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EXO Scenario: Hearing you moan for the first time.

You ask, I deliver ♥ 

Chanyeol: As he fucks you on missionary you can contain yourself and moan on his ear. He looks at you, chokes you softly and whispers: Do that again and I swear I wont go easy on you

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Kai: He looks at you licking his lips, and you feel him getting even bigger inside of you.

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 Sehun: Fucking you on doggy style, you moan really loud as he fucks you deeper grabbing your ass and slapping you.

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Lay: As he fucks you, he starts rubbing your clit with his thumb. Looking at you moan, he goes rough as fuck, puts himself inside even deeper and keeps it there looking at you moaning once more.

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Suho: You’re riding him and start moaning really bad. He  holds your back and start kissing you. You are driving me crazy 

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Kyungsoo: He was fingering you when you moaned loudly. He starred at you for a second with his sexy look, and slowly said this words:

Look at me. Do it again, looking at me.

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Baekhyun: At first he would look at you excited as hell, then put a finger, slowly in your mouth, making you lick it as he looks at you.

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Chen: Hearing you moan would make him moan as well with his sexy low voice as he looks up closing his eyes on pleasure.

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Xiumin: Grabs your face and starts fucking even harder.

What did you just say?

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Tao: He looks at you horny as hell.

If you do that again…

Starts fucking you slowly making you feel every inch of him.

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Kris: When you moaned, he looked at you, grabbed your hands and held them against the wall. His tongue licked your neck to your nipples as he kept fucking you.

You’re killing me.


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Luhan: When he hears you moan, he softly caress your face and kisses you after. 
I love you

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Thanks so much for the request guys.

I’m officially dead.

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