Two Beers In: A Tipsy Political Round Table

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Let’s face it…

…the only real way to have a conversation about the current state of politics is when you’re at least a little bit wasted. Thus the inspiration for the perfect political podcast hosted by UCB vets Cody Lindquist and Charlie Todd. Imagine a slightly drunk, light-hearted Meet The Press with late night comedy writers, experts, and political pundits. Past guests include Zhubin Parang, head writer of The Daily Show; former MSNBC host Alex Wagner of The Atlantic; and Anthony Atamanuik, who was recently voted the best Donald Trump impersonator by Thrillist. Eat your heart out, Chuck Todd.

Why did you choose to cover politics? How has the show evolved since you launched?

Cody Lindquist: We are the couple that watches NBC Nightly News every night, MSNBC every day, and pretty much all of the comedy news shows. We also love drinking good craft beer so we thought why not record the tipsy political conversations we’re already having with our friends? We originally thought we’d just record our live show at UCB and then as the election started going nuts and we realized we’d need to do more than a once a month podcast. 

What has shocked you the most about the 2016 election?

CL: Donald Trump winning the nomination and just literally everything he says (and gets away with) on Twitter is shocking. Realizing the extent to which our country is polarized has also been a real wake up call.

Donald Trump is saying too many insane things, we could have a show every day if our bodies could process that much beer chugging.

Who would you most love to have on as a guest?

CL: We have been so grateful to get some of our favorite pundits Alex Wagner and Steve Kornacki on the show already, but Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow would be huge for us.  We’d love to get some more conservative voices on and of course Oprah.

What episode should new listeners start with?

CL: Our episodes are topical. We record them at night and release them the next morning so it’s best to listen to them while they are fresh (Like a good IPA)!

This week’s episode features:

  • Ashley Nicole Black // Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
  • Langan Kingsley // Funny or Die
  • Jody Avirgan // FiveThirtyEight

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