zhu hai

Zhu Hai 2011

Had a 1 night stay in Zhuhai..

It was memorable. Why?

Aside from massive and horrible queue that we experienced while crossing the Macau border over to Zhuhai and the lousy taxi drivers who refused to ferry us to the hotel (coz the distance was too short), the overall trip was nice

We booked 1 night at Golden Comfort Hotel.

Was alright, felt more like a love hotel.

Bath room was semi transparent and the place is full of condoms.

(note: person wasnt bathing)

After checking in, headed off to the fame seafood street.

Will only cost you around 20 RMB to cab there.. :)

Here’s how it works.

Choose the restaurant that you want to dine in, enter it. get a table.

leave from the back door to go to the seafood street.

from there, you’ll get to choose whatever seafood you want (LIVE SEAFOOD) and the method of cooking that you prefer.

its still alive!

neogotiating the price with the vendor.

So here’s what we got!

Clams snails some sort of shellfishcoconut with something soupchickenscallopsprawnsyummy fried noodlesabalone hairy crab stir fry crabsome veggieginger steamed milk dessert. AWESOME. Aftermath.

Total damage?

700RMB. Affordable..!

Next up, we went to walk Lian Hua Street. Basically its some night market street..

and we embarked on..

Another eating trip.

this time at the roadside stallsthis is like 2 mins from the hotel cheers!bbq oysters! garlicky heavensome innards which i didnt touch4 season beansi forgotcoriander~

woke up next day looking tired…


I'm back from Zhu Hai/Taiwan

basically what happened was:

- eating

- massages

- being on chinese national television (say whaaaaat?)

- ferraris

- vip passes and a suite

- mahjong

- more eating

- no sleep

- shopping

- garlic (it’s okay, you don’t need to know)

- dmc-ing

- facial masks

- Professor Layton on the NDS

I’m too tired and there was too much to write a sufficient post of full sentences so I hope you’re satisfied with bullet points (Y)

P.S. also had to get through 80+ pages of my dash. really, it was only 9 days tumblr…although i guess thats way under normal compared to some people