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“Niall, this is Zayn - you remember him, right?”

The man his mum is pointing at can’t be much older than Niall, 25 at most. He’s also possibly the most beautiful creature Niall has ever laid eyes on, which is why he’s certain he’s never seen him before. He’d remember that. “He’s Trisha’s son, don’t you recognise him? You used to play with each other when you were kids!”

Trisha Malik has been his mum’s best friend for about five years now, since they’d both helped organising a town fun fair one summer. She has three lovely daughters and one son Niall has almost managed to forget until now. Zayn used to be a year above him and at a different school, but as children they’d sometimes had play dates. Niall has only one clear memory of Zayn, and it’s that one that makes him sure he doesn’t want to catch up with him. Disposing of his chewing gum by sticking it into Niall’s hair had been a sure way of ending their friendship back then and Niall has no intention of rekindling it now. His mum had to shave off the patch of hair, and Niall’s seven years old ego had taken quite the hit.

“Oh, him,” he says, but it doesn’t deter his mum.

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Just felt like looking back in time for a while !!!!!!!! Everyone/anyone is free to cry to my shoulder !!!! 🎭
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listen i just thought about how if zayn was still in 1D and decided to dye his hair blonde, in interviews whenever someone would point it out niall would probably say something like “we’re twins! we’re matching,” with a big grin on his face and zayn would smile back, and maybe they’d fist bump or one of them would pull the other into their side and push their cheeks together, and now my heart hurts.

I did it for Four and I’ll do it for Made in the A.M

My thoughts on MITAM:

1. Hey Angel

2. Drag Me Down

3. Perfect

4. Infinity

5. End of the Day

6. If I Could Fly 

7. Long Way Down

8. Never Enough

9. Olivia

10. What A Feeling

11. Love You Goodbye

12. I Want To Write You a Song

13. History

(kidding kidding)

14.  Temporary Fix

15.  Walking in the Wind

16. Wolves

17.  A.M.