jeans were in a cluster on the floor, and Niall wrapped his small legs around Zayn’s waist, pulling him closer to him. Zayn smirked and placed a gentle kiss to Niall’s lips, before heavily thrusting into Niall’s tight entrance, with barely any prep and no condom.

Niall cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure, tears pricking his eyes. He dug his nails into Zayn’s shoulders, dragging them down Zayn’s back as Zayn continued to thrust roughly.

The sound of skin against skin went throughout the room, along with Niall’s cries and whines. Niall wanted this, he wanted it so bad. He wanted to be wrecked, torn apart, crying out in pain and pleasure.

“You’re such a little slut.” Zayn muttered as he ran his hands up and down Niall’s sides. Niall nodded, his back lifting as Zayn hit directly into his prostate.

“Y-yes, I-I’m your s-slut.” Niall responded dryly, his voice cracking and the pain audible. Niall let a tear escape, and Zayn’s thrusts just began to get fully pleasurable rather than painful.

Zayn hit his prostate every time, making Niall’s body shake. Niall moaned filthily, his head tilted back and his eyes clenched shut.

“I’m so c-close.” He moaned, his body rocking to the rhythm of Zayn’s thrusts. Zayn slapped Niall’s thighs, “Don’t cum or you’ll be punished.” He breathed, thrusting even harder.

Niall whined and begged, “Please!” Zayn shook his head, and he felt his high coming closer and closer. He came into Niall’s tight hole, his cum dripping out and onto Niall’s pretty thighs. Niall whined at the feeling of the dripping cum, wanting to cum himself.

Zayn then leant down, sucking and pumping Niall’s shaft, “You may cum.” He granted, before re-attaching his mouth to Niall’s shaft. Niall immediately came, making Zayn swallow it all, it slightly dripping out of his mouth. Zayn smirked and kissed Niall, making him taste himself.

Niall bit and licked at Zayn’s lips, tasting himself greedily. Cum was left on his pretty and pink lips, but Niall could care less. Zayn finally collapsed on his sweaty and panting boyfriend, breathing heavily himself.

“You’re such a cockslut, Niall.” He rolled his eyes. Niall nodded and licked his lips, still in a daze, “I know.” He whispered, slightly giggling.


Amazing Year

for myirishlove (It was a submission so I didn’t want to but your email out there for everyone to see)

(Warning: A lil’ bit of het and a lil’ bit of dubious consent (I think…))

Niall couldn’t explain it. Despite having to move to a new country and a brand new school, he just had a feeling that this year would be amazing. 

That feeling may or may not be due to the fact that his new guide to the school was by far the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her name was Barbara and there wasn’t a doubt in Niall’s mind that he wanted her to be his girl. When he told her this she had just smirked and teased him, “We’ll see about that,” Was all she said, making Niall want her ten times more. 

It was lunchtime when Barbara began to show him around the grounds. Niall couldn’t help but distinguish the several different groups of people there were. There were groups of people with wide rimmed glasses and textbooks, large-armed boys smirking at cheerleaders, and then others decked out in combat boots and beanies, talking about some blogging website Niall couldn’t remember the name of. 

Barbara comes to a stop at a table of cheerleaders- of course she’s a cheerleader- introducing Niall with a hand on the small of his back and a knowing smirk on her face as her friends take in the bottle blondes appearance. “Oh my god..” Niall faintly hears one of them mumble as the rest giggle excitedly. 

Barbara sits him down, and the girls all lean in as Barbara tells the little that she knows about Niall. The blonde himself spaces off a bit, busying himself by watching Barbara intently as she talks. He breaks out of his trance when one of the girls squeal. “Well, he’ll fit right in with Zayn and them don’t you think.” It’s Paris, Niall thinks, or something like that. 

“You think, Perrie?” One the other girls, a short girl with brown hair, pipes up. 

“Oh I know so.” Perrie says lowly. “In fact, Barbs, you might need to watch your back… if the way Harry’s looking at your little friend says anything.” 

Immediately, Barbara’s head swings back to look at this ‘Harry’ character, making Niall glance with her. As Niall takes in the appearance of a tall, devilishly attractive boy who’s smirking directly at the blonde himself. Barbara’s hand falls from Niall’s back instantly, making the blonde’s smile drop. 

“What?” Niall asks, confused. “Who is that?” He asks nervously, not liking the defeated look on Barbara’s face. 

“That’s Harry Styles.” She mumbles. 

The other girls give her sympathetic pats on the back and Niall’s confusion only grows. “What?” He asks, a bit frantically, “What does that mean?”

“I think he wants to talk to you, Barbs.” The short girl says again, and Barbara grits her teeth, getting up and going over to the tall boy quickly. 

“What?” Niall asks for a third time. “Is he her boyfriend?” He asks, trying to keep his voice from shaking. Sure, he really liked Barbara, but he could never go up against that huge guy. 

The girls giggle lightly. “No, no… Harry’s got- a relationship… with- well, nobody’s really sure.” Another girl, this one with blonde hair, says. 

Niall’s eyebrows scrunch up in confusion, “Wha-” He’s cut off by a large hand on his shoulder. He turns fast, standing as he sees the tall, dark boy that was behind him. Beside the boy is Barbara, who looks pale and is shaking a little, not meeting Niall’s eyes. “Um..” Niall says, not sure what to say to the curly haired boy who has still got that huge smirk on his face. 

“Hi, Niall, right?” He asks, his voice a lot friendlier than Niall had imagined it would’ve been. 

Niall nods, making the boy grin even wider as he gripped Niall around the waist, dragging the blonde down the green hill that the lunch tables were perched on. “I’m Harry Styles, you’ve probably heard of me.” He says cockily, making Niall narrow his eyes. 

“Barely.” The blonde quips, butt he smile doesn’t fall from Harry’s face. Instead, he laughs, head tilted back and dimples prominent. For a second, Niall forgets that he’s mad at Harry. “What did you say to Barbara?” He asks, anger already faded because Niall doesn’t really keep grudges. 

“I told her that you were going to be with us now and that she needed to back off.” He says simply, making Niall gape at him. 

“With who? What?” Niall asked, because apparently he was always confused when it came to the people at this school. 

Harry looks down at Niall, an exasperated look on his face. “Myself, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. You’ll meet them soon.”

Niall bit his lip, expression still flabbergasted. “Look mate, I don’t mind being friends with you lot but I don’t understand why you told Barbara to back off..” 

Harry stopped, his face suddenly dark as he loomed over Niall. “Because she wanted your dick? How stupid can you be to have not seen that?” 

Angry at the taller boy’s words, but intimidated nonetheless, Niall shrinks back. “She was just being nice…” Niall says slowly, not understanding Harry’s anger. 

The dark look doesn’t leave Harry’s face as he takes several steps towards the blonde, making Niall run into one the walls of lockers. “So what? You actually want that slut back?” 

Niall, never one to stand for bullying, rushes to defend Barbara, “Hey man, you can just talk about her like that… I’m sure she’s not-” 

“She was planning on sucking your dick behind the bleachers and then tonight she was going to go out to dinner with her boyfriend, who’s in college.” Harry says, smiling evilly as Niall pales at his words. “Still want to defend that whore?” 

“H-how could you possibly know tha-” Niall squeaks as Harry slams the boy (a bit painfully) against the lockers. 

“Because I bloody talked to her, didn’t I?” Harry snarls. “What? Are you doubting me already? Our relationship will never work if you don’t fucking trust me.” 

Niall’s eyes widen. “Relationship? You are not my boyfriend... I’m fucking straight you fa-”

Yet another squeak leaves Niall’s mouth when someone else is suddenly in front of him, pushing him more harshly into the lockers. “Do you really want to finish that sentence?” A low, thickly accented voice asks him. Niall’s close to tears when the new boy finally lessens his grip, focusing in enough on the boys face to recognize amber colored eyes and chiseled cheekbones. 

Frantically, Niall shakes his head. “M’ sorry, alright?” He says weakly, directing his apology at Harry, who’s still got that fucking smirk on his face that just screams ‘ha-ha’. 

The guy drops Niall to the floor, straightening the blonde’s hoodie in a friendly manner and brushing a gentle hand through his hair. Niall trembles at the touch, but don’t bat the hand away despite how much he wants to. The tanned guy laughs darkly as he steps away, “You were right, Harry. We were doubting you, but you definitely chose a good one.” 

Niall’s eyes are still wide as saucers when the tanned guy gets right up into Harry’s personal space, basically licking his ear as he says, just loud enough for Niall to hear, “Louis is gonna love ‘em.” 

Niall looks down the hall, there’s no one around, and for once in his life Niall is begging for the bell to ring. ‘How long is their goddamn lunch period?’ 

Niall begins to inch away slowly, back still facing the wall and eyes set to the floor, not wanting to watch the two boys in such an intimate stance. He jumps when he feels an arm wind around his waist. It’s the darker colored boy, but he’s soon joined by Harry, who’s arm joins the other boys’. 

“M’ Zayn by the way.” ‘Amber eyes’ says close to Niall’s ear. “You’re Niall, right?” 

Niall barely has it in him to nod. 

“W-where are you taking me?” Niall asks, still shaky, as the two drag him out what seems to be the back doors. 

“We’re going to go to Louis’ house, gotta give our best mate his birthday present, don’t we?” Harry says, shoving Niall forward so that the blonde almost runs face first into an expensive looking black car. 

“U-uh I have school- I can’t-” Niall stutters, whimpering lightly as Zayn pushes him up against the car one more time. Except this time, rather than threatening the blonde, this time he buries his face into Niall’s neck, sucking and biting at the exposed skin sharply, making Niall whine and push against the broad shoulders. At some point Harry must’ve come along and started to brush a hand through Niall’s hair, and Niall lets out a loud whine of protest as his large hand finds it’s way down Niall’s pants. With Zayn pushing Niall up against the car, leaving what must be a massive hickey on his neck and Harry palming his prick through his boxers, Niall knows where this is heading. Trying to swallow his pride, the blonde doesn’t hold back, moaning and groaning as the two get him off against Harry’s range rover. Niall feels it coming, and bucks against the double pressure he has against his crotch. Harry and Zayn both let out noises of approval as Niall cums in his pants. Zayn lets go, pulling his teeth away from Niall neck and Harry just smirks as always, squeezing Niall’s prick one last time before getting into the drivers side. Zayn pushes Niall into the back seat and locks the doors behind him, as if Niall could move after that experience. 

It takes a minute for reality to come back to Niall. The realization came with the uncomfortableness in his pants and the absolute mortification of what just happened. The two guys up front had just molested him in the school parking lot before forcing him to skip class. Before Niall can even think about how to get out of the situation he was stuck in, Zayn is dragging him out of the car, and the three are standing outside a huge mansion. Niall’s still reeling, confusion etched all over his face as he’s led into the giant house. 

“Lou! Liam!” Harry calls as soon as they’re allowed into the house by some man in a tuxedo. Zayn joins him the shouting and Niall still feels like curling up into a ball. 

Then, two boys are tumbling down the stairs, one with large muscles and puppy eyes, and the other, more lithe with sharp blue eyes that reminded Niall of his own. Harry and Zayn hug the blue eyed boy tightly, wishing him a happy birthday. Niall identifies the blue eyed boy as Louis, leaving the other to be Liam. While they all exchange their ‘hellos’, Niall continues to look like an idiot, mouth tight and shifting uncomfortably due to the mess in his pants. 

“So… what did you get me?” Niall hears faintly, and he wonders the same. They talked about a gift but the only thing they had brought in here was.. ‘oh no.

Harry and Zayn are latched onto him in no time, forcing Niall to stand in front of Louis, “His name is Niall.” Harry provides, as if there was no more explanation needed. Aparently there isn’t, because in moments, the brown haired boy is smiling widely, nodding in approval. 

“Really?” He asks, circling Niall as if the blonde was an animal. “But I thought you all didn’t want a fifth?” 

Zayn shrugged. “Harry saw him today and just knew. Sent me and Liam some pictures and we agreed. We know how much you wanted this, Lou. Plus, look at him.” Zayn says, eyeing Niall up and down. “He’s beautiful.” 

Liam, speaking up for the first time. “Why does he look so skittish?” He asks, eyes drawn in together, not impressed. 

Harry chuckles darkly. “He wan’t obeying at frist, so Zayn and I had to do some.. convincing.” 

Louis gasps, looking offended. “He’s my gift!” He complains. Niall’s eyes widen as he realizes exactly what he’s hearing. 

“Um- What? No- no. I’m not anyones- gift?” Niall scrubs his hands up and down his face. “I don’t know what the hell you people are on, but you’re fucking insane if you think I’d ever be in some kind of– fucked up five-some with you lot!” He shouts, attempted to shove past Liam and Zayn, both of which look impossibly angry. 

“I thought you said you convinced him..” Liam said, eyes narrowed as he holds onto one of Niall’s arms. Zayn grips the other, and they both shove him down onto a large sofa, standing in front of him as the other two follow. 

Zayn shrugged. “I meant I gave him that hickey and Harry made him come in his pants.”

Niall’s face flamed, choosing to stay silent. “Oh,” Louis says, and Niall doesn’t like the evil sound in his voice. “What? Is little baby Niall embarrassed?” Louis asks, gripping Niall’s chin and forcing him to meet his icy blue eyes. “Embarrassed that you couldn’t keep it together because you’re a little virgin who’s pretending to know what he likes?” The brunette says, cruelty dripping off of his words. 

The other boys are smiling, each looking just as devilish as the birthday boy in front of Niall. Niall’s jaw is locked tight. “I’m straight.” Is all he can grit out before Louis shoves him down onto the couch further. 

“Have you ever kissed a boy, Niall?” Louis asks, anger in his eyes. 

Hesitantly, Niall shakes his head, reminding himself that he needs to stay on these boys’ good side. “Exactly.” Louis says. Without any other explanation, Louis leans forward, gripping Niall’s face and forcing the blonde to kiss him. Niall doesn’t kiss back for a moment, confused and angry at himself for not being able to feel the difference to when he kissed a girl. Louis doesn’t wait for the Irish boy, shoving his tongue through the slightly opened gap of Niall’s lips and- there- Niall feels it. 

It’s completely different from kissing a girl. Louis is leading, he’s making Niall moan and making Niall feel good and licking over Niall’s teeth and Niall has never felt this good when just kissing someone. When Louis pulls away, Niall follows, making Louis smirk knowingly. “Not so straight after all, huh?” 

Niall, completely shamed looks to the ground. He hears a heavy sigh, and a larger hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he’s met with those puppy eyes that he usually looks for in a girl and a reassuring pat on his knee is given. “It’s okay if you’re gay Niall. It’s also okay if you’re bisexual.” Liam says, smiling gently. The smile soon passes, replaced by a leer. “I would say it’s okay if you’re straight, but I think now it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t.”

Niall doesn’t respond at all. He doesn’t speak much for the rest of the day as Louis cuddles him during horror films, but he lets Louis kiss him during the boring parts and he even lets Harry kiss him once when he showed Niall the way to the bathroom. He doesn’t even say a word, actually, until Zayn and Harry are dropping him off at home. He mumbles a quiet, “thanks.” 

He doesn’t quite know what he’s thanking them for yet. 

* * * *

The next day, things have changed. Teachers think that he’s a slacker and is going to be a terrible student because he skipped on his first day and his mother is pissed off and Barbara won’t look at him. Her friends are giving him sorry looks at first, but then glare at him as they recognize the hickey on his neck that he completely forgot to conceal before school. He doesn’t see Harry, Louis, or Zayn at all during his first period, but he does see Liam, once, in the hallway. Niall was talking to some pretty blonde haired girl, just trying to figure out where his homeroom would be held after lunch, when the girl asks him if he wants to eat lunch with her and her friends. He’s about to accept when the girl’s eyes widen and she sputters out a “n-nevermind..” and scampers off. 

Liam ends up ‘miraculously’ appearing out of nowhere and telling him where his homeroom was. He also tells Niall that the blonde is going to meet him and the rest of the boys at their table for lunch. Niall understands that he doesn’t really have a choice.

* * * *

Niall knew that he should’ve just gone to the boys’ lunch table directly when the bell rang. But Barbara was in this class and he knew he wouldn’t get another chance to explain himself that day. 

“Barbara!” He calls, trying to ignore the fact that she was quickening her pace to get away from him. Luckily, he gets close enough that he can lightly grab her arm, getting her to turn around. 

“Oh- um- hey Niall.” She says nervously, looking around the hallways guiltily. 

Niall suddenly feels nervous as well. “Um. I just- I wanted to explain about-” 

“No, no, Niall i understand. Once Harry’s group decides they want something, they get it. I understand, really!” She says, trying to dismiss him. 

“But-” He stops her from walking away. “I really liked you, Barbara- really-” 

Barbara’s face is pleading now, “I-”

Niall opens his mouth once more, “But, I know I can get them to stop, so if you can just wait-” He begins, trying to convince her that he could eventually get the boys to stop going after him, but the brunette girl’s face darkens, and she cuts him off. 

“No, Niall! God! You’re hot and everything, and sure, if you didn’t belong to them, then maybe I’d suck you off or at least give you a handie, but I would never get in a relationship with you! You think I didn’t already have a boyfriend? Are you really that fucking dense? You might be hot, Niall, but he’s in college, and if you think you could compete with him, you’re fucking batshit. Now stop fucking talking to me before your idiot ass boyfriends ruin my reputation!” She yells, and Niall’s eyes are watering. 

He turns away, rushing down the hall. He ignores the gasp he hears, knowing that Barbara must’ve found out that Zayn was standing behind her for the better half of her little speech.  

Niall sits in one of the bathroom stalls for a while, sniffing and wiping away the tears as they came. He unlocked the stall, only after he had double checked in his iPhone camera that there were no traces of tears on his cheeks. He stood in front of the mirror, cursing his flushed cheeks and red-rimmed eyes. It was obvious that he’d been crying. 

“Let’s skip.” A voice says from the back corner of the bathroom. Niall jumps, nearly falling to the floor at how scared he was. He doesn’t know why he didn’t expect one of the boys to be waiting for him. It’s Harry, who’s walking over towards him and pulling Niall into his arms. Niall grits his teeth, not wanting to cry again, but there’s something about being hugged by someone that makes him want to cry even more. 

He snuffles into Harry’s chest, shaking his head. “You were right.” Niall mutters. “About Barbara.”

Harry shrugs. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Niall.” and Niall believes him. 

After wiping his tears one last time, Harry leads Niall out back to the same range rover, only this time three familiar boys are leaning against the car, anticipating their return. Once they all see the obvious signs that Niall had been crying, plus the confirmation from Harry, each of the boys went livid. 

Niall knew that they all had darker personalities, but he had thought they were all against him. If their deep growls of, “We’re going to ruin her, Niall, don’t worry about it.” and “She doesn’t even know who she’s dealing with, I’ll slaughter her.” were anything to go by, Niall might even dare to say that they cared about him. 

Louis snorts, taking Niall under his arm protectively as they get into the car. “It’s alright, Nialler. You have four boyfriends to take care of you, and after tonight, She’ll have zero.” He reassures. 

Niall decides not to focus on the ‘four boyfriends’ thing and voices, “She does have a boyfriend.” His voice is cracking and sad. 

Louis nudges his hand against Niall’s jaw affectionately, “We might not hit girls, Niall, but I’m not afraid to ruin her life.” He says, as if that explained it all. 

Liam, who was previously silently cuddling into Niall’s side, explains, “A.K.A. we have a video of her confessing to Harry that she wanted to suck you off and we’re going to post it to Facebook tonight.”

“Perrie’s kicking her off the team.” Zayn said, clicking his phone off and returning the high five Louis offered him. 

“Wh-what? Why? And how?” Niall asked, sitting up farther. 

“Perrie’s cheer team captain. I told her what Barbara did, and we made a deal. Bam, she’s off the team by tomorrow.” Zayn says smugly. 

Niall’s face is confused again so once more Liam elaborates, “A.K.A Zayn promised Perrie that she could have the video of us fucking you and she agreed to kick Barbara off the team.” 

Niall jerks upward, away from Louis and Liam, shouting, “What?!” His eyes are full of fear and he’s basically trembling just at the thought of these four trying to– fuck him?

Louis tries to calm him, pulling him back into the seat and shushing him quietly. “Niall,” Harry says sweetly. “We would never do anything without your consent.”

“What about yesterday?!?” Niall screams, absolutely petrified at the thought of anything going inside of him. 

Everyone rolls their eyes consecutively. “Niall, look me in the eyes and tell me that you did not enjoy any of what happened yesterday.” Zayn commands and Niall can’t. Not after his newfound gay crisis over the kiss with Louis. “Exactly.”

“We can all give you our word, Niall, we will not be doing any fucking until you give us your complete consent.” Liam says, and each of the boys nod in agreement, serious and calm looks on their faces. 

“In fact, by the time we fuck you, you’re going to be begging us, and we still are going to need some more convincing before we fuck you. Good luck, by the way.” Harry winks, making Niall’s cheeks redden considerably. 

“I say we go get ice cream.” Louis suggests, and the other boys nod in agreement, but that’s just the beginning

* * * *

It’s a month later that the boys formally ask Niall to be their boyfriend. They do so at Nandos, which they’ve learned by now is way better than some cheesy Italian  restaurant. They give him a little bracelet, it’s tiny and made from leather, but there are four beaded letters attached to the bracelet, two L’s, a Z, and an H. When they ask, they’re each nervous, each blushing a bit and words slurred. Niall’s weirded out because he’s never seen any of them so vulnerable before. Niall, obviously, agrees and kisses them each right then and there. They get a lot of stares when they go on dates, and Niall’s mother will never fully understand why different pairs of boys will consecutively come in and out of Niall’s room with hickeys and messy hair, but Niall’s never been happier that a girl turned him down. 

Though it definitely didn’t pan out the way he expected, it really was an amazing year. 

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Punishments - Ziall Horlik

Punishments - Ziall Horlik


In which Niall flirts with the interviewer, and Zayn isn’t very fond of it.




“So, you have a new album coming out, correct?” The attractive, and obviously gay interviewer asked, leaning forward in his chair.

Niall immediately spoke up first, “Yes! We do.” He said wih a big and cute smile on his face. Zayn was watching him closely, and has been for the last ten minutes. Ever since he saw Niall practically undressing the interviewer with his eyes.

“What is your personal opinion about it?” The interviewer—James— asked, looking toward Niall with a small bite to his lip. Niall placed his elbows on his knees and leaned toward James, a genuine happy smile on his face.

“We th-” Liam started to talk, but Niall cut him off.

“We think it’s amazing so far. Edgier than the last ones. We’ve written almost all of our songs!” Niall pointed out, making James smile at the boy. Zayn leaned back in his seat, arms crossed across his chest and a clench to his fist.

They were basically flirting in front of his eyes. As if Niall has completely forgotten about his boyfriend, seated right next to him. James looked okay, he had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and couldn’t be older than 22.

The rest of the boys looked nervously to an obviously jealous Zayn, giving him glances every now and then. Liam hadn’t really suspected anything until now, and Louis and Harry were really caught in their own world, trying their best to interact with one another with Liam sat between the two.

“Wow, that’s great! So, might I ask, who’s taken?” James asked the boys, or more specifically Niall. Louis raised his hand, as did Liam, and for certain protocols, Zayn raised his too, looking directly at Niall.

Harry looked sadly at Louis, but gave a reassuring smile.

“So, Niall and Harry, you got anyone in mind?” James’ eyes not leaving Niall’s. Zayn was getting fed up with this, all of it. Zayn slipped a hand around Niall’s waist, making sure it was barely noticeable, and squeezed his hip, making Niall slightly jump.

Niall’s eyes widened in realization, and he looked nervous, but he composed himself for the sake of the interview.

“Yes, I do.” Harry said finally, making sure not to look at Louis, as the Larry shippers notice everything. James averted his gaze to Harry, and nodded.

“Niall?” James almost immediately gave his attention back to Niall. Niall nodded slowly, and he leaned his body back on Zayn’s arm in a reassuring manner. Zayn slightly smirked in satisfaction, knowing Niall is too innocent and pure to even think about cheating on him with a shitty interviewer.

“Well, I’m sure the audience would like to know who, am I right?” James said, looking toward the wide audience. They cheered and clapped, some chanting a “Tell us! Tell us!” James nodded and looked back at Niall.

“I’d rather not say a name.” Harry mumbled, pouting at the ground. Liam put a hand on Harry’s knee as a gesture to say it was okay, but as soon as Louis knew the camera’s weren’t on him he swatted at Liam’s arm.

“Um, well, I’d rather not say anything either.” Niall muttered, and Zayn was staring daggers at James who’s eyes were lust filled. Zayn’s hand tightened on Niall’s hip, and Niall bit his lip and scooted closer to Zayn.

Zayn got easily jealous, he hated going out in public with Niall because the paps were everywhere and fans as well. People stared at Niall, giving him looks of lust, and want. Zayn hated it.

James nodded, “Okay, one last question! You think you could sing us a little song before you go?” He suggested, rasing his eyebrows.

Niall nodded, looking behind him at our managers and stylists, signaling for his guitar he practically brought everywhere. When it was placed on his lap, he looked toward the rest of the boys.

“Little Things?” Niall mouthed, and they nodded, shrugging. Niall looked to Zayn and did the same, and Zayn shrugged, wanting it all to be over.

Niall started strumming, and soon they were off. James kept his eyes on Niall the whole time, and it was pissing Zayn off. Even though, Niall only kept his eyes on Zayn and his guitar the whole time.

“-and I’m in love with you, and all your little things.” The boys finished, and Niall kept eye contact with Zayn while singing. The crowd cheered, and Niall pulled his guitar strap over his head.

“Wow. Thank you guys.” James clapped, and looked toward the camera. He closed the show, and as soon as the camera’s were off Zayn stood from his seat and grabbed Niall’s hand, pulling him backstage.

Everyone the boys were associated with knew that ‘Ziall’ and ‘Larry’ were a thing, so they weren’t surprised. James however, stood dumbfounded.

Niall followed after Zayn, knowing he was just jealous.

“Someone take us home.” Zayn ordered, waving his hand in front of him for exasperation. The crew nodded, and went to find someone to drive them home.

Niall and Zayn shared a flat together, that no one knew about. They kept it low key, and not even the paps knew where any of the boys lived.


When they got home, Zayn was quick to get Niall inside.

“Why were you flirting with that, douche?” He almost yelled, frustrated.

Niall opened his mouth, and then closed it, “I-I wasn’t,”

Zayn chuckled, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms, “Yeah, really?” He said sarcastically.

“I swear I wasn’t, Zayn.” Niall said softly and stepped toward Zayn placing his hands on his hips, looking up at him. Zayn rolled his eyes again, knowing Niall was lying.

“You’re such a lying slut Niall.”

Niall licked his lips and tried to hold back a groan at the name. Zayn lifted Niall’s chin with two fingers and searched his eyes, a smirk on his face.

Zayn could clearly see the want in Niall’s eyes, it was obvious. Zayn roughly pressed his lips to Niall’s and pushed him back against the wall. Niall moaned into Zayn’s mouth and wrapped his arms around his neck.

Their tongues swirled together and fought for dominance, that Zayn obviously won. Zayn licked and nipped at Niall’s bottom lip, making Niall moan in pleasure.

Zayn ran his hands up and under Niall’s shirt, feeling his smooth and milky skin, amd very faint abs. Niall shivered and let Zayn take total control over his body. Zayn grinded his erection on Niall’s, making Niall groan softly and tilt his head back and against the wall.

Niall ran his fingers through Zayn’s jet black hair, tugging on it as Zayn pressed kisses to his neck. Niall let out a whimper, mumbling profanities as Zayn pleasured him.

All of a sudden Zayn stopped what he was doing and pushed down on Niall’s shoulders, making him fall to his knees willingly.

Niall immediately started fiddling with Zayn’s belt, pulling it off and unzipping Zayn’s pant zipper with his teeth while making direct eye contact with Zayn.

Zayn almost moaned at the sight, and put a hand in Niall’s soft hair, tangling his fingers in it. Niall almost purred at the touch.

When Niall pulled Zayn’s jeans down his smooth legs, Zayn’s erection was more obvious than before. Niall licked his lips and pulled down Zayn’s boxers, barely getting them down before attaching his lips around Zayn’s tip.

Zayn threw his head back and moaned, tugging on Niall’s hair harder. Niall licked a stripe up the underside of Zayn’s member, before taking in as much of him as he could.

Niall really knew how to use his tongue when giving blow jobs, it was his specialty. Zayn’s moans echoed throughout the room as Niall sucked the best he could. Zayn bucked his hips up, and fucked Niall’s mouth, Niall voluntarily taking it.

Zayn’s member was hitting the back of Niall’s throat, and Niall’s nose was just barely touching Zayn’s stomach. Zayn moaned louder, and he moved a hand to Niall’s shoulder, digging his nails into it in extreme pleasure.

“Niall, ‘m close.” Zayn breathed out, only making Niall suck even better, swirling his tongue around the tip and massaging the base of Zayn’s huge cock.

When Zayn felt his high coming near, he pulled out of Niall’s mouth and pumped his member. Niall opened his mouth and his eyes locked with Zayn’s.

Zayn came with one last tug, and Zayn’s warm cum spilled all over Niall’s baby face, making him look naughty and hot. Cum stuck in his eyelashes, and a bit in his hair. Niall swallowed what he caught in his mouth, and licked his lips, tasting Zayn.

Niall moaned at the taste, and collapsed back against the wall, “I’m a whore, aren’t I?” His accent was thick and raspy.

Zayn nodded, “Yes, you are.” He chuckled.


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Day 32

*Your P.O.V.*

I stormed into the kitchen, slamming Harry’s cellphone on the table hard enough to make his screen crack. Her voice was echoing in my head as I yelled at him, “who is she?!”

Harry looked at me confused, his mouth full of food. He took his time chewing then sat back in his chair, knitting his eyebrows, “who is who?”

“The bitch that you have 4 missed calls and a voicemail from!”

Harry sat up and frowned, “you went through my phone?!”

“Yeah, I did! Who the fuck is she Harry!”

“Just some girl” he folded his arms over his chest, leaning back again.

“’Just some girl’ wouldn’t leave you a voicemail talking about ‘how much she misses your touch’ Harry!”

He sighed and stood up, taking his plate over to the sink.

“So what? You’re just not going to say anything?!”

He slammed his plate in the sink, breaking the glass, “what the hell do you want me to say (Y/N)?! You left me! I didn’t think you were coming back! She was some girl I met at the bar and I brought her home, okay?!”

“Figures, as soon as I leave you would go find another girl!”

“You’re one to talk! You walk out and then go sleep with my best mate and get pregnant and you have the fucking nerve to yell at me about having ONE girl?!”

I shook my head, turning around and walking out of the room and up the stairs. I held back the tears in my eyes, refusing to let Harry see me cry.

“(Y/N)!” I heard him at the bottom of the stairs, “come back here!”

I ignored him and sat on the bed, my heart feeling shattered. I grabbed my phone and called Niall. It rang twice and then went to voicemail.

Did he really just ignore my call…?

I called again. Voicemail. Sighing, I tried one more time.


“Niall, thank God… I need a favor…”

I heard him sigh before speaking, “what is it?”

“I made a mistake… You were right… I shouldn’t have come back here… I need you to come get me.. Please”

He sighed again, “I told you you weren’t ready. I’ll come get you. Just hang tight, okay love?”

I nodded my head even though he couldn’t see me and hung up, starting to cry. I heard Harry’s footsteps and I jumped up, locking the door quickly. He knocked softly and I backed away from the door.

“Open the door.” He said sternly.

“No. Go away”

“Just open the door”

I grabbed my bag from the floor and started crying. I hadn’t even unpacked it yet, I’ve only been home for a day. But this wasn’t home. This place was toxic now. I couldn’t look at my bed without thinking about Harry being with another girl. The entire house had a heavy negative energy and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I opened the door and pushed past Harry, walking down the stairs and waiting by the front door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!”

“I’m leaving Harry, I’m going back to live with Niall.”

“So that’s where you were? You were with Niall?! Did you fuck him too?!”

“This is exactly why I’m leaving Harry! I cant listen to you talk anymore! Everything you say is poison! I’m leaving!”

Niall’s car pulled up and I walked out the door, turning only to chuck my ring at Harry. His face fell and he went pale. I swear he was going to throw up.



Ziall layouts.

don’t steal.

like if u take it please.

credit to @lightofthestarx bc important  💘💥 {tweet}