Sad Korean Songs Master-post

Dedicated to the one and only bae topshouldstop


Hey I thought I’d introduce you guys to another character of mine and tease an upcoming fic I’m writing. She is a rabbit named Daria Borough and she works for the counter-intelligence department for the SGB. Jack being ZIA often means they bump into each other quite a bit during their work. I have the prologue written up and am currently working on Chapter 1!

So I hope you enjoy this tease to another one of my characters.

Art is by my good friend Sendrax :D

I imagine Zulf feels a WEE BIT guilty for all of everything, but with evacuation ending they’re bound to forgive him eventually…

It’d get kind of awkward after being on the Bastion for fuck knows how long and still holding a grudge with 25% of the population

i dont know if this has been said before

but at the end of the game, it’s revealed that rucks’ narration is actually him telling zia the story of the kid, right?

so i always wondered if the art style and the layout of the world reflected zia’s worldview. she’s suffered a lot but seems like one of those people that views things in a really bright, positive way. or maybe it’s like how we picture things in brighter colours than they actually are?

as the world forms under the kid’s feet and monsters are dropped into the map out of nowhere, zia’s imagination is forming a stronger mental image of the world.

i think that’s why the last scene, in the room with the decision, is a little more brown-and-black. it’s back to reality, the present, and this time zia can finally speak because it’s her rather than her own memory of herself.