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这周我们首先是拍了新歌的MV。凌晨三点和小伙伴们在冷水里跳舞, 可能是因为那天我发烧到了39度2, 所以我竟然都不觉得冷,原来发烧还有这个好处啊!哈哈~小可爱承衍弟弟也感冒了,周一去录阿里郎radio的时候,一直在咳嗽,挺心疼他,有种同病相怜的感觉。在录《Simply Kpop》的时候来了好多粉丝,真的很感动,感觉病都好了!因为你们的到来,让我们以最好的面貌完成了演出。

周三我们UNIQ的三位中国成员和JJCC的成员Prince Mak一起参加了由SJM的周觅前辈和miss A的佳前辈和霏前辈主持的《偶像本色》。这是我们第一次在韩国用中文参加访谈节目。 虽然和各位前辈们是第一次见面,但是同为在韩国发展的中国艺人,聚在一起做中文节目,感觉特别亲切!特别希望下次能带上我们UNIQ的韩国小伙伴大柱子和小可爱一起做客《偶像本色》,让更多朋友多多了解我们UNIQ。

周五我们就要出演KBS的《音乐银行》了, 周六我们将在MBC《音乐中心》表演, 希望到时在现场还能见到更多UNICORN!我们到时见啦!




Hello everyone, this is UNIQ’s Chinese leader, Zhou Yixuan, in charge of low raps and looking after the children. ^_^

It’s 23 days after UNIQ’s debut, everyday we’re able to receive the full love of our fans from all around the world. Moreover, some fans have even come to our stages to give us support, we’re incomparably moved.

Recently, we’re been practising the choreography to our new song until 6am every day, and in addition to the rather big weather changes, our immunity has been lowered a little, so the members of UNIQ have fallen ill to various degrees. Everyone also needs to look after themselves!

This week, we filmed the MV to our new song first. At 3am, with my companions, we danced in cold water. Maybe the reason why I didn’t feel it was cold was because I had a fever of 39.2C, so it seems that having a fever can be good! Haha~ Our cute little brother Seungyeon also fell sick, on Monday. When we went to record ARIRANG radio, he was always coughing, it was distressing to him, it felt like we were in the same boat. When recording Simply Kpop, there were a lot of fans, we were really moved, we were moved to the point where our sickness got better! Because you came, it let us finish off our performance with our best appearance.

On Wednesday, the Chinese members of UNIQ along with Prince Mak of JJCC participated in SJM’s Zhou Mi sunbaenim, Miss A’s Fei and Jia sunbaenim’s ‘Idol True Colours’. This is our first time using Chinese to participate in a Korean talk show. Even though it was the first time meeting with these sunbaenim, but being Chinese artists produced by Korea gathering together to do a Chinese program, it felt very cordial! I especially hope that next time we’ll be able to bring our Korean members, Big Pillar Joo* and Little Cutie along too as guests for 'Idol True Colours’ and let even more friends better understand us UNIQ.

On Friday, we only had to perform at KBS Music Bank, on Saturday, we performed at Music Core. I hope that during the stages, we can meet more UNICORNs! We’ll meet at that time!

I should go practice, bye bye! I’ll strive to write more next time! ^_^

Zhou Yixuan

2014/11/06 22:09.

(*TN: The character to Sungjoo’s Joo literally mean pillar/column, so I’m not sure if Yixuan is playing a pun here (柱子/zhuzi = pillar) or not.)

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Sungjoo Weibo Update 150925
“The 3-month filming of Let’s Go since July finally came to the wrap today at this last scene. It’s my first experience of attending a Chinese reality show and I was very nervous and got much room for improvement, yet I wanna thank everyone for helping to make the filming much happiness and fun. And I’ve learned a lot. I’ll miss you all much. ㅠㅠ Zhuzi now has gone back to the modern times~ ”