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My final concept art project for this semester! I present: ZHENG SHI

We had a semester assignment where we created a visual development project based on an original story. I decided to create art for a story I made a few years ago that takes place in a futuristic Singapore overrun by criminal factions. You play as San, a girl who is working to become the mafia boss and unite all of these warring factions! The title is based on the name Ching Shih, who was a famous female Chinese pirate who lived during the 19th century.

You can see some of the other works I produced for the class on my blog! I will be uploading some character designs soon as well.

Basically, if you mash together Sleeping Dogs, Blade Runner, and Dishonored II, you get my world! This was a labor of love and pretty much a VERY heavy shout-out to some of my favorite video games and films. I’ll be printing these out and making a physical mock-up for a PS4 game as well, so photos will be up soon!

I’m really excited to move on to new projects now that this is over. Thanks for viewing!

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Brought back an idea for an original character I’ve had in the back of my head for the past year! He is a supernatural hitchhiker who revives the carcasses of roadkill during the night, and then hunts down and murders the people who had carelessly struck the animals with their car. He lives in a smoky cabin in the Washington woods with the animals he has rescued, and is usually surrounded by owls and other birds of prey (and yes, his hitchhiker/camping backpack is large enough to fit one or two bodies inside ;o).

The character itself is my homage to the whole ~90′s X-Files/Twin Peaks supernatural urban legend~ aesthetic. I’ve been itching to create someone who looks like an average Joe with features that are just slightly “off,” so voila!


Some concept art for a project called “Pragaras” with other student I’m working on. A game about a metal band fighting against thugs of evil and demons released by “The Priests”. Here are some members of the band as well as some of their enemies.

and about that slayer tshirt.. At least it’s not one of the Kardashians, who wears it.

I did this fine art project last semester where I painted a series of Windows XP backgrounds with gouache and then ripped them apart and did ink drawings of places from my childhood underneath. It was supposed to be a commentary on nostalgia… anyways this was the only one I ended up liking but it was an interesting project nonetheless!