Title: Twisted; Lightning Young 
Author: eiqhties
Wordcount: 5,345
Pairing: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan
Summary:  ZM: Um, this album was all about, er, self-discovery. Like, it was me coming to terms with who I am, and being, like, okay, whatevs. [shrugs] I can’t change.
GWEN: Coming to terms with what about you?
ZM: Er, the fact that I like blokes as well as girls, I guess. [laughs nervously]
- Excerpt from “ROCKSOUND” 19 February, 2015

  • Person:"so how's life?"
  • What I say:"ok."
  • What I actually mean:"one direction has taken over, my stress levels are through the roof. Harry is too precious of a bean. Liam needs to be protected and raised as our savior. Niall lights up my world. Louis slowly kills me every day. I am still don't know how I've survived March 2015. Zayn haunts me constantly."