the montjoy pronunciation discourse continues

so i asked my dad (who is british but knows some french) about the pronunciation of montjoy—

basically it all depends on the production. if you’re doing it super anglicized (and maybe insulting to the french) it’d be mount-joy or mont-joy (pronounced in an english way). the opposite of that is mon-zhwah (how do you spell these things phonetically lol), which is the actual french way of saying it. mon-zhoy (how i say it) is something in between. and besides, “montjoy” is an anglicized spelling anyway, so i’d lean towards the more english pronunciations…

there’s also the matter of the dauphin. how do we pronounce his name? i’ve always said do-fah which is the french way i think. but some people say dow-fin, which is more english, and kind of gets on my nerves tbh

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