Zayn and Niall One Direction Twitcam 24/01/2011 (Part 1) 

Zayn and Niall One Direction Twitcam 24/01/2011 (Part 2)

Zayn and Niall One Direction Twitcam 24/01/2011 (Part 3)


You may wonder where this Zayn at. Well, the haters may have the answer. We lost this Zayn to them. Us, not his love ones, but us, as a fandom. Because of ignorance and stupidity. I miss Zayn. I miss the things we could have if this band were not surround by homophobes and racists.

For Ari .

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Niall heard Harry somehow sing.

“And something fake.” He told him.


“The whole marriage.”

Written By:  31SecondsAlone

oneshot + life/au + domestic

Note: There is one line in there that made me die a little inside. If you know it then you are truly squad material

- Kendra

Daddy Dearest Chapter Eight

A/N: Hey yall. Sorry this is a bit short! I’m starting exams this week and moving back home. So please be patient with me this week! Love yall, thanks for the support :) 


“See you in a little while. I love you champ,” Louis smiled. “You’re being so brave.”

“Just don’t forget, okay?” Niall asked, and Louis had to stop for a moment.

“Always,” Louis replied. “I’ll never forget you. I love you way too much.”

“Love you too, Daddy. Tell Liam I said it too,” Niall replied before Louis hung up the phone. Then Louis headed home to get some lunch made, now anxious to get to the school.

When Louis pulled up to the school just an hour later, Liam was fighting to stay awake in his car seat. “It’s nap time for you,” Louis murmured, picking up the baby. “We’re going to go see your brothers and then you can go lay in bed. Sound good?” he asked. Liam just nodded back and yawned again, sucking his thumb as Louis made his way to Zayn’s classroom. Louis stepped in the doorway, looking around for his son.

Zayn was sitting with another boy, the two of them stacking Legos. Louis had to laugh though, because Zayn was already wearing his jacket and backpack, obviously wanting to be ready the second Louis arrived. “Zayn! Someone’s here to see you!” his teacher, Miss Eleanor called out. Zayn’s head snapped up and he saw his dad, grinning as he jumped up and ran over.

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